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Berkley Cherrywood HD Spinning Rods


Berkley Cherrywood HD Spinning Rods feature Berkley's HD Hybrid blank design for unmatched strength and sensitivity. These rods offer a great value with highlights such as SS304 guides which are 20 times tougher and 55% lighter than traditional aluminum oxide guides, full cork handles for added comfort and grip and a quality uplocking graphite reel seat with black nickel stainless steel cushioned hoods. Cherrywood HD Spinning Rods are perfect for your next fishing adventure, offering a full range of sizes and actions.

Features of Berkley Cherrywood HD Spinning Rods include:

  • HD Hybrid blank design
  • SS304 guide system
  • Full cork handle
  • Uplocking graphite reel seat

Berkley Cherrywood HD Spinning Rods
CWS461ULS4' 6"Ultra Light1 - 41/32 - 1/81
CWS501ULS5' 0"Ultra Light1 - 41/32 - 1/81
CWS561ULS5' 6"Ultra Light2 - 61/32 - 1/81
CWS562LS5' 6"Light2 - 61/16 - 1/42
CWS662MLS6' 6"Med. Light4 - 121/8 - 5/82
CWS662MS6' 6"Medium6 - 141/8 - 3/42
CWS702MS7' 0"Medium6 - 141/8 - 3/42
CWS702MHS7' 0"Med. Heavy8 - 171/4 - 12
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Crappie (2)
Excellent perch rods (2)

Customer Reviews
Erie, PA
 Cherrywood Revisited
Pros: light-weight, easy-to-use, Strong, Good Value
Cons: Guides
Comments: This is a revised version of my earlier review of the Cherrywood Medium-Heavy 7' 2 piece rod. My brother-in-law and I went fishing and I outfitted him with my steelhead rod. Before leaving, I waxed the guides of the Cherrywood because I had encountered with it before when casting Fireline (lots of friction on the guides). This time around casting was smooth and the short butt Cherrywood was light and that made it easy to flick lures and baits to where you wanted them. My brother-in-law struggled with my steelhead rod and ultimately we switched, but not before I landed a 30" pike, which the rod made ridiculously easy. The rod is a great value, easy to use, strong, and light-weight; just wax the guides if you are using Fireline.
Pros: reasonable price
Cons: n.a.
Best Uses: small mouth bass, Crappie, Excellent perch rods
Comments: Have too try it out for yourself, the lure sails nice and is quite balanced for the price as well!
central PA
Cons: junk
Comments: Complete waste of money! I was only using 6 lb test. Got hung up. Barely applied a bend to the rod and it EXPLODED ! Snapped into 3 pieces. Poorest quality rod I've seen in 35+ years of fishing. I have other Berkley rods I really like but DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY on this model.
Erie, PA
Avid Angler
 Wish I Got a Different Rod for My Use
Pros: Size & 2 Piece, Price
Cons: Hard to Cast w/Medium-Heavy
Comments: I have a couple of other Berkley rods I like and I was in the market for a two-piece, 7-foot, medium-heavy rod that could handle lures up to 1 oz and the heavier line to match. The Cherrywood met all those requirements and it had good reviews, so I purchased the rod. In use, it was less than satisfying. The problem is that there is a lot of friction on the line as it runs through the guides in casting. Maybe this is due to the fact I am throwing heavy stuff on heavy line, but it definitely cuts down the distance I can cast (I've used the same reel and line on my Okuma Celilo - thanks FishUSA - without encountering similar problems). Given the very positive reviews of others, this may be a consequence of the particular type of rod - medium-heavy - or the role I am using it in, but it is still a bit of a disappointment.
Trader Jack
McKean, PA
 Great Rod . . . Amazing Price
Pros: Cost, Action
Best Uses: Excellent perch rods
Comments: I purchased two. A 6'6'' med-lite for perch fishing from boat and a 7' med for all around use. These rods seem to have a more moderate tip and a slower taper which I like, particularly for perch. First time out I limited out on perch, good sensitivity and decent backbone to set the hook in 60' with Crystal Fireline. I've spent 4 to 8X as much on other rods and these just have the ability to set the hook really well and I lose far fewer fish.
 Love this rod!!!
Comments: This one of the rods I've ever had. Has good backbone.
lower Florida keys
 excellent customer service, very good product
Comments: I ordered two 5 1/2 foot UL Berkley Cherrywood UltraLight rods from FishUSA and I am extremely pleased with the outcome. The rods arrived very quickly and in good condition (via USPS). FishUSA could not have done a better job. Their web site is easy to work with and they do not hide the shipping charge nor do they add a inappropraite and hidden "handling charge" to the actual shipping cost nor do they demand you create a user account to place an order. I am very pleased with FishUSA. I have considerable salt water experience wth the Berkley Cherrywood UL rods here in the Florida Keys. I don't believe there is another UL rod on the market in the price catagorie anywhere near as good. These rods are very durable, well balanced, well made.
 Crappie slayer
Pros: Cheap price, Sport
Cons: I don't have more of them
Best Uses: Crappie
Comments: Great rod best crappie rod made
18239 Oak Road Boykins Va. 23827
Comments and Compliments on Berkleys cws5.6sl rods
Comments: I Crappie fish . The best rod I have ever used. This rod is perfect for shooting docks. This rod has good backbone and theres nothing wrong with the eyes on this rod. I highly recommend this rod. J.Rice Boykins Va.
Advanced Angler
cherry wood poles
Best Uses: All fishing
Comments: Love e'm, the only thing I don't like abou e'm is the eyes they need to be some kind of somthing besides just plane metal. I own 3 cherry rod poles and not one of e'm has never failed me. And yes I highly recomend them worth every penny.
Greensboro, NC
Love the rod, but/// (from prior model)
Pros: Great feel, Good Looking, Economical
Cons: it broke
Best Uses: Catching fish
Comments: I got one of these last season and paired it with an Abu Garcia ultra light Cardinal reel. It was love at first cast. The rod was sensitive, appeared to have some backbone, and didn't break the bank. I thought about buying another, but that was before I took it fishing for the first time. About an hour into a shad fishing trip on the Roanoke River, on my 6th fish of the day, the rod tip snapped off while reeling in a fish. It wasn't even a week old, and I wasn't abusing it by lifting fish over the gunnals, it just broke, and broke cleanly, as if there were a manufacturing flaw. Bummer. I checked the Berkley warranty, and I had to pay $9 for the repair and pay to ship it to them, so I declined having them fix it. I cleaned it up, but a new tip on, and now it's about 5'5.5" instead of 5'6". I still like it, but it broke on it's first trip out. If it had cost a fortune, I'd have been furious rather than disappointed. Just sayin'...
ontario canada
 can,t beat them for that price (from prior model)
Pros: Great rods
Comments: no bad comments from me
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