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Daiwa Lexa 100 Baitcasting Reels
The Daiwa Lexa 100 Baitcasting Reels are built for strong lines and big fish. These feature packed casting reels are a perfect for match freshwater species from Bass to Walleye and saltwater species from Redfish to Trout. The Lexa 100 sized reels feature a 11 pound max drag for plenty of stopping power on hard charging fish. These reels are offered in both high power and high speed retrieve ratios. Daiwa Lexa 100 Baitcasting Reels are perfect for most freshwater and light saltwater applications....
Daiwa Emblem Shot Spinning Reels
Daiwa Emblem Shot Spinning Reels are large-capacity reels that offer an exceptional value for saltwater and come with an alternate deep spare spool. The normal spool is perfect for lighter lines, so you don’t waste excess line to fill the spool. The alternate-capacity spare aluminum spool provides the extra capacity for heavier lines and versatility for a broad range of fishing options. Daiwa Emblem Shot Spinning Reels feature Advanced Locomotive Levelwind that cross wraps the line for better ca...
Daiwa Sweepfire Spinning Reels - 2014 model
Daiwa Sweepfire Spinning Reels are great quality reels that will fit in any angler's budget. With features like Digigear technology for optimized speed, power and durability, Micro Click Front Drag for precise drag adjustments, and Advanced Locomotive Levelwind, these Sweepfire Spinning Reels provide a high level of fishing performance. The price and quality make Sweepfire the best value on the market today.