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Shimano Tekota Levelwind Reel - Prespooled Copper Line
Shimano Tekota Levelwind Reel - Prespooled Copper Line is a great solution for anglers who want a reel that is ready-to-go when it arrives. These reels are prespooled with 300 feet of American Fishing Wire copper line, plus 300 yards of 50 pound PowerPro braided line and 25 feet of 30 pound Seaguar fluorocarbon leader. The Tekota Levelwind Reel is the end result of research, feedback, and time spent on the water. These reels are engineered for the long run with die-cast aluminum frames, smooth ...
Penn Defiance Star Drag Conventional Reel
The Penn Defiance Star Drag Conventional Reel features a lightweight graphite frame and sideplates with stainless steel frame rings. The Defiance Star Drag Reel is equipped with a Versa-Handle design, a powerful HT-100 Drag System, and 4 shielded stainless steel bearings. The Penn Defiance Star Drag Conventional Reel is available in a 6.1:1 gear ratio.
Penn Versa-Gear System Sets
Penn Versa-Gear System Sets allow you to easily change the gear ratio on your Penn Torque Conventional Reel. These sets are available in 4.8:1 or 5.4:1 gear ratios. Penn Versa-Gear System Sets are compatible with Penn Torque Conventional Reels.
Shimano Talica 20BFC Conventional Reel
The Shimano Talica 20BFC Conventional Reel is a dream reel. This reel is built specifically to meet the highest level of requirements for sailfish pro-series and white marlin tournaments. The Talica 20BFC reel offers ultra high speed with 60’ of line retrieved per crank, and to keep from breaking off, 3 pounds minimum drag at strike. The Talica 20BFC's also feature Shimano's new E.I. surface treatment which drastically increases the corrosion resistance of the reel. E.I. is used on the spool, fr...
Penn Jigmaster Conventional Reel
Penn Jigmaster Conventional Reel is a favorite reel of live bait anglers because of its extreme freespool quick take-apart sideplate that is ideal for changing spools when fishing conditions change. Penn Jigmaster Reels feature a black anodized aluminum spool, manganese-bronze main gear, stainless steel pinion, and an HT-100 powered drag system.
Shakespeare Tidewater Line Counter Reel (TW20LC)
The Shakespeare Tidewater Line Counter Reel is a great levelwind reel with a line counter at an affordable price. The automatic line counter measures up to 999 feet. This reel is built for salt water use with the corrosion resistant stainless steel pinion gear, level wind and reel foot. The Tidewater Line Counter Reel features one ball bearing and a graphite spool.
Penn 209LC Line Counter Reel
The Penn 209LC Line Counter Reel features retro-styling with modern reel technology. These reels are great for trolling in freshwater and saltwater and will give years of dependable service. The composite and steel construction ensure lightweight durability along with many other features found on reels costing much more.