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Atlas Shake "N" Cure Skein & Egg Cure is the number one cure for salmon and steelhead egg skeins and single eggs. This cure locks in fish-attracting scents and increases milking of the eggs. Eggs cured this way are also used in making egg sacs.

This is a dry cure that is sprinkled on the eggs, and the treatment takes less than an hour (although drying time is longer and depends on how soft or hard you want the eggs). Cured eggs can be kept in a refrigerator for months and in a freezer up to a year.

This cure comes in a plastic jar with a shaker top for easy application. The jar has a net weight of 16 ounces, and one jar will cure approximately 15 pounds of eggs. Directions are provided on the jar.

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Customer Reviews
 mikes egg cure
Pros: Easy to use follow direct
Best Uses: Cureing my trout eggs toa
Comments: this stuff works excellent,i never ever did skien before ,didn't have a clew.the product,directions,and results are excellent,this is a excellent product,if you are new to this ,get this,i used my skien in erie ,pa. and the steelhead loved it.thanks,mike's for a excellent product and directions.
gr michigan
 good stuff!
Pros: Easy To Handle, Easy To Store, Looks Realistic
Comments: very easy to use and works great, sprinkle it on wait for a couple hours and then hang to dry!!
 Trout and Salmon Cannot Resist Skein.
Pros: Easy To Store, Easy To Handle, Irresistible to Fish, Looks Realistic
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: I simply dry my eggs for half an hour, cure them for two hours, and dry them another half an hour. They really work well for Trout and Salmon. This cure works well and adds scent.
reynoldsville pa
 i would buy again
Pros: Irresistible to Fish, Easy To Store, Strong, Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle, Looks Realistic
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: worked four me!!!!!!
joyce kesner
keyser, wv
 wow does this ever work amazed!!!
Pros: Irresistible to Fish
Comments: let me start this out with the product was a gift for a friend who brought samon back and someone told me if i could find out how to cure eggs. well i asked few stores and they laughed at me said never heard such thing around keyser wv, so i search the internet and found your product. well my friend gave some of the eggs to my mother who fishes dams and streams all of her life followed down from her mother its her life she loves it.i gave her 2 bottles of this and she has use it everyday and when she goes she has told me people is asking so what is your secreat u seem to be the only one catching trout and no one else is the fish was sworming in and all around her the trout was takeing the bait like candy. she gave some to her brother and guess what he was amazed how the fish was going crazy.people started asking what are u two doing we cant even get a bite so my mom and uncle just laugh and finally told them. it dont take alot and very easy to use and really its fun to do my kids even enjoyed helping yes i would recommend this to anyone its called lucky fishing and im glad i found your product now people dont laugh now they are asking where to get it and how to use it, thanks so much!!!
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