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MarCum Universal Charger
The MarCum Universal Charger is a great replacement charger for any of the MarCum powered units. Whether it be due to general wear and tear or other damages, sometimes chargers need replacing.
MarCum ShowDown Charger
The MarCum ShowDown Charger is a great replacement charger for the Marcum ShowDown units (sold separately). Whether it be due to every day use or small accidents, sometimes chargers need replacing.
MarCum PanCam Charger
The Marcum PanCam Charger is a great replacement charger for the Marcum Pancam camera (sold separately). This charger offers proper balance charging to fully maximize the life of your batteries. It has a fast charging rate to get you going quickly! Whether it be general wear and tear or "hey it was dark, I didn't see it", sometimes chargers need replacing.
Cannon Rod Holder Cap
The Cannon Rod Holder Cap is a replacement end cap for a Cannon rod holder.
Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy
The Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy features four water contact sensors that provide water-activated, automatic turn on. This buoy can run 60 hour on two replaceable AA batteries (not included). The two LED blubs are super bright and can easily be seen from a distance. An internal on/off switch allows you to switch the lights off during daytime use to preserve battery life. The Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy is designed to be perfectly balanced and compact. Each package contains one marker buoy and a 50...
Moor Electronics Sub-Troll 900
Moor Electronics Sub-Troll 900 is a proven design, developed over 20 years, which displays true speed and temperature at the lure. This accurate system allows you to find temperature breaks and maintain a constant speed at your lure, giving you control over the action and triggering more strikes.
Scotty Replacement Downrigger Handle
The Scotty Replacement Downrigger Handle is an great repair part for Scotty manual downriggers. This handle is constructed of durable material and comes with a bolt and sleeve. Keep your Scotty downrigger working and looking like new with quality replacement parts. Each package contains one handle with bolt and sleeve.
MarCum VS485C Underwater Viewing System
The MarCum VS485C Underwater Viewing System is unmatched by other ice fishing camera systems that are available today. It offers a 7" widescreen flat panel Hi-Res (800 x 400 px.) monitor with switchable color or black and white video output, an industry best Sony Super HAD II CCD 1/3" Image Sensor OL Lux camera, and a 50 ft. camera cable. The MarCum VS485C Underwater Viewing System includes a soft pack shuttle, a sun shield, a 12-volt 7-amp re-chargeable battery, a 3-stage battery charger, and a...
Water Wolf Underwater HD Camera
The WaterWolf Underwater HD Camera is waterproof to 300 feet in depth and will record high resolution (1280 x 720p) color video at 30 frames per second. This little camera will record up to 4 hours on a single charge and fill a 16 gb Micro SD card (not included). This unit will also accept a 2 - 32 gb Micro SD card. To use the WaterWolf Underwater HD Camera, tie it directly within the mainline or leader about 3 feet in front of the lure or bait. Then just turn it on and go fishing. This camera s...
Scotty Gear Head Mount
The Scotty Gear Head Mount gives you the ability to secure and reposition your rod holder with just the twist of a knob. The drop and lock system goes from free moving to locked and secure with a simple twist. The Scotty Gear Head Mount can be used with a Scotty Adjustable Rod Holder Extender for quick and easy customization of your rod holder set-up.
Scotty Terminal Kit
The Scotty Terminal Kit contains 1 swivel hook, 1 stainless steel thimble, 1 soft stop bumper, 3 heavy duty brass connector sleeves, and 3 brass connector sleeves. This kit is universal and can be used with an downrigger.
Scotty Downrigger Weight Retriever
The Scotty Downrigger Weight Retriever allows you to safely and easily pull the downrigger weight into the boat without having to lean out over the side of the boat. The Scotty Downrigger Weight Retriever attaches to the boat with a heavy duty long wearing nylon fairlead. The nylon fairlead is long enough to work with the longer boomed downrigger, it may need cut shorter for shorter booms.
Scotty Adjustable Rod Holder Extender
The Scotty Adjustable Rod Holder Extender allows you to position your Scotty rod holder into the exact location that works best for you. This extender allows you to increase the height of your rod holder by up to 6.5". This rod holder extension also allows you to adjust the angle of the rod holder at two different points. The Scotty Adjustable Rod Holder Extender can also be used with any previous Scotty downrigger boom mounted rod holder. This extender is constructed of durable re-enforced nylo...
Scotty Rod Holder Height Extender
The Scotty Rod Holder Height Extender makes it easier to get to your rod, by extending the height of the rod holder by 6.5". The height extender also provides added clearance over the gunnels of smaller boats, where the rod holder may not be mounted right to the gunnel. This extender is made from durable re-enforced nylon and works with Scotty post mount rod holders (except the #240 Striker model).
Bert's Custom Tackle Tool Holder
The Bert's Custom Tackle Tool Holder has been redesigned with stronger materials and better cosmetics. This tool holder will keep your pliers, lures, and other tools close at hand. The Bert's Tool Holder is designed to fit into Bert's Track System (sold separately). This Bert's Tool Holder comes with a Black top and a stainless steel base.
Bert's Custom Tackle Budget Cup Holder
The Bert's Custom Tackle Budget Cup Holder will keep your drink close at hand and steady. This Bert's Cup Holder can also be used as a catch-all for jigs, lures, and bait. The Bert's Custom Tackle cup holder is designed to fit into Bert's Track System (sold separately).
Cannon Digi-Troll Transducer
The Cannon Digi-Troll Transducer provides bottom tracking ability to Digi-Troll downriggers. Network up to six downriggers to troll at set distances from the bottom through this single transducer. Make your trolling more effective. Cannon part number 1491072.
Amish Outfitters Plastic Planer Boards
The Kittrick Amish Outfitters Plastic Planer Boards pull harder than other traditional planer boards. These boards run with about 1" of the board above the water and will not dive or jump. The Kittrick Plastic Planer Boards track true and perform in even rough waters. We highly recommended that these boards be used with the Kittrick Spectra 500 lb. Planer Board Line as standard 200 lb. dacron planer board will not hold these boards in a chop. These planer boards are sold in pairs, one port and o...
Berkley Marker Buoy
The Berkley Marker Buoy allows you to mark fishing spots or trouble areas. These bright orange buoys have a classic dumbbell shape. A six ounce anchor weight is included, along with 75 feet of line. This marker buoy features durable plastic construction.
Chamberlain Downrigger Release
The Chamberlain Downrigger Release from Northern Strike features easy to use vertical and horizontal adjustments for precision settings no matter what species your fishing for. Tension is adjustable from 0 to 4.5 lbs. and the use of magnetics on the horizontal adjustment assures a fluid and accurate release. The precison design of the Chamberlain Downrigger Release minimizes false releases and is small fish friendly.
Humminbird ICE 55 Ice Flasher
The Humminbird ICE 55 Ice Flasher carries revolutionary features built and designed for the diehard ice fisherman. The ICE 55 Ice Flasher feature a fiber-optic flasher display and a patent-pending backlit LCD for exceptional performance in any level of light, making this flasher easy to use on those blinding, sunny winter days. The 6-color display has an overlay depth scale for easy interpretation. The LCD shows a depth scale and large number readouts for exact depth marks.
Cannon Tab Lock Base
Tough and durable, Cannon mounts provide a variety of convenient ways to mount downriggers for flexibility and efficient trolling patterns. The Cannon Tab Lock Base is designed for small-body downriggers, including the Sport-Troll, Easi-Troll and Mini-Mag. Features a lip on 3 sides into which the downrigger slides, plus a locking tab. The 4 predrilled mounting holes measure 2.5" apart on center. This base is Cannon part number 3778901. Mounting hardware is not included.
Cannon Terminator Kit
Cannon's downrigger terminatior kit terminates the downrigger to ball end for 6 downriggers, and work on any make of downrigger. This kit includes: 6 crimpless snap-on terminators, 6 snap-on swivels and 6 cushion tops.
Cannon Deck Plate
Made from solid aluminum, this deck plate is drilled and tapped to fit only Cannon swivel bases, standard bases and pedestals. Measures 6" x 5" x 1/2"(screws not included)
Cannon Downrigger Cover
The Cannon Downrigger Cover gives added protection to your downrigger. The soft, non-abrasive interior lining will not scratch the finish and Velcro fasteners allow for secure, protective fit. Black in color. Cannon part number 1903030. Please note that this downrigger cover will only fit 2011 and newer Cannon large bodied downriggers.
Big Jon Manual Planer Reel
The Big Jon Manual Planer Reel is a great way to add planer board capabilities to your boat without a mast.
Cannon Retro-Ease Weight Retriever
The Retro-Ease Weight Retriever makes leaning over the side of your boat or swinging your downrigger's long boom in to change lures or work on lines obsolete. The Retro-Ease comes complete with a pulley. It fits all downriggers with booms up to 8 feet long.
Vexilar Flex Light
The Flexlight II features a high intensity LED which gives off a bright, white light. The Flexlight attaches to Vexilar Ultra Packs, Pro Packs and Genz Packs to illuminate the screen and near by area when using your flasher at night. The Flexlight II includes a wing nut for attaching the to the base unit. This super bright LED flashlight with adjustable beam angle is powered by a single AA battery (not included) and easily attaches to any Vexilar Genz Pack, Pro Pack or Ultra Pack.
Pro-Troll Black Box
The Pro Troll Black Box is a device used with a downrigger to place a very small electrical charge on a downrigger cable. Many species of fish are attracted to this charge including salmon, trout, halibut, sturgeon, shark and many others. The latest computer chip technology has allowed construction of a Black Box that has superior operating features but is substantially lower in cost than any other unit on the market.
Berkley Boat Rod Holder
The Berkley Boat Rod Holder (BRH) is the perfect accessory for those fishermen needing a simple, quick and easy solution for holding their fishing rods while the boat is anchored. This rod holder is made of corrosion proof, durable polyproplyene, and is fully adjustable horizontally and vertically. A rotating locking ring securely holds the rod in place. You will need mounting screws to affix this to your boat.