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Wapsi Natural Fur Dubbing
1 Review
The Natural Fur Dubbing from Wapsi is a collection of the hard to find 100% pure natural dubbing. The dubbing such as beaver, mink and muskrat work great for dry flies due to being naturally water repellant. Natural Fur can be used to make excellent "buggy" looking nymphs. Available in 14 colors. Natural Fur Dubbing.
Natural Fur Dispenser (DDLNB1)
The Natural Fur Dispenser is a collection of 12 of the hard to find natural fur dubbings. This dispenser contains a fantastic range of 100% natural dubbings. The Mink, Beaver and Muskrat work great for dry flies while the others make excellent "buggy" looking nymphs. The snap close lid is labeled as to which dubbing is in each compartment. The Natural Fur Dispenser contains the following colors: Coyote Mask, Camel, Australian Opossum, Fox Squirrel, Gray Squirrel, Pine Squirrel, Mink, Beaver, Mu...
Wapsi Sculpin Wool
Wapsi Sculpin Wool is a versatile material that is a key ingredient in several different patterns including streamers, saltwater flies and crayfish patterns. Sculpin Wool is often used to replace spun deer hair on certain patterns because it sinks quickly. This material is very durable and easy to tie with. Sculpin Wool is a soft material, offering lots of movement in the water. Available in 11 colors.
Rabbit Zonker Cross-Cut Strips
5 Reviews
The Rabbit Zonker Cross-Cut Strips are great for tying flies such as bunny leeches and carcass patterns. These are used for a variety of freshwater and saltwater flies. These are cut so that the fur angles back when wrapped around the hook shank unlike standard zonker strips. We stock the Rabbit Zonker Cross-Cut Strips in 1/8" wide size. There is approximately three feet of rabbit zonkers in each package. Available in 10 colors.
Comparadun Hair
2 Reviews
Comparadun Hair is select, superfine deer hair perfect for tying comparadun wings and small caddis fly patterns. This short, straight hair has the correct texture and length for tying small flies and it won't flare when forming wings.
Hare's Mask
1 Review
The Hare's Mask is an essential item on any fly tiers table. Use the ear hair for the popular "Hare's Ear Nymph" or trim the hair and mix to create your own dubbing. The soft under fur and longer, stiffer guard hairs make great buggy looking nymphs.
Coastal Deer Hair
The coastal deer hair is a shorter and denser hair that is ideally suited for tying hairwing patterns as it won't flare wildly when forming the wings. The coastal deer hair is used to make small caddis, comparaduns, and flies in the tiny size range. The coastal deer hair comes one piece per package. Each piece measures approximately 2 1/2" x 2 1/2". We carry the coastal deer hair in five colors.
Elk Body Hair
3 Reviews
Elk Body hair is used to tie many dry fly patterns, including the well known Elk Hair Caddis. It is also a good material for Wulffs, Stimulators, hoppers, caddis and other hair wing patterns. This hair is fine tipped, and doesn't flair much when tied onto the hook. We offer Elk Body Hair in four shades. Each package contains about four square inches.
Calf Body Hair
Calf body hair is used on many dry fly and attractor patterns, most notably the Wulff series of dry flies. This hair is a slightly off white, straight and has little under fur. It stacks very well in order to even the tips. There ia approximately four square inches in a package.
Wapsi All Purpose Rabbit Dubbing
1 Review
Wapsi All Purpose Rabbit Dubbing is the bread and butter of natural, easily applied dubbing materials. Wapsi All Purpose Rabbit Dubbing is great for dry flies, wet flies, and nymphs. This product is medium fine in texture with longer hairs, making it easier to apply. Wapsi All Purpose Rabbit Dubbing is dyed and processed in the Wapsi facility in Mountain Home, Arkansas. We have a variety of colors, dyed and natural, that imitate an array of trout stream insects. Wapsi All Purpose Rabbit Dubbing ...
Wapsi Beaver Dubbing - 100% Natural
2 Reviews
Wapsi Beaver Dubbing is the answer to a natural, easily applied, dry fly dubbing. This product is fine in texture and can be used without dubbing wax. We have dyed, hatch-matching colors that will imitate a variety of trout steam naturals. Wapsi's original dubbings were available only in natural colors and either on the skin or in loose form. Through years of collecting information from friends and customers across the fly fishing world, Wapsi has assembled the best and most famous of colors ava...
12 Reviews
Bucktails are a staple tying material, used for the Bucktail Streamer, Clouser Minnow's, and other popular patterns. These tails are dyed very nice colors and have relatively straight fibers. These are premium bucktails in natural and dyed colors. Each package contains either 12 inch full bucktails or smaller pieces. Bucktails are made in the U.S.A.
$1.95 - $5.25
Rabbit Zonker Strips
18 Reviews
Rabbit Zonker Strips are used for a variety of freshwater and saltwater flies. Each package contains approximately three feet of rabbit zonkers, 1/8 inches wide. Rabbit Zonker Strips are made in the U.S.A.