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Stream Works Scissors-Forceps with Power Jaws
The Stream Works Scissors-Forceps with Power Jaws are a must for any stream or lake angler. The micro-serrated scissors in the jaws cut the toughest monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided lines. Scissors-Forceps with Power Jaws are a must when using small hooks and pinching down the hook barb, and aid in holding hooks and removing hooks from fish you plan to release. These 5 1/2 inch forceps have a unique integrated lateral Power Jaw to crimp down barbs on hooks and to crimp spit shot. The jaw ...
Stream Works Flip-Top Bait Jar Lid and Dispenser
Stream Works Flip-Top Bait Jar Lid and Dispenser are unbreakable, lightweight molded dispensers that thread onto standard (1 3/4 in. diameter) bait jars including PowerBait, Nitro Bait, Pautzke and others. The Bait Jar Lid provides a quick and easy way to access your bait - no more fumbling with bait jar lids. With the dispenser clip you will be able to attach to belt, pockets, and other items. Also included is a slot for threading onto belts or straps. The swivel-clip allows attachment to D-ri...
$3.25 - $6.25
Stream Works Bait Holder
Stream Works Bait Holder and Stream Works Bait Holder System can be used to hold a variety of artificial and real baits. The Bait Holder includes an unbreakable lightweight molded bracket that holds a single reusable, plastic flip-top bait container conveniently on the chest for easy access. With the swivel clip, the bait holder can attach to D-rings, tackle boxes, and other items. The garment attachment post enables users to attach holder to any garment. The Bait Holder System includes two bai...
$6.95 - $9.95
Stream Thermometer
A Stream Thermometer is one of the most valuable items a trout angler can carry, as trout feed actively at water temperature from 50° to 65° degrees Fahrenheit. Bass, saltwater flats, and other anglers are learning the value of knowing water temperature, and how this affects the species they are pursuing. This thermometer reads from -30° to 50° degrees Celsius and -20° to 120° degrees Fahrenheit. The case is made from metal, includes a split-ring for attaching to a vest, and a pocket clip. The ...