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StreamWorks is a company that was born with its feet in the water. Their founders are avid fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts with interests in developing products that make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. StreamWorks products reflect innovation, quality and value. Their patented technologies and innovative ideas have created outdoor gear that is better and smarter. Their line of fishing accessories and tools will surely make your next fishing trip easier, more successfull, and more enjoyable.
Stream Works Scissors-Forceps with Power Jaws
The Stream Works Scissors-Forceps with Power Jaws are a must for any stream or lake angler. The micro-serrated scissors in the jaws cut the toughest monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines. Scissors-Forceps with Power Jaws are a must when using small hooks and pinching down the hook barb, and aid in holding hooks and removing hooks from fish you plan to release. These 5 1/2 inch forceps have a unique integrated lateral Power Jaw to crimp down barbs on hooks and to crimp spit shot. The jaw ...
Stream Works Flip-Top Bait Jar Lid and Dispenser
Stream Works Flip-Top Bait Jar Lid and Dispenser are unbreakable, lightweight molded dispensers that thread onto standard (1 3/4 in. diameter) bait jars including PowerBait, Nitro Bait, Pautzke and others. The Bait Jar Lid provides a quick and easy way to access your bait - no more fumbling with bait jar lids. With the dispenser clip you will be able to attach to belt, pockets, and other items. Also included is a slot for threading onto belts or straps. The swivel-clip allows attachment to D-ri...
$3.25 - $6.25
Stream Works Bait Holder
Stream Works Bait Holder and Stream Works Bait Holder System can be used to hold a variety of artificial and real baits. The Bait Holder includes an unbreakable lightweight molded bracket that holds a single reusable, plastic flip-top bait container conveniently on the chest for easy access. With the swivel clip, the bait holder can attach to D-rings, tackle boxes, and other items. The garment attachment post enables users to attach holder to any garment. The Bait Holder System includes two bai...
$6.95 - $9.95