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The Amish Outfitters BEEFY Buggy Bags Trolling Bags ("trolling sock/drift anchors") slow the boat's rate of speed while trolling or drifting. The heavy duty BEEFY Bags feature 2" webbing and webbing around the mouth of the bag to help with reinforcement.

We stock the BEEFY Buggy Bags Trolling Bags in two sizes - 28" and 36" (this is the open diameter size of the bag). The 28" bag is designed for boats from 24 to 30 feet in length and the 36" bag is designed for boats from 28 to 32 feet in length. It is generally recommended that boats under 26 to 28 feet run two bags to balance out steering of the boat.

Amish Outfitters BEEFY Buggy Bags Trolling Bags are Amish made in the USA.

Customer Reviews
Chesapeake Beach, MD
 Excellent Product
Comments: You won't be disappointed with this extremely well made product. It works as described. I have a 26' Shamrock Mackinaw with a 6BT Cummins diesel engine that will not slow troll. The bags brought my speed down from 5 mph to 2 mph and raised my engine temp 30 degrees which eliminated the need for me to run my engine at higher speeds to burn off the fuel (a requirement for diesel engines). I am a very satisfied customer. I ran the bags off each midsection cleat and then ran a line off of the base of each bag and attached that line to the back cleat which made it super easy to dump and retrieve the bags. The bags are doubling as sea bags as well for when I go offshore.
use in lake erie
 nice product
Pros: Very sturdy
Cons: Heavy
Best Uses: Trolling
Comments: perfect for slowing you down while trolling.
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