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Bass Assassin Shads - 5" feature a unique slit in the belly, which allows you to fish the lure weedless and set the hook easier. Hooking these lures through the head gives it great tail and body action. Bass Assassin Shads - 5" are constructed using premium plastics and custom colors. The 5 inch size is perfect for all around use and mimics the action of a fleeing or crippled baitfish.

Each package contains eight baits.

Customer Reviews
I do not have a nick
Manassas, VA
 The 5" might be a little big for some.
Pros: Don't need much wight, Easy to use, Good color combinations
Cons: You need to crank slow, You need a large hook, 4" might be better
Best Uses: Large bass in deep water, Pike might like it
Comments: Keep it out of heavy cover unless you are using a weedless hook.
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