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Centerpin/Float Reels
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Raven Helix Centerpin Reels
Raven Helix Centerpin Reels offer performance and value for centerpin anglers. These reels are built with a beautiful blue, solid backplate. The ergonomic ported spool is lightweight, yet durable. Twin shielded bearings allow the spool to spin smoothly. Helix Centerpin Reels include a drawstring protective reel pouch.
Rapala Concept Centerpin Reel
The Rapala Concept Centerpin Reel is an ultra smooth, super lightweight centerpin float reel. This magnificent reel is built with high quality components including premium Japanese bearings, machined reel and spindle, and a corrosion resistant anodized finish. Even better, this reel looks amazing, with its black frame, frosted silver reel, and red highlighted knobs. The Rapala Concept Centerpin Reel offers superior style while providing flawless performance.
Rapala R-Type Centerpin Reel
The Rapala R-Type Centerpin Reel is a perfectly balanced and smooth running reel at an affordable price. These reels are constructed of fully CNC machined aluminum and equipped with ABEC-5 Japanese bearings. The R-Type Centerpin Reel is lightweight and very quiet. Plus, easily remove the spool for streamside cleaning - no tools necessary.
Rapala Shift Centerpin Reels
Rapala Shift Centerpin Reels are extremely well-balanced and smooth running thanks to the off-set reel foot design and ABEC-7 Japanese bearings. The larger reel spool diameter is excellent for reeling up the slack quickly and keeping the hook set. Shift Centerpin Reels are just as great for experienced anglers as they are for those just getting into float fishing.
Rapala Classic Drifter Centerpin Reel
The Rapala Classic Drifter Centerpin Reel is designed with a classic look and feel, yet comes with the performance of a modern reel. This reel is constructed of fully CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum for excellent strength and durability. The Classic Drifter is a lightweight, smooth reel that out-performs more expensive reels. For the price, this reel cannot be beat.
Raven T-Series Centerpin Float Reels
The Raven T-Series Centerpin Float Reels offer a great combination of quality, strength, balance and design. These reels are one of the smoothest running reels on the market thanks to their exclusive bearing housing that is machined to the highest standards. The bearings and the housing both feature thermal expansion so is will perform the same no matter what temperature it is outside. The Raven T-Series Centerpin Float Reels have a drag system that is machined directly into the backplate so the...
$399.95 - $429.95
Islander Searun Centerpin Float Reels
The Islander Searun Centerpin Float Reel comes in a quality neoprene carrying pouch to be able to transport or store this reel safely. The Islander Searun Centerpin Float Reel is manufactured on a stainless steel spindle with 2 ABEC 3 stainless steel ball bearings and has a Sliver Satin anodized finish. The Islander Searun Centerpin Float Reel is not convertible and made for left hand retrieval. It has a flip lever built into the frame to switch easily from free spool to a light click drag and i...
Okuma Raw-II 1002 Centerpin Float Reel
The Okuma Raw-II 1002 Centerpin Float Reel features precision 6061-T6 machined aluminum construction combined with Okuma's CRC corrosion resistant coating process, creating a reel that will perform and look good for many seasons to come. The Raw-II 1002 Centerpin Float Reel is outfitted with two premium, German stainless steel ball bearings. The Raw-II 1002 Centerpin Float Reel is designed with a fully ported design to lighten the overall weight. The type-II, two tone anodized spool and frame i...
Raven Matrix Centerpin Reels
Raven Matrix Centerpin Reels are the ultimate weapons for float fishing. They allow for the smoothest and most controlled float presentation possible. The sleek, ergonomic design of the MATRIX float reel offers incredible value. Blending great performance with cutting edge design.
$189.95 - $319.95
Islander Steelheader Centerpin Float Reels
Smooth is the only way to describe the Islander Steelheader Centerpin Float Reel. Just grab the handle and spin the spool. You'd swear it was powered by batteries. No batteries, just precision machining, bearings and balance. The Islander Steelheader, with its mirror like centre-pin screw to its flawless finish, performs as good as it looks.
Okuma Aventa VT-1002 Centerpin Reel
The Okuma Aventa Centerpin Float Reelis a great entry level centerpin reel that offers quality construction at an affordable price. The Aventa features a 4.5" spool diameter making it the perfect size for trout and steelhead applications. Features of the VT-1002 Centerpin Reel include a precision machined aluminum one-piece frame and spool, a stainless steel shaft, two stainless steel ball bearings, a ported spool with exposed rim for easy control and an on-off ratchet clicker.