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Quantum Fire Spinning Reels
The Quantum Fire Spinning Reels are high quality, durable reels that have a lightweight composite body and carbon fiber inserts.
Quantum Ultrex Baitcasting Reel
The Quantum Ultrex Baitcasting Reel features a lightweight graphite frame and sideplate, DynaMag externally adjustable magnetic cast control, and continuous ant
Quantum Xtralite XTR Spinning Reel
The Quantum Xtralite XTR Spinning Reel features a smoked aluminum spool and graphite side cover and frame. This reel is lightweight and affordable, while provid
Quantum EXO PTi Spinning Reels
Quantum EXO PTi Spinning Reels feature Quantum's “Metal Where It Matters” design. The thinking behind the exoskeletal hybrid construction co
$199.95 - $209.95
Quantum EXO PT Baitcasting Reels
Quantum EXO PT Baitcasting Reels feature Quantum's "Metal Where it Matters" exoskeletal design. EXO PT reels are constructed combining a special, ultra-rigid aluminum alloy in load bearing areas with a lightweight composite that reduces weight in non-critical locations by 50%. Couple the EXO's exoskeletal design with features such as the 10 PT polymer/stainless steel bearing system and the CSC ceramic/carbon drag system and you have one of the most advanced reels available today.
Quantum Energy PT Baitcasting Reels
Quantum Energy Baitcasting Reels have earned the reputation as "go-to" reels under the most demanding fishing conditions. These Performance Tuned, low-profile baitcast reels feature precision, PT stainless steel/polymer bearings that make the Energy one of the smoothest reels available today. The Micro ACS II magnetic cast control employs nine brakes that can be fine tuned to match any conditions. Available with both High Speed and Standard gear ratios.
Quantum Q-Vex Spinning Reels
Quantum Q-Vex Spinning Reels were designed to provide anglers with high performance reels at a great price. These reels feature lightweight graphite composite b