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Antelope hair is the most buoyant hair on the market. Antelope works very well for spinning due to its hollow nature and can be substituted on any spun flies. Antelope hair is a great choice for flies that will be fished in fast turbulent waters or for the angler that doesn't like to keep applying floatant because of its extreme buoyancy. The only draw back to antelope is that the tips are often brittle due to the rough terrain that they inhabit. For this reason we do not recommend that this hair be used for tying collars or stacking. Antelope is often used on flies such as Serendipity's, Bombers, Goddard Caddis and Grasshoppers.

Each package contains approximately 4 square inches of material.

This is a natural product so there is some minor variation in color from piece to piece.

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 Antelope Hair
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