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Mustad Hage-Aurora Sabiki Rigs
Mustad Hage-Aurora Sabiki Rigs feature genuine Japanese Hage-Aurora fish skin to provide a natural, lifelike texture and action. These rigs are hand-tied on six ultra-sharp, ultra-strong, premium UltraPoint hooks. The visibility and attraction of these Hage-Aurora Sabiki Rigs are enhanced with glow painted hooks. Features of Mustad Hage-Aurora Sabiki Rigs include 13 lb. main line, 7 lb. branch line, and 6 premium UltraPoint hooks.
Lindy Lil Guy Lures
The Lindy Lil Guy Lures are specifically engineered to run true with a side-to-side wobble, similar to that of a crankbait. These lures feature a 36" (hand tied) leader of 14 lb. fluorocarbon line with two size 2 octopus hooks. The Lindy Lil Guy Lures are an excellent choice for trolling, as well as drifting for walleye. The Lindy Lil Guy Lures are available in a variety of holographic colors with red 3D eyes. Each lure also comes with a keeper disc for easy rigging and storage.
Invisible Minnow Rig
Invisible Minnow Rigs are the best way to cast or troll with a minnow. The Invisible Minnow Rig securely holds the minnow in place so it will not tear off or curl, providing the best presentation. The Invisible Minnow Rig places the hook toward the rear of the minnow, hooking those short striking fish. The Invisible Minnow Rig works effectively with minnows up to 3" in length.
Mason Crappie Rigs
The Mason Crappie Rigs feature two 2 3/4 inch, free-swinging extension arms to keep hooks clear of leader. Each rig has fluorescent beads, a stainless steel snap and nickel-plated brass swivel. The Mason Crappie Rigs feature two gold Aberdeen snelled hooks on 6 inch leaders with loops for easy connecting. Each package contains 1 Mason Crappie Rig. Available in sizes 8, 6, 4 and 2.
ESP Hair Rig Stop
ESP Hair Rig Stops are designed for use with carp hair rigs and baits. These size small stops easily fit into the smallest hair loops and the dumbbell shape keeps them in place. We carry the ESP Hair Rig Stop in size small (6mm). Each package contains 200 stops.
Berkley Indiana Blade Assortment
The Berkley Indiana Blade Assortment includes six size 4 Indiana blades. These spinner blades are popular for use with crawler and minnow harness used for trolling and drifting for walleye. Includes 1 each of the following colors: Hammered Silver blade (Silver back), Hammered Gold blade (Gold back), Firetiger blade (Chartreuse back), Flo. Orange/Black Stripe blade (Flo. Orange back), Chartreuse/Black Stripe blade (Chartreuse back) and Glow/Black Stripe blade (Glow back).
Berkley Crawler/Minnow Harness Floats
Berkley Crawler/Minnow Harness Floats are popular for use with crawler and minnow harnesses used for trolling and drifting for walleye. Each package includes 15 Flo. Orange/White floats. Each float measures approximately 9/16". The Berkley Crawler/Minnow Harness Floats are Berkley part number WCFLT.
Erie Dearie Elite Series Lures
Erie Dearie Elites Series Lures take the original Erie Dearie design and adds a realistic fish scale finish over a new holographic finished bodies. 3-D eyes are added to come up with this unique, eye-catching lure. While there are now dozens of imitations on the market, they do not come close to the real thing for effectiveness. So, if it does not say Erie Dearie on the blade, why settle for anything less, when you can fish with the best? Fish know the difference and you will too, when you stock...
Erie Dearie Original Lures
Shop Erie Dearie Original Lures at FishUSA. Find top brands, best prices, and great service at America's Tackle Shop.
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