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Quantum Fire Spinning Reels
The Quantum Fire Spinning Reels are high quality, durable reels that have a lightweight composite body and carbon fiber inserts. These reels have a solid brass pinion gear, a double anodized aluminum spool, and a fully machined collapsible handle with EVA knobs. The Quantum Fire Spinning Reels have a multi-stack drag system and continuous anti-reverse. You will be amazed that Quantum can offer such a high quality reel at such an affordable price. The Quantum Fire Spinning Reels are backed by a 1...
Quantum Ultrex Casting Reels
The Quantum Ultrex Baitcasting Reel features a lightweight graphite frame and sideplate, DynaMag externally adjustable magnetic cast control, and continuous anti-reverse. This Ultrex Reel is an affordable reel with a smooth operation and high performance. The Quantum Ultrex Baitcasting Reel also features a 1 ball bearing plus 1 rolling bearing system and a 6.3:1 gear ratio. Available in right or left hand retrieve.
Quantum Xtralite XTR Spinning Reel
The Quantum Xtralite XTR Spinning Reel features a smoked aluminum spool and graphite side cover and frame. This reel is lightweight and affordable, while providing solid performance for ultralight and ice fishing techniques.
Quantum EXO PTi Spinning Reels
Quantum EXO PTi Spinning Reels feature Quantum's “Metal Where It Matters” design. The thinking behind the exoskeletal hybrid construction combines a special, ultra-rigid aluminum alloy in load bearing areas with a lightweight composite that reduces weight in non-critical locations by 50%. This design creates the lightest possible frame with absolutely no sacrifice in strength. In fact, the EXO PTi Spinning Reels frame is 38% stronger than magnesium and 6 times stronger than graphite composite. A...
$199.95 - $209.95
Quantum EXO PT Spinning Rods
Quantum EXO PT Spinning Rods deliver exceptional sensitivity and performance utilizing their lightweight EX4 carbon blanks without sacrificing durability. All actions weigh in at less than 4 ounces, ranging for 3.17 to 3.89 ounces. The Quantum EXO PT Spinning Rods are available in four models sure to meet the needs of serious anglers. The Fugi stainless steel micro guides with Alconite inserts reduce weight by nearly 84%, increasing both castability and sensitivity. The Fuji reel seats are 54% l...
Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Lubricant
Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Lubricant bonds molecularly with metal surfaces forming a permanent lubrication layer that will not wash away. This unique low viscosity formulation produces low-friction rotation and movement of parts, prevents breakdown under extreme heat and load, and protects from corrosion in freshwater and saltwater environments. Extensive testing shows that Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Lubricant improves spool speeds which extends casting distances while extending the overall life of the ...
Quantum Q-Vex Spinning Reels
Quantum Q-Vex Spinning Reels were designed to provide anglers with high performance reels at a great price. These reels feature lightweight graphite composite bodies, 10 bearing systems, solid continuous anti-reverse for positive hooksets and powerful front drags. The sleek look and multitude of features the QVex reels provide equal that of spinning reels costing much more. Quantum Q-Vex Spinning Reels are destined to become your favorite reel. Available in four sizes.