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P-Line Aluminum Pliers
1 Review
P-Line Aluminum Pliers offer anglers strong, durable pliers at a great, affordable price. These pliers are constructed with replaceable tungsten carbide cutters. P-Line Aluminum Pliers come with a custom sheath and lanyard that includes a belt loop. P-Line Aluminum Pliers are 6 1/2 inches in length.
Simms Retractor
The Simms Retractor allows you to keep important tools ready for action and close at hand. This injection molded retractor attaches to virtually anything with a durable, stainless steel pin and has a rugged coil and clip that extends up to two feet that holds nippers, pliers, etc. The Simms Retractor is made in the U.S.A.
Berkley Floating Dehooker
The Berkley Floating Dehooker allows you to safely remove stubborn hooks without the worries of loosing the Dehooker if it gets dropped in the water. It has a soft grip handle that is buoyant and a lanyard to keep it secure.
Rapala 4" Mini Side Cutter
The Rapala 4" Mini Side Cutter features sharp cutting blades that will easily cut through wire leaders and freshwater hooks. Spring loaded, molded handles allow for easy one handed use. Nickel plated carbon steel construction ensure years of use. The Rapala Mini Side Cutters measure 4" in length.
P-Line Deluxe Hook File
1 Review
The P-Line Deluxe Hook File is a top quality file that will sharpen all types of hooks quickly and effortlessly. This fine sharpener is constructed of drop forged, hardened, tempered high carbon steel. The P-Line Deluxe Hook File is designed with an ergonomically correct handle and features an ultra fine V-Grit sharpening surface. The sharpening surface measures 4 x 3/4 inches.
Rapala Hook File
The Rapala Hook File allows you to keep your hooks at their sharpest. Sharp hooks equal more fish landed. The Rapala Hook File is made from high-carbon steel. The ergonomic handle design provides comfort as well as a secure grip. The four inch overall length allows you to store the Rapala Hook File easily in a tackle box or vest pocket.
Rapala Digital Fish Gripper
1 Review
The Rapala Digital Fish Gripper provides a great combination of functionality and performance with its upgraded features, including a digital scale. Rapala Digital Fish Gripper is constructed of rugged high grade stainless steel for unmatchable toughness against fresh and saltwater environments. Its easy, one handed operation allows anglers to safely lift, weigh, and release fish. The Rapala Digital Fish Gripper has a water resistant scale and runs 600 hours on two AAA batteries. The two minute ...
P-Line 4.5" Micron Split Ring Pliers
1 Review
P-Line 4.5 in. Micron Split Ring Pliers are precision crafted and ruggedly constructed out of durable chrome-vandium steel to provide durability and rust resistance. These pliers have been drop forged and heat treated for additional strength. P-Line tools are among the finest in the industry and are built to last.
P-Line Spooling Assistant
The P-Line Spooling Assistant is the perfect accessory to allow for easy spooling your reel anywhere. This device features a suction cup base that will adhere to any smooth surface, including tackle boxes, tables, truck, boat, or floor. The Spooling Assistant can be used with standards spools (1/8 and 1/4 spools) and even with some small bulk spools. The Spooling Assistant will ensure the line is loaded on your reel properly and eliminate line twists and tangles. Simply load a spool of line onto...
P-Line Adaro Pliers
P-Line Adaro Pliers feature tungsten carbide line cutters that are built specifically for braided line. These pliers are constructed with machine cut aluminum handles to reduce weight, and coated stainless steel jaws for strength and durability. Adaro Pliers include a cordura pouch and a heavy duty lanyard. These pliers are the ultimate value for the serious saltwater angler.
Rapala Retractable Hook Sharpener
The Rapala Retractable Hook Sharpener keeps your hooks in top notch condition in the field. The neck lanyard keeps it handy for quick honing to ensure premium penetration into tough fish. Retractable, fine grit aluminum oxide stones restore points in seconds.
Rapala 60" Magnum Folding Ruler
1 Review
The Rapala 60 inch Magnum Folding Ruler features large, easy-to-read numbers molded into high impact plastic, large enough to show up in photos. This ruler includes both inch and centimeter measurement increments. A fold up end wall to bump fish against provides for extreme accuracy. Mounting holes are also included for permanent installation, or fold the ruler for compact storage.
Frabill Line Saber Line Cutter
3 Reviews
The Frabill Line Saber Line Cutter cuts monofilament, fluorocarbon, superbraided, and braided tip-up lines with ease. These line cutters feature a white LED light. This light is great for illuminating the cutting area as well as charging glow lures. The single LED light is also very handy when it comes to finding dropped items in the boat or on the ice. The twist on switch mechanism prevents accidental activation, extending the battery life. Replaceable standard lithium coin battery.
P-Line Adaro SparrowHawk Pliers
The P-Line Adaro SparrowHawk Pliers are made from high quality machine cut aluminum with tungsten carbide line cutters. The line cutter will easily cut through 500 pound nylon/braided lines. Replacement cutters are available. The Sparrow Hawk pliers feature ultra-smooth operation with a convenient hold-open spring. The P-Line Adaro SparrowHawk Pliers were the winner of Best of Show in Fishing Accessories at ICAST 2011. These pliers sport a gun metal finish with a black sheath and strong coil lan...
Rapala 4" Fisherman's Utility Knife
3 Reviews
The Rapala 4" Fisherman's Utility Knife is a perfect choice for all cutting chores. The heavy backed, 4 inch stainless steel blade with serrated heel cuts through just about everything. With a lock clip on the sheath, the knife stays securely shielded until it is needed. The comfort molded soft-touch thermoplastic handle with finger guard is lanyard ready. The lock clip sheath also has a hole at the end for a lanyard, for easy one handed access. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase t...
Berkley Worm Threader
2 Reviews
The Berkley Worm Threader makes rigging worms easy and effortless. The stainless steel tube construction is corrosion resistant and long lasting. The wooden handle is durable as well as buoyant, so it will float if dropped into the water. These Berkley Worm Threader is 7 3/4 inches long in total with the handle being 2 7/8 inches long.
Berkley Worm Blower
The Berkley Worm Blower is perfect for getting worms or night crawlers up off of the bottom and within reach of more fish. The worm blower injects air through the needle into the worm making it buoyant. It also makes smaller worms seem larger by increasing their size with air. The Berkley Worm Blower creates more rigging options for worms and night crawlers. The Berkley Worm Blower has a screw on cap to safely and securely cover the sharp needle.
Reef Runner Tune-A-Fish Crank Bait Tuner
5 Reviews
The Reef Runner Tune-A-Fish Crank Bait Tuner is the perfect tool for tuning baits so they run true again. The Tune-A-Fish features a chrome plated, solid stainless steel construction and includes a Reef Runner logo lanyard. The tool has a slot on each end designed to bend tie-on points and hook attachment points on a wide range of hardbait sizes.
American Fishing Wire Split Ring Pliers
3 Reviews
American Fishing Wire Split Ring Pliers are perfect for making quick terminal tackle changes. American Fishing Wire Split Ring Pliers feature precision, hardened steel construction, and are great for use with split rings down to size #1. The spring hinge and ergonomic handle design increase comfort by reducing hand fatigue. American Fishing Wire Split Ring Pliers measure 5 1/4 inches in length and are black in color. American Fishing Wire Split Ring Pliers are made in the U.S.A.
Frabill Telescoping Lure Retriever
3 Reviews
The Frabill Telescoping Lure Retriever is great for getting back lures from tree tops, log jams, boat docks, and other obstructions. This must-have accessory features a lightweight, three piece tubular aluminum handle with a cam lock handle system that extends up to 15 feet. To retrieve a lure, simply rotate the fishing line around Frabill Telescoping Lure Retriever's spiral head, then guide the spiral head of the retriever down to the snagged lure and push the snagged lure away from the obstru...
Rapala Touch Screen Digital Fish Scales
2 Reviews
The Rapala Touch Screen Digital Fish Scales provide an excellent means of weighing your fish with a large, easy to use touch screen digital display. The Tournament 15 lb. Scale (RTDS15) includes 8 numbered culling floats with floating tubes and stainless steel clips designed for the tournament angler in mind. The Standard 50 lb. Scale (RTDS50) is great for any general purpose fishing.
Rapala Lighted Line Counter
3 Reviews
The Rapala Lighted Line Counter allows you to fish at controlled depths while using any standard baitcasting reel. With this line counter, you'll be able to set your bait at the right depth every time directly into the feeding zone. The lighted read out measures in feet and is easily read in low light and during nighttime fishing. This Lighted Line Counter attaches to most rods with a heavy duty adjustable screw clamp that is padded to protect rod finishes. The Rapala Lighted Line Counter gives ...
Northland Jig Eye-Buster
2 Reviews
The Northland Jig Eye-Buster allows you to easily clean out the eye of any jig or jighead. This handy tool features metal construction with a red, rubber dipped handle for a sure grip. The Northland Jig Eye-Buster measures approximately 2 3/8 inches long and includes a hole for attaching a lanyard. This tool is a great addition to any tackle box and will save you from the frustration of clearing paint from a jig eye while on the water.
Berkley Big Fish Lip Grip/Digital Scale
5 Reviews
The Berkley Big Fish Lip Grip/Digital Scale helps anglers to land, handle, and weigh big fish, especially the toothy kind that require a bit of distance between your fingers and its teeth. The downward force by the fish actually squeezes the oversized jaws together, keeping you in control. This Lip Grip reduces handling of fish, making it great for catch and release of any species. The built-in digital scale accurately weighs fish up to 30 pounds. Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel an...
Berkley Line Counter
10 Reviews
The Berkley Line Counter allows you to fish at controlled depths without the use of bulky line counter reels. With this line counter you'll be able to set your bait at the right depth every time directly into the feeding zone. The Berkley Line Counter attaches to most rods with a heavy duty screw clamp. These line counters give accurate readings down to 999 feet with minimal line slippage. This line counter features an easy to use, push button reset and has a manual or automatic line release wit...
Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler
2 Reviews
The Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler measures fish up to 22 inches. This ruler features an L-bend for placement of the fishes head to get an accurate measurement at the tail. This ruler is great for areas with slot size limits. The Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler features durable anodized aluminum construction and has pre-drilled holes for mounting on boats and docks. This ruler has a gold finish with white markings.
Rapala Pliers/Super Line Scissors Combo Pack
2 Reviews
The Rapala Pliers/Super Line Scissors Combo Pack features durable 6 1/2 inch fisherman's pliers and super line scissors. The fisherman's pliers will assist in removing hooks, altering lures, and crimping leaders while the specially designed super line scissors will cut all braided lines without fraying. This combo pack also features a durable nylon belt sheath for keeping your tools close at hand. These tools, designed by fishermen, for fishermen, will be useful in a variety of fishing situation...
Rapala Pliers / Forceps / Scale / Clipper Com...
The Rapala Pliers/Forceps/Scale/Clipper Combo Pack is affordable and allows you to upgrade your tackle box all at once with quality gear. These tools, designed by fishermen, for fishermen, will be useful in a variety of fishing situations. The combo pack features durable 6 1/2 inch fisherman's pliers, 5 1/2 inch forceps with large finger holes, a quality 25 pound spring scale, and line clippers. This combo pack also comes with a sheath to store all the items together.
Berkley Digital Tournament Fish Scale
The Berkley 15 Pound Digital Tournament Fish Scale records multiple fish weights and also totals the weights of all the fish together. This is the perfect scale for fishing tournaments or for recording any fish under 15 pounds.
Berkley Digital Fish Scale
7 Reviews
The Berkley Digital Fish Scale is an extremely accurate digital scale for weighing your catch. This scale is made of high impact ABS for durability and are corrosion and water resistant. The Berkley Digital Fish Scale comes with an instruction manual, detailing uses and features. This 50 pound scale is an economical yet durable model.
Rapala Digital Fish Scales
23 Reviews
Rapala's Mini 50 lb. Scale, Sportsman's 50 lb. Scale, and Pro Guide 50 lb. Scale provide an excellent means of weighing your fish with a large digital display for fish weights from zero to 50 pounds. All are made of high impact ABS plastic to withstand the rigors of the fishing environment.
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