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Trigger X7 RESULTS
Trigger X Wax Tail
3 Reviews
Trigger X Wax Tail gives great action from the slightest movement of the rod tip. It has life-like texture and can even be used as a waxworm by just pinching the tail off. The Trigger X Wax Tails come 15 per pack for the 1", and 12 per pack for the 1 1/2".
Trigger X Larvae
Trigger X Larvae have the same size and texture of the real thing. These larvae can be used one at a time to offer a snack to the fish or can be rigged in multiples to offer a full meal.
Trigger X Mustache Worm
5 Reviews
The Trigger X Mustache Worm features an easy to rig "egg" body with long tapered appendages on both sides. The mustache action is created when the lure is jigged up and down. The Trigger X Mustache Worm performs best when rigged wacky style.
Trigger X Spike Worm
3 Reviews
The Trigger X Spike Worm has a worm like body and a long tapered tail. The Trigger X Spike Worm can be rigged in multiple different positions which enables it to be twitched, fluttered, or flapped to attract the fish.
Trigger X Minnow
3 Reviews
Trigger X Minnow has life-like miniature fry features and offers the ability to fish minnows without the fish bucket. The Trigger X Minnows have a long slender tapered design and a unique webbed tail that offers superb action with the slightest of motion from the angler.
Trigger X Flap Tail Grub
Trigger X Flap Tail Grub is designed to have a thin profiled tail which creates a flapping action which is similar to the movement of a leech. You can also split the tail section of the grub to mimic a wounded minnow making it easy prey for the big fish.
Trigger X Nymph
Trigger X Nymph have a tubular body which makes rigging them a snap. The Trigger X Nymphresemble small insects and crustaceans that are the main food source of fish year around and have life-like appendages that flutter and dance in the water enticing any fish to bite and hold on tight to it.