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Boat Accessories
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Boat-D-Funk Boat Cleaning Spray
Boat-D-Funk Boat Cleaning Spray will help clean and deodorize all your boat surfaces. Boat-D-Funk is environmentally friendly and made in the USA.
Cooler-D-Funk Cleaning Formula
Cooler-D-Funk Cleaning Formula completely removes even the foulest cooler odors. Cooler-D-Funk Cleaning Formula is made in the U.S.A.
$7.95 - $9.95
Bert's Custom Tackle Tool Holder
The Bert's Custom Tackle Tool Holder has been redesigned with stronger materials and better cosmetics. This tool holder will keep your pliers, lures, and other tools close at hand. The Bert's Tool Holder is designed to fit into Bert's Track System (sold separately). This Bert's Tool Holder comes with a Black top and a stainless steel base.
Bert's Custom Tackle Step Pads for Track Systems
The Bert's Custom Tackle Step Pads for Track Systems are manufactured from UV resistant marine grade, heavy duty Starboard material. These Bert's custom non-slip step pads fit and lock securely into the Bert's Track System (sold separately) allowing for safe transition to and from your boat. Use Bert's Custom Tackle step pads to maintain a clean look when not using our accessories. Made in USA.
$17.95 - $25.95
Bert's Custom Tackle Single Track System
The Bert's Custom Tackle Single Track System is an anodized aluminum track that can be mounted to any flat surface on your boat. Bert's Track System provides flexibility in adding and changing Bert's rod holders, downrigger bases, step pads, boating accessories and more! Bert's Custom Tackle Track System is easy to install and includes mounting instructions, end caps, and hardware.
$33.95 - $124.95
Amish Outfitters Lure Pads
Amish Outfitters Lure Pads offer a superior tackle storage system that provides more protection for your lures than ordinary tackle boxes. The pads are made from closed cell neoprene that securely holds hooks. Amish Outfitters Lure Pads feature a UV resistant clear plastic cover. This cover protects the lures from fading in the suns harmful rays. The clear plastic cover is heavy enough to offer protection from the hooks sharp points and accidental impalement. The Amish Outfitters Lure Pads are available in three sizes.
$11.95 - $20.95
Luhr Jensen Troll Speed Indicator
The Luhr Jensen Troll Speed Indicator allows you to easily and accurately control your trolling speed. This divice operates on a simple, mechanical measurement of speed that accounts for the exact conditions your lure is running in. The Luhr Jensen Troll Speed Indicator measures troll speed accurately to within 1/10 of a knot and is unaffected by wind and waves. The Troll Speed Indicator allows you to maintain the precision control and critical speed needed to consistently catch fish.