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VMC: Spoons(4)
VMC Tingler Spoon
The VMC Tingler Spoon features a wide wobbling action that mimics the movement of a dying baitfish with its curved body and V-Shape design. The large holographic eye and live baitfish patterns increase the anglers odds of catching more fish. The VMC Ultra Glow colors last up to 15 minutes before needing recharged.
VMC Tumbler Spoon
The VMC Tumbler Spoon has a bend that offers a slow tumbling action on the fall. A small metallic attractor blade adds additional flash and sound for those picky eaters. The VMC Tumbler Spoons feature a holographic eye, UV finishes, and a holographic Ultra Glow that lasts up to 15 minutes before needing recharged.
$3.55 - $3.65
VMC Rattle Spoon
The VMC Rattle Spoon has a chamber made of brass and multiple beads that gives it an advantage over other rattling spoons on the market. The VMC Rattle Spoon has a shorter chamber that allows the angler to make sound with minimal jigging while still maintaining action to the lure. The VMC Rattle Spoon has a holographic eye and Ultra Glow pigments that last up to 15 minutes without needing recharged.
$4.25 - $4.95
$3.83 - $4.46
VMC Flash Champ Spoons
VMC Flash Champ Spoons offer both brawn and beauty. The heavy-duty brass construction can withstand many hits from panfish or larger game fish. Beveled edges and a tapered tail to give off an enticing fluttering action. The holographic eyes, and the all new Ultra Glow pigments add to the attraction of the VMC Flash Champ Spoons.
$3.95 - $4.95
$3.56 - $4.46