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Terminator Walking Frogs
Terminator Walking Frogs offer a perfect walking action right out of the package. These lures feature the widest hook gap available, but are still able to go through the heaviest of cover. The super soft body easily compresses for greater hook-ups, while the rear weight allows for longer, more accurate casting. Terminator Walking Frogs are built with lifelike round rubber legs, a heavy-duty, welded line tie, and a premium VMC hook.
Weldon Perch Rig
11 Reviews
Weldon's popular Perch Rig features 45# stainless steel cable construction. Each rig has clear tubing to slip over the end when snelled hooks are in place, keeping the hooks out and away from the rig. The top has a barrel swivel for connection to the mainline and the bottom has a snap swivel for connection to a sinker.
Terminator QuickSkirts
2 Reviews
Terminator QuickSkirts are the easiest to change, most durable, action packed silicon skirts made. These come in a variety of vivid, long lasting colors. Each package contains three QuickSkirts.
Terminator T-1 Series Buzzbaits
5 Reviews
Terminator T-1 Series Buzzbaits feature titanium frames. Titanium lures last longer, never need to be re-tuned, and always snap back to original shape. The premium T-1 Series Buzzbaits from Terminator feature this tough titanium construction, in addition to quality hooks and hardware, and durable silicon skirts and paint. Each of these buzzbaits have wide weights which look like wounded minnow laying on it's side. The turned up nose helps get this lure to the surface and safely walks it over log...