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Sebile Action First Pivot Frogs
Sebile Action First Pivot Frogs are awesome topwater lures with soft bodies designed to collapse for maximum hook penetration. These lures utilize Sebile's Gravity Hook System that allows the hook to freely rotate and optimizes snag free frog fishing and increases hook ups. Sebile Action First Pivot Frogs are versatile baits that are great for open water or between pads.
Sebile Action First Vibe Machine
1 Review
Sebile Action First Vibe Machines are less aggressive and silent lipless baits that are ideal for shallow water fishing. They have a light, external weight which allows for a lower center of gravity, a higher buoyancy potential, and better tracking stability. These lures also have a wide head that is designed to deflect off cover and recover quickly.
Sebile Action First Lipless Seekers
4 Reviews
Sebile Action First Lipless Seekers are equipped with external weights which maximizes their swimming action, durability, and tracking accuracy right out of the box. Sebile Action First Lipless Seekers can be used as a search bait by casting them far and retrieving at any speed. These baits have a weight forward design that allows them to sink, nose first, fast and cover a wide depth range. These lures can also be cast and let sink to the desired depth. Then jerk them vertically which will maxim...
Sebile Vibrato
7 Reviews
The Sebile Vibrato makes power jigging easy and effortless thanks to the unique approach of making the bait flutter in the fall and vibrate on the pull to mimic a wounded baitfish. It is perfectly centered which gives you great control and action and gives it a slow flutter rate on the fall so it creates a lot of flash and disturbance. Crank, jig, spoon, blade all rolled into one. Ideal for jigging with slow flutter on fall. Tip with live bait or Gulp.
$9.95 - $10.85