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Pflueger Trion Spinning Reels
Pflueger Trion Spinning Reels offer a lightweight body and rotor with stainless steel ball bearings that blend strength and smoothness for a reel that is sure not to disappoint. It offers a standard spool that is made from strong, dependable aluminum that will not fail under stress and a soft touch knob that provides superior ergonomics and tactile grip.
$29.95 - $39.95
Pflueger Purist Spinning Reels
Pflueger Purist Spinning Reels feature a Hybrid Body System that incorporates aluminum and graphite. Purist Spinning Reels are equipped with 9 stainless steel bearings, an On/Off instant anti-reverse bearing, and a Sure-click bail. Pflueger Purist Spinning Reels are available in models 1325X, 1330X, 1335X, 1340X.
Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reels
Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reels feature a full magnesium body, rotor, and sideplate and a lightweight double anodized aluminum spool for durability. Patriarch Spinning Reels also feature nine stainless steel ball bearings and one anti-reverse roller bearing with corrosion-resistant XCR bearings in key locations to provide smooth casts and retrieves. Pflueger Patriarch Spinning Reels are great for both freshwater and saltwater environments.
Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reels
Pflueger Supreme XT Spinning Reels were designed to be extremely lightweight compared to other reels in their class. A carbon inlay drag design is Pflueger’s lightest drag design yet, with an extremely compact knob design. These reels feature a full magnesium body and rotor design and a ported, machined and double anodized aluminum spool for weight reduction without sacrificing durability. Pflueger's Sure-click bail design gives an audible signal when the bail is fully opened and ready to cast. ...
Pflueger President Fly Reels
Pflueger President Fly Reels feature a large arbor design for fast retrieves when playing large fish. These top-quality machined fly reels feature a fully ported frame and spool to keep weight at a minimum while keeping strength at the maximum. The President Fly Reels compliment modern fly rod design and balance well with even the lightest rods. The strong, center disc drag system easily adjusts to a wide range of fish fighting settings while the 2 bearing drive ensures the smoothest operation.
$169.95 - $179.95
Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reels
Designed to handle todays superlines, the Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reels are a new way of thinking about traditional spinning reels. Whether an angler decides to use monofilament, fluorocarbon or braided lines, the Arbor’s "large arbor" design is perfectly suited to the unique demands that these lines place on a reel. The "large arbor" design advantage is the combination of the larger spool diameter and the short oscillation stroke.
$79.95 - $89.95
Pflueger President Spinning Reels
Pflueger President Spinning Reels feature full reinforced graphite bodies and ported machined aluminum spools for light weight and durability. The President also features 9 stainless steel ball bearings (6920 has 6 ball bearings) and one anti-reverse roller bearing making this reel as smooth as reels costing much more. Pflueger's Sure-Click bail design gives an audible signal when the bail is opened and ready to cast while the anti-twist titanium line roller evenly lays line on the spool.
$49.95 - $59.95
Pflueger Trion Fly Reels
Pflueger Trion Fly Reels sets the standard for affordable, top-quality machined fly reels. These reels are mid-arbor designed and are extensively ported to reduce weight. Trion fly reels are beautifully machined and come with a protective cordura case.