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Berkley FireLine is unlike anything you've fished before. It's stronger than monofilament. It casts farther and it handles as well, even better in some situations. FireLine doesn't create birds nests by digging into your spool for smoother casts, and hassle free use. FireLine is as durable as it is versatile. It won't deteriorate over a lifetime as ultra-light rays or sunlight won't affect it. No other line delivers this combination of easy handling, castability, super strength and sensitivity. And no tackle box should be without it.

This line has virtually no memory and no stretch. One of the more popular uses of FireLine is for trolling with Dipsy Divers.

We stock FireLine in Smoke and Flame Green colors. We stock this line in 4, 6, 8, 10, 14, 20 and 30 pound tests, and in 125 yard spools and 300 yard spools.

The specifications for this line are listed in the table below. "Comp. Diam." refers to "comparable diameter." We provide the comparable diameter of the line if it were monofilament. For example, 30 pound test FireLine has a diameter which is comparable to the diameter of 12 pound test monofilament.

TestComp. Dia.
4 lbs. (1.8 KG)1 lbs.
6 lbs. (2.7 KG)2 lbs.
8 lbs. (3.6 KG)3 lbs.
10 lbs. (4.5 KG)4 lbs.
14 lbs. (6.3 KG)6 lbs.
20 lbs. (9.1 KG)8 lbs.
30 lbs.12 lbs.
Berkley FireLine - Flame GreenBerkley FireLine - Smoke
Flame GreenSmoke


Review Summary
(56 Reviews)
of customers would recommend this product.98%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (14), Professional (5), Casual/ Recreational (4), Beginner (2)
Easy To Handle (30)
Strong (30)
Easy To Store (25)
Good For Variety Of Fish (9)
Looks Realistic (4)
Best Uses
Fresh Water (9)
Shore Casting (7)
Jigging (6)
Beading (6)
Deep Water (5)

Customer Reviews
NE Ohio
 best superline made
Pros: strength
Cons: expensive
Comments: Have been using fireline exclusively for ten years and find it the best for smooth casting strength and durability. simply the best.
NE Ohio
 best superline available
Pros: strength
Best Uses: spinning
Comments: I have been using fireline for the past ten years and everything they advertise about this line is true. I prefer the original in smoke color and have no problem with spooking fish using 8 lb test since the diameter is so small. highly recommend.
Fife ,Scotland
Avid Angler
 Berkley original fused
Pros: great feel and super strong.
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I have found this out to be the best braid I have ever used,I have had no crack off's what so ever to date.
Bead diva
New York City
Love FireLine
Pros: Doesn't tangle easily
Best Uses: Great for beadwork!
Comments: I use FireLine, 8lb., Smoke, almost exclusively for beadwork. When I needed to order some more, I discovered Blaze Orange in 8lb. Love it!
Kailua Kona, HI
Excellent for Bead Weaving
Pros: Strong and thin
Best Uses: Bead Weaving
Comments: I am an avid Bead Weaving Artist and 6-lb Fireline in Smoke and Clear is the best product on the market! Strong and thin with no stretch ensures beautiful results every time.
Redmond, WA
 Perfect for Beadweaving!
Pros: Strong, Easy to thread
Best Uses: Bead weaving, Beading crystals
Comments: The smoke 6 lb fireline is my "go to" thread for most of my bead weaving projects. Love it!
PaPaw's gone Fishing
South Carolina
 First time used but great!
Pros: Does not tangle
Best Uses: Small spinning reels
Comments: This is my first use of braided line but I like it. Small diamater to strength is excellent.
big daddy
 super fireline
Pros: easy handling, great feel and super strong.
Best Uses: shore fishing
Comments: Got to love this line.It is the best on the market.We love it up here in the great white north Canada lol.
 Works great
Pros: Strong, Easy knotting, good casting
Cons: Noisy when casting
Comments: I got the smoke color so it looks cool on my quantum smoke reel. It is stiffer than spectra and I have not had a problem with wind knots. It casts well but it makes a lot of noise when coming off the spool.
 My go-to beading thread
Best Uses: Beading, Bead embroidery, Bead weaving
Comments: For years it's the only beading thread I use. The 4lb is perfect for bead weaving as well as bead embroidery. First time purchase from Fish USA and I like their reasonable prices and quick shipping. Only slight drawback on the smoke line is that it does tend to come off on your fingers.
Fredericksburg, TX
Casual/Recreational Angler
 Fireline- Super product, super price
Pros: 300 yds is a great size
Best Uses: May catch fish but it is great for beading!
Comments: This is a wonderful product for making beaded jewelry. The price is right and shipping was prompt. Will order again and have encouraged friends to do so also.
Tampa, FL
 I would recommend this line
Pros: Strong, Great castability, Low memory, Smoke-color is cool
Best Uses: Bass fishing
Comments: Up till now I've only ever used PowerPro braided fishing line. I'm glad I gave Fireline a try because it's great. To be honest though, the only reason I got it was because it came in a dark grey, smoke color, which no other brand offers. Regardless, it's good line. Casts very well, no memory, and very strong for such a small diameter.
 Quality line
Pros: Excellent holding strength
Cons: frequent nesting
Best Uses: Bass, Walleye
Comments: Extra strength for bigger fish.
Deadly Dick
Lake Ontario, Lower Niagara River
 Berkley Fireline
Pros: Very strong, Nice small diameter
Comments: I have used this in 20 lb. test for salmon and steelhead in Lake Ontario for several years.
 I bought this fireline for my jewellery
Pros: Good for jewellery
Comments: Things that are great about it
Professional Angler
 I would buy this product again and again
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Use it to make jewelry, Strong
Best Uses: Jewelry making
Comments: Love the product for jewelry making
big daddy
Mt.Stewart P.E.I Canada
 handles excellent,super strong.The Best
Pros: Irresistible to Fish, Strong, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Shore Casting
Comments: This line is super strong.Great for cold weather fishing,does not break when caught up on the early morning thin ice,that we get at the first of the season,here in Canada.I wouldn't use anything else,love this line.the people at fish usa are awesome to deal with.Very happy customer........
Beader's husband
Live in a RV and travel the lower 48
 Berkley Fireline for Crafts (Beading)
Pros: Strong, Easy To Store, Easy To Handle
Comments: My wife uses ONLY Berkley Fireline for her beading because it doesn't stretch or break while beading or after bracelets are complete
X the beader
Troy, N,York
 I love it
Pros: Best for beading, I don't use anything else, Easy To Store, Strong, Looks Realistic, Easy To Handle
Comments: I dont fish, I wish I did, but for beading is the best line I ever used, the strongest and easiest to handle. Please make more colors a blue for instance. Thanks for the quality. Xristina
Florida Beader
Clearwater, Florida
 I'm not a fisherman, I'm a beader!
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Strong
Comments: I'm not a fisherman, I'm a beader! All beaders who want the best product-one that Swarovski crystals can't cut through, use Fireline. I also use Fireline to weave seed beads and Delicas. It's the BEST! Very strong, but not too stiff. I've tried Nymo, but it can't compare to Fireline. I am soooo glad I found "! They have the best price-even better than Berkley!! And 300 yard rolls!!!
 "I would buy this product again and agai
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle
Comments: •Things that are great about it
Turtle Tread
Bandon, OR
 Great for beaders too!
Pros: Strong
Best Uses: Beading
Comments: I am a beginning beader but find your product to work great. It is strong and a great value.
Charleston, South Carolina
 Superb for beading
Pros: First choice for projects
Cons: Little pricey
Best Uses: Making jewelry
Comments: Wonderful for beading.
Beadin' Betty
Los Gatos
 Great Product!
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong, Easy To Store
Comments: I use it for seed beading and find it works well with all my projects.
Eugene, OR
 Great for beaders
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Easy knotting, Easy needle threading
Best Uses: Bead embroidery, General beadwork
Comments: I use smoke colored fireline most often in my beadwork. I always keep a roll of crystal fireline handy for light colored beading, too.
 love this for beading
Pros: Knots well, Doesn't tangle easily
Comments: I do bead embroidery and love this for it. Also started bead weaving with it love it for that too.
Professional Angler
 Berkley Fireline Fused Original - Smoke
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store
Comments: I use the fireline for many beaded items and would be devastated if it's every discontinued or even changed. My favorite weight is 8# for most items, but I also use the 4#, 6# and 10# weights. I find that FishUsa has the best prices - I also found many beading containers here and I have a Gander Mtn only a few mile from my house.
Long Island, NY
 It ain't just fish line anymore...
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong, Easy To Store
Best Uses: Beading
Comments: I make beaded jewelry and I use Fireline as my 'thread'. For example see [@]
Richmond, VA
best beading wire ever
Comments: i make beaded tapestries and have been using fireline for years. wouldn't use anything else.
Avid Beader
Riverside, CA
 Great for beading
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Beading
Comments: I use it for beading. Many of my beading partners use it as well.
Chicago, IL
Professional Angler
 Berkley FireLine Fused Original - Flame
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Jewelry making
Comments: I continue using Berkley FireLine to make jewelry for the strength, durability, and easy to handle. It's a great product and I've found nothing can replace it.
CA Sierras
 Fireline use
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Great for beading project, Strong
Best Uses: Beading
Comments: I use this for beading although sometimes my husband "steals" it for fishing.
pond fisher
Lake City Fl
 Best line I have ever used
Pros: Easy To Handle, Does not tangle, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water
Comments: 4# great for catching Blue Gills on ultra lites
Eugene OR
 Excellent for beading
Pros: Easy to thread, Strong, Easy To Store, Blends with beadwork
Cons: Dulls scissors
Comments: Smoke fireline is my first choice for beadwork. It is easy to thread, and blends easily with the beadwork. Use wax for long strands to cut down on knotting. If the work is very light colored, I use crystal fireline.
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Strong, Irresistible to Fish
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Fresh Water, Deep Water
 Tuff Stuff
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Trolling, Shore Casting, Stitch yourself together, Jigging, Deep Water, Fresh Water
Comments: Best line. Bottom line!
 Good for fishermen, great for beaders
Pros: Easy To Store, Strong, Easy To Handle
Comments: I am really enjoying using my fishing line for my off-loom beading.
big daddy
 great line easy to see,I love it.
Pros: Looks Realistic, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Irresistible to Fish, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Ice Fishing, Shore Casting, Jigging
Comments: awesome line good and strong,stores well.always had great luck using this flame green line.easy to follow in the water.
 Tuff Stuff
Pros: Easy To Store, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle
Cons: High visibility
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Deep Water, Jigging, Fresh Water, Trolling
Comments: My favorite line (in smoke) High visibility in the water can easily be offset with a floro leader. Can't beat the sensitivity.
Time to Bead
Mariposa, CA
Professional Angler
 Beaders love Fireline!
Pros: 6lb is perfect for beadin, Strong
Cons: Not always available
Best Uses: Beading crystals
Comments: I tell all my beading buddies about Fireline. Many teachers of beadwork recommend it for their projects.
 Love the Berkley Fireline
Pros: Strong
Comments: I use it for beading and the crystals never cut the line. My favorite weights are the 6 & 8 pounds. Just wish it was less expensive since I go through a lot of it. Planning on learning how to fish this summer, so would definitely use it for that also.
Chris the irish gang
Brownton, MN
Only the best :)
Pros: Easy To Store, Great for trolling, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Jigging, Trolling, Deep Water, Fresh Water
Comments: this line is simply my favorite when I troll for northern pike. I can use a large daredevle or a spinnerbait, and the line holds up great, especially on big northerns and bass. Flame Green is a must for all pike, walleye, and bass fisherman
Portland, Victoria. Australia
 I only purchase this product
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Salt Water
Comments: Bream fishing in Glenelg river. Whiting, Sweep & Snapper fishing offshore at Port Fairy & Yambuk. Using plastics & bait.
Professional Angler
 The best product for jewelry making
Pros: Does not fray, Does not break easily, Strong, Easy To Handle, Easy To Store
Cons: Nothing is wrong
Best Uses: Jewelry making-ABSOLUTELY
Comments: I use the Berkley Fireline product for ALL my jewelry making. It's so strong and so well made that even after I undid my work several time, the thread still looks like new. I love it and will not go back to any other products. All jewelers - try it and you'll know what I mean.
Beading Grammy
Escondido, CA
 I use it all the time
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong, Easy To Store
Comments: I use this line as my beading wire or beading thread. It is consistently good. I can bead a flexible item, tie knots that won't slip and have a piece that retains it shape because the fireline does not slip. The smoke is perfect for working with dark colored beads and glass items and the flame green is a lively matching or contrasting wire.
East Tennessee
 NOT just for FISHING any more!
Pros: Virtually Invisible, Easy To Store, Flexible, Strong, Easy To Handle
Cons: Would like more colors
Best Uses: Bead weaving
Comments: I don't fish. Sorry, sports fans, but this lady LOVES Fireline for beautiful beadwork. It comes in the perfect sizes for seed bead weaving, working with crystals, bugles... I've never had a problem whether working with glass, metal, ceramic or acrylic beads. I spend a lot of time, energy and imagination on my beadwork so I want it to hold up and be wearable. Fireline assures all of that. I'm so happy I found - [...] Thanks!
Daly City, CA
 Original Fireline
Pros: Easy To Handle, Trouble-free
Comments: This line is super strong and is very easy to handle. I've used just about every braid available and can say by far this line has the best overall performance. You need to break it in for a few days to really see the benefits
saskatchewan canada
simply the best
Pros: Easy To Handle, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Store, Long long life
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Jigging, Deep Water, Trolling
Comments: anyone not using fireline for all aplications is simply missing the boat period.
tornado , west virginia
 my #1 fishing line for trolling
Comments: I use this line for trolling as it has little stretch. this is good because you have lots of line out, and when you hook a fish there is little chance that it will get off,but you do have to have a light drag on your reel
Krista the Bead Weav
Seattle, WA
Novice Angler
 Beaders love fireline too
Pros: Easy To Store, Rarely breaks, Easy To Handle, Looks Realistic
Comments: Beaders and Jewelry artists often use fireline for beadweaving. It rarely breaks, it untangles easily and it's easy to thread through a needle!
Blue Drifter
Western Chicago Suburbs
 [...]great product.
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: Shore Casting, Jigging, Fresh Water, Trolling
Comments: Knot trying to leader works very well.
Jeff the Fisher
Cozad, Nebraska
 I continue to purchase Berkley Fireline
Pros: Fish Don't Escape
Best Uses: Shore Casting
Comments: I continue to purchase Berkley Fireline from FishUsa because I have discovered better quality and selection over Cabelas in which I only live 50 minutes from and visit often, but decided to give FishUSA a try and the line is better and this is by no means a stretch of my imagination. I fish 3 times a week and catch plenty of wipers and believe me I know my line. I have had to take back line to Cabelas more than once due to poor quality.
 It's awsome line,super strong .
Pros: easy to see, Looks Realistic, Irresistible to Fish, Easy To Handle, Fish Don't Escape, Easy To Store, Good For Variety Of Fish
Best Uses: great feel, Shore Casting
Comments: Ijust got back from opening day,the lake I fish was covered with a thin layer of cat ice about five to ten feet from the had to cast on the ice and pull it back to open water.ALL my buddies were braking line hand over fist,but this line stood strong and made opening day a successful one for your sales should be going up. thanKS again .
Bead Weaver
Sandpoint, ID
 Fireline 6# Smoke
Pros: Easy To Store
Comments: I use Fireline for making bead woven jewelry. It is very durable and hardly shows. I use Crystal for most pieces, but like the Smoke for dark work.
Jacksonville, FL
 Great for Beading
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Doesn't fray, Very strong
Best Uses: Beading
Comments: Berkley FireLine is Great! I use Berkley FireLine (6 lb. smoke) for string beading. It is very strong and doesn't fray or break apart when using sharp edged beads. I get professional results when using this product.
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