Winter Sale at FishUSA
Winter Sale at FishUSA
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Yakima Bait Big Al's Fish Flash
The Yakima Bait Big Al's Fish Flash has almost no resistance in the water, making it a no drag flasher. These flashers are versatile, easy to use, and can be ri
Michigan Stinger Rotating Flashers
The Michigan Stinger Rotating Flashers work best when paired with flies, bait, or hoochies 18 to 30 inches behind the flashers. Each flasher contains an EChip.
Worden's Spin-N-Glo
The Worden's Spin-N-Glo is the original winged drift bobber that anglers find great for a variety of fishing applications and presentations. Worden's Spin-N-Glo
$3.75 - $4.25
Church Tackle Revelator Flashers
The Church Tackle Revelator Flashers are unique fish shaped flashers with 3-D eyes and flashy WTP tape. Combine these flashers with any of your top producing spoons, flies, or cut bait heads.
Church Tackle Shock Waves
The Church Tackle Shock Waves are cut bait heads designed to troll with regular or tyee sized herring strips. These cut bait heads are extremely effective on lake trout, brown trout, salmon, steelhead
Worden's Lil Corky Floats
Worden's Lil Corky Floats are buoyant drift bobbers constructed of foam and feature a multi-species round design. Lil Corky bobbers add
Dreamweaver Paddle Flashers
Dreamweaver Paddle Flashers are world-class attractors that produce fabulous results for Great Lakes and West Coast trolling. These are one of the best deep-wat
$10.95 - $13.95
Pro-Troll EChip SpinRay Flashers
Pro-Troll EChip SpinRay Flashers offer a revolutionary spin and kick design combined with Pro-Troll's EChip technology. The EChip consists of a small stainless
Pro-Troll EChip
The Pro-Troll EChip is an electronic attractor which features an internal microchip electronic crystal that emits a small electrical discharge, similar to the n
Dreamweaver Spin Doctor Flashers
Dreamweaver's Spin Doctor is one of the best deep-water rotating flashers available. With the full 360° rotation at either slow or fast trolling speeds, the Spi
$10.95 - $13.95
Pro-Troll ProChip Flashers
Pro Troll ProChip Flashers offer a revolutionary spin and kick design combined with the new Pro-Troll EChip technology. The EChip consists of a small stainless
$9.75 - $13.25
Luhr Jensen Dodgers
Luhr Jensen Dodgers add extra flash to trolling rigs and help attract fish in from large distances. The "00" is a smaller size flasher that is 6" long and 1-7/8