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Color: Brown Trout
Color: Copper
Color: Fiertiger
Color: Gold Neon Red
Color: Gold
Color: Metallic Perch
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Silver Nickel Blue
Color: Silver Nickel Green
Color: Silver
ACME Phoebe Lures
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Color: Brown Trout
Color: Copper
Color: Fiertiger
Color: Gold Neon Red
Color: Gold
Color: Metallic Perch
Color: Rainbow Trout
Color: Silver Nickel Blue
Color: Silver Nickel Green
Color: Silver
ACME Phoebe Lures

Acme Phoebe


Acme Phoebe lures are a versatile casting lure/spoon suitable for a wide variety of species. The unique curvature of the Phoebe produces a spinning/wobbling action that drives fish crazy. The profile of this lure paired with the stamped scale pattern and fins creates a 3-D illusion that looks like a plump full bodied baitfish.

Phoebe spoons are for anything from trout and panfish to salmon and saltwater species. The 112 ounce and 18 ounce sizes are also deadly when vertically jigged ice fishing.

Acme Phoebe lures are made in the U.S.A.


Acme Phoebe
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Customer Reviews
 7 Brownies on a fast section of the Roaring Fork, CO.
Comments: I unexpectedly stayed on the Roaring Fork River in Carbondale, CO for a week . the only gear I had with me was my executive 5 piece spinner/fly combo rod and a pair of sandals. The water was 41° and the OAT was 60°, so standing in the water was not an option for me. The shoreline was rocky and lined with brush, so I figured I would try out the only lure that I had the I felt was heavy enough to sit a foot under the surface with the fast current. It worked great IMO. I landed 7 12-17" Brownies in about 7 hours of fishing over 3 days.
 Killer lure
Pros: Great action
Best Uses: Trout
Comments: Time tested design, still my go to river and stream spoon.
United States
 treble hook came off
Pros: flashey
Best Uses: ice fishing
Comments: During a good run of perch (ice fishing) the treble hook came off the split ring. I was able to reattach after fishing but it probably cost me a few fish. I will try in a trout stream in May in the upper penisular of MI.
 Very effective lure for river trout.Great action.Good quality.
Pros: Great action
Cons: non
Best Uses: trout -Wyoming rivers
Comments: Excellent action. Easy to use on ultra light spinning gear.
#1 in your tackle box
Pros: Great action, good flash
Cons: Poor in mirky water
Best Uses: Id throw it at anything
Comments: I use these lures/spoons for all fish. I use the 1/2 off my kayak on the river and catch walleye, pike, and small mouth. I have caught all 3 on the same trip with the same 1/2 gold. In the small trout streams I use various weights depending on the flow. A 1/12 will float with a fast current and stay off bottom. I believe these lures command lots of defensive strikes. The smallest phoebe lures will produce a large flash and I have caught a few foul hooked trout. Worth a try and not just 25 casts. Cons are...they work because of their flash presents so murky water hinders their performance but I also have hammered bass all day with these. I lose spoons and you are going to lose with it. Just a great lure
Lander,Wy 82520
 Excellent trout lure
Pros: easy to use in 1/12, 1/8, and 1/4 oz.
Comments: Casts well .Excellent action
Freeville, NY
 ACME Phoebes
Pros: Great action, Effective
Cons: None!
Comments: Rarely have I fished with this lure and not caught fish. I have a variety of colors and sizes in my lure box and frequently, when nothing else is working, I'll clip one of these on and hook a fish shortly after. I doubt that I have another lure that is as effective as the Acme Phoebe.
 Quality product
Comments: Great lure!
Dillon, MT
 Used Phoebe Minnows for 50 years
Pros: Accurate and long casting, great in clear water.
Cons: Poor in mirky water.
Best Uses: Trout, salmon, smallmouth.
Comments: I have used Phoebe minnows from 1/8 to 1/2 oz. since the 60s. You can cast them right by the banks where fish lie. They get the tail-hitters. And you can jig them in a hole. I have caught sockeye and coho with the 1/2 oz. jobs and one of my biggest smallmouth bass with a smaller one. Silver is usually best.
United States
 Great action on two counts:The lure and the fish
Pros: very good action, Action and attraction
Cons: Fish and snags eat them
Comments: We happened across these lures when we purchased a tackle box at a garage sale. At the time, we didn't know what they were called. When we didn't have access to our regular tackle box, we pilfered the garage sale box. These lures have great flutter action and will attract strikes when sinking, as-well-as on a steady retrieve. These have much better action and flash than a comparable size spoon in the quarter ounce size. The Phoebe flutters down more slowly than a spoon imitating an injured bait fish while the spoon just sinks. We use split shot (of varying size) to gain distance and a faster sink. This lure has proven itself on limited use in salt water for mackerel and are effective on strippers (white bass). It will prove itself effective on other pan fish and game fish as well. Copper was the first color we had. It is recommended to use a small snap swivel to prevent line twist. For mackerel, a short piece of 25-30# leader might be in order. We were happy to find the name, ACME Phoebe, at Fish USA and have purchased several of different colors, including more of the copper These are identical to our garage sale find..
 Lots of flash!
Pros: well-built, very good action, triggers hits
Comments: I have used gold and silver phoebes for the first time this year and have had good luck. Mostly casting from shore. Something about the lure shape lets you get a slow retrieve without the lure sinking to quickly. And tons of flash to bring fish in with that shallow water. Good lure overall and comes with a strong sharp treble
Avid Angler
Works Great
Pros: good flash
Cons: No fun to lose the lure.
Comments: This lure is great!! I've caught many nice rainbows using the silver, bronze, and gold colored ones!!
 Old school spoon
Comments: They are OK use them for rainbows.
Southwest Alaska
 Acme Phoebe Lure
Comments: Quality made product... works great! Best prices I found for this lure are on Fast Shipping!
Phoebe Lure
Comments: Great Product for red drum
Calico Jim
upstate NY
 Great Action
Pros: good flash
Comments: This size 1/2 oz good for trolling
 crappie killer
Pros: very good action
Cons: Painful when you loose it to a snag
Comments: Utilized this lure while crappie fishing and was a total sucess. I was knocking them dead left and right. Caught the occassional bass in the midst of the carnage.
Customer Questions and Answers
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Just want to know when will u get back in stock the 1/2 Metallic Perch ?????
June 29, 2015
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Acme Phoebe is only available in 3 colors in the 1/2 oz. size- Gold, Silver, and Silver Neon Blue.
June 29, 2015
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