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Lively Legz Leg Blanks
Lively Legz Leg Blanks give any fly tying angler the ability to add a little more realism to any fly by adding legs. These blanks are durable, stretchy, and can be incorporated into almost any design. Each package contains 15 legz. Online tying instructions on packaging.
Yum Money Minnows
The Yum Money Minnows have a natural swimming action, a realistic profile, and a super soft body. These baits have a unique hook slot through the belly to ensure straight rigging and true running performance. The Yum Money Minnows work great for bass and other gamefish. The 3.5" minnows come 5 per pack and the 5" minnows come 4 per pack.
Yumbrella Ultralight Tripods
The Yumbrella Ultralight Tripods simulate a small school of baitfish by rigging 3 Money Frys or Grubs together. These rigs feature impressive strength and durability. The lure arms are stainless steel and are repeatedly heat tempered to create a super wire that ensures the lure arms never break. These rigs also have high quality snaps and swivels that deliver flawless performance, even with larger fish. The Yumbrella Ultralight Tripods come 1 per package and come with everything you need to star...
Yum F2 Mighty Worms
The Yum F2 Mighty Worms come in a variety of bass catching colors and are infused with YUM's F2 attractant during the molding process. The powerful attractant gives off a robust scent that bass can't resist. The Yum F2 Mighty Worms are able to be Texas, Carolina, or wacky rigged. They cam even be used on a Pumpkin head jig. The 4" worms come 16 per pack and the 6" worms come 12 per pack.