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Amnesia Shooting Line/Leader Material is a memory-free monofilament shooting line which is often used as fly line butt material for better visibility.

Amnesia Shooting Line/Leader Material comes in 200 ft. spools.

Amnesia Shooting Line/Leader Material is made in the U.S.A.


Amnesia Shooting Line/Leader Material
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Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (9)
Easy To Handle (8)
Strong (6)
High Vis (2)
Good For Variety Of Fish (2)
Best Uses
Fly fishing (3)
Fresh Water (2)
Shore Casting (2)

Customer Reviews
 hight viz strong
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle, High Vis
Comments: Nice line, hight visibility. Very strong and stiff you don't go wrong with it
 red line
Pros: Strong
Best Uses: Fly fishing
Comments: very good
Joe Dog Fishing
Lowell, MI
 Good line for salmon and steelhead
Pros: Visible, Flexible, Strong
Best Uses: Fly fishing
Comments: Good fly line for big fish when paired with a fluorocarbon leader.
Dog Fish
lehighton, pa.
 Amnesia Shooting Line-Leader Material by
Pros: Easy To Store, Strong, Easy To Handle
Comments: used for making custom leader. Worked very good
Gunnar the fly fishe
Skien, Norway
Number 1 shooting line
Pros: Strong, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Shore Casting
Comments: I use this shooting line on two hand fly rods and have experienced Amnesia to be the best shooting line in the market. Low or no memory and never tangles and giving long casts if needed.
Southern Tier NY-Northern Tier PA
 Great product! Great value!
Pros: Great colors as indicator, Hard slick finish
Best Uses: Line loops zap-a-gap, Great shooting line, Leader butts
Comments: I have used amnesia for ~20 years. Great inexpensive shooting line. Super leader loops when threaded through fly line (sewing needle)and super-glued. Indicator leader butts and makes a very nice "hinge" leader.
south sanfrancisco, ca.
Pros: Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water, Shore Casting
Comments: I use it as a running line behind a shooting head.
NW Spey Fisher
Portland, OR
 Amnesia Shooting Line
Pros: Inexpensive and Effective, Good For Variety Of Fish, Flies Through the Guides, Easy To Handle
Cons: Does Not Float
Best Uses: Spey Fishing, Summer Winter Steelhead
Comments: This will be used as a running line for a spey fishing setup as running line for Sakgit and Scandi shooting heads on Pacific Northwest Rives. I spend an average of 80 days a year on rivers and Amnesia line is tough and as it's name suggests, has no memory. There are pricer and fancier running lies out there, but this is the original. I also use Amnesia line as a butt section from fly lines to leaders on my trout rods with same results, tough and memory free.
 try it you'll like it
Pros: Good For Variety Of Fish, Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Fresh Water
Comments: works well for a intermediate material between the fly line and the leader.
 Excellant running or shooting line
Pros: Easy To Handle
Best Uses: Running line
Comments: Very good running or shooting line. If you pre-stretch it and use a shooting basket, it won't tangle. I shoots much farther than vinyl lines and costs $2-3 per 100 ft section (versus $30-40 for the high end vinyl lines form Orvis or Scientific anglers).
Carnage Junkie
Chesapeake, VA
 Use as butt section for "hinge leaders"
Pros: Easy To Handle, High Vis, Strong
Best Uses: Fly fishing
Comments: We use this line to create the butt section on fly fishing "hinge leaders" for nymph fishing in deep, fast sections. There are several sites that will come up in a GOOGLE search if you are interested in learning more about this type of leader. Hinge leaders have increased our catches because the fly is in the strike zone longer. We like the high vis of this line as it enhances the strike detection.
 "I would buy this product again and aga
Comments: very good and cheap shooting line salmon two hands rods
Buffalo, NY
 This stuff is nice
Pros: Detects subtle strikes
Best Uses: Nymphing
Comments: This product is great for detecting subtle strikes while nymph fishing. Used as a leader butt section, it turns over the leader in a smart fashion. Good stuff
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