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Frabill Ice Dipper
The Frabill Ice Dipper serves many purposes with its long handle. It has an engraved ruler on the handle, so you have one less thing to haul out on the ice. You can measure that trophy fish with the same tool that you used to scoop the slush and ice out of your fishing hole. The long handle even helps to prevent stress on your back!
Frabill Bro Series Ice Spinning Reels
Frabill Bro Series Ice Spinning Reels were designed with the help of ice fishing guru Brian "Bro" Brosdahl. Every feature of these reel consider the unique demands of ice fishing. The reel comes with two spools for specific applications.
Raven Bait Thread
Raven Bait Thread is made of high quality elastic and comes in an easy-to-use plastic dispenser. This thread is great for tying bait sacs, roe bags, or for simply keeping your bait on the hook. Just wrap Raven Bait Thread around several times and break the thread off. So simple, you don't even need to tie a knot. Each package contains 325 feet of thread in a plastic dispenser.
Shimano Catana FC Spinning Reels
Shimano Catana FC Spinning Reels utilize leading technologies to meet the needs of anglers, but remain affordable. Dyna-Balance enhances sensitivity and smoothness, plus a Propulsion Line Management System reduces friction and increases casting distance. The XT7 body construction and aluminum spool keep these reels lightweight, yet durable. Shimano Catana Spinning Reels offer performance and value in one great package.
$49.95 - $59.95
Rapala Metal Stringer
The Rapala Metal Stringer is constructed of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a vinyl-coating. This stringer features solid brass sliding sleeves and swivels with nine sliding clasps and two end clasps. The Rapala Metal Stringer is a great way to keep your catch in the water while you continue fishing. This stringer is five and one-half feet in length. Each package contains one stringer.
Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy
The Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy features four water contact sensors that provide water-activated, automatic turn on. This buoy can run 60 hour on two replaceable AA batteries (not included). The two LED blubs are super bright and can easily be seen from a distance. An internal on/off switch allows you to switch the lights off during daytime use to preserve battery life. The Rapala Lighted Marker Buoy is designed to be perfectly balanced and compact. Each package contains one marker buoy and a 50...
Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool
Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool is a trusty sidekick, that combines all the commonly needed tools any angler needs. The die-cast metal frame proves this tool is sure to be a staple in your tackle box for years to come. Rapala Fisherman's Multi-Tool fits securely in your hand or can be fastened to your belt loop by the carabiner clip.
VMC Duolock Snaps
VMC Duolock Snaps are versatile and easy to use. These snaps can be open at two positions to connect leaders and lures. The stainless steel construction means these snaps are built to be strong and durable. VMC Duolock Snaps feature a black nickel finish.
VMC Split Rings
VMC Split Rings feature a stainless steel construction with a black nickel finish. These split rings are made to be durable and long-lasting. Tapered ends help to reduce line abrasion. VMC Split Rings come in a wide variety of sizes to fit any lure or application.
Rapala Concept Centerpin Reel
The Rapala Concept Centerpin Reel is an ultra smooth, super lightweight centerpin float reel. This magnificent reel is built with high quality components including premium Japanese bearings, machined reel and spindle, and a corrosion resistant anodized finish. Even better, this reel looks amazing, with its black frame, frosted silver reel, and red highlighted knobs. The Rapala Concept Centerpin Reel offers superior style while providing flawless performance.
FishUSA Logo Stickers
FishUSA Logo Stickers are a great way to represent your favorite tackle shop. Grab one of these to throw on your tackle box, vehicle, kayak or boat. Add one of these stickers to anything to show your friends where you got all the most awesome fishing equipment!
$0.50 - $0.75
Gamma Copolymer Line
Gamma Copolymer Line has low coil memory which helps it to cast long distances with accuracy. This line is abrasion resistant with a high breaking strength that stands up to tough conditions. Gamma Copolymer Line goes the distance when performance is key.
$8.95 - $15.95
Berkley Split Ring Pliers
Berkley Split Ring Pliers are great for a variety of uses on and off the water. Berkley Split Ring Pliers come with a slim needle nose to fit into the tightest spots, a split ring tool and split shot crimper, and a side cutting component for hooks and wire. Berkley Split Ring Pliers are built with a double leaf spring for smooth operation and comfort non-slip grips to help keep the pliers steady. Berkley Split Ring Pliers include a belt-loop sheath to keep them close and secure. Berkley Split Ri...
SpiderWire EZ Monofilament Line
SpiderWire EZ Monofilament Line is an excellent multi-purpose line that is smooth and easy to cast. This line utilizes a co-polymer monofilament formula for strength and reliability. SpiderWire EZ Mono is a well-balanced line with a controlled stretch for extreme castability and sensitivity.
$4.95 - $5.95
Berkley Big Game Braid
Berkley Big Game Braid is made with Dyneema for superior strength and sensitivity. This braided line is excellent to use for a variety of fishing applications, such as for backing, trolling, deep water jigging, or live bait fishing. Berkley Big Game Braid is ultra-sensitive with no stretch allowing you to feel each and every strike for quick, positive hooksets.
$24.95 - $31.95
Bear Paw Electric Fish Scaler Cable
The Bear Paw Electric Fish Scaler Cable is a replacement cable for the Bear Paw Electric Fish Scaler (sold separately). This The Bear Paw Electric Fish Scaler Cable connects to the Electric Fish Scaler to offer a fast, clean, and safe way to scale fish. The scales deflect of to the side so you stay cleaner, plus the Bear Paw Electric Fish Scaler Cable is self-oiling and rust-resistant. The Bear Paw Electric Fish Scaler Cable is made in the U.S.A.
Bear Paw Electric Fish Scaler
The Bear Paw Electric Fish Scaler lifts scales fast and easy for a quick cleaning job. This model is built to be rugged with a strong electric motor. The well designed scaler makes for quick work while resisting saltwater and rust so it stands up to the job. The Bear Paw Electric Scaler deflects scales downward which makes it completely safe and easy on your hands. The Bear Paw Electric Scaler features a hard Teflon coating that creates easy clean up.
Bear Paw Electric Drill Fish Scaler
The Bear Paw Electric Drill Fish Scaler connects to any electric drill to offer a fast and safe way to scale fish. This scaler is self-oiling and rust-resistant. The scales deflect off to the side so you stay cleaner, plus the Bear Paw Electric Drill Fish Scaler is easy to keep clean. Each package contains one scaler. The Bear Paw Electric Drill Fish Scaler is made in the U.S.A.
Thomas Whirlfish
Thomas Whirlfish lures are designed with a whirling action that creates flash and vibration while moving through the water. These lures mimic a fleeing baitfish, making them deadly on trout, salmon, bass, walleye, panfish, and other gamefish. Whether fishing on lakes, streams, or rivers, Thomas Whirlfish lures will provide you with many hours of fish-catching enjoyment. Each package contains one lure. Thomas Whirlfish are made in the U.S.A.
Okuma Universal Reel Grease
Okuma Universal Reel Grease will help reduce gear train friction for easier cranking and exceptionally smooth drag performance. This grease is fortified with PTFE and polymers for superior heat and wear resistance. Okuma Universal Reel Grease is made in the U.S.A.
Okuma Reel Maintenance Kit
The Okuma Reel Maintenance Kit gives you a jar of universal reel grease and a tube of Corrosion X Heavy Duty. This kit was put together to provide maximum protection against moisture intrusion that results in rust and corrosion. The Corrosion X HD forms a dripless, dynamic, non-hardening, self healing film that resists corrosion from splash, spray, or complete submersion in salt water. It will also slowly break down existing rust and corrosion, remove moisture, and stop electrolysis. Okuma Reel ...
Jiffy Replacement Fuel Cap
The Jiffy Replacement Fuel Cap works for all Jiffy series engines, except the Tecumseh engines.
Siberian Supreme Salmon Eggs
Siberian Supreme Salmon Eggs are processed with Siberian's specialized sugar curing formula and have a soft center that gives off a milking action to draw in more trout. These eggs are ideal for use in lakes and slower moving waters. The Siberian Supreme Salmon Eggs come in a 1.1 oz. jar and contains approximately 120 eggs.
Frabill Mouth Spreaders
Frabill Mouth Spreaders are ideal for opening trophy walleye and large northern pike's mouths. They are made of steel for added strengt and durability.
$2.25 - $2.75
ION Ice Auger Extensions
The ION Ice Auger Extensions allow you to gain drilling depth during thick ice conditions. They are made of fully welded steel and have an ION green powder-coated finish. These extensions come with all the mounting hardware needed to install.
Jiffy 4 Cycle Synthetic Engine Oil
The Jiffy 4 Cycle Synthetic Engine Oil is a premium 0W - 40 engine oil. The 3 oz. bottle is for use with the Jiffy Pro4 Lite and the Jiffy 4G Lite. The 6 oz. bottle is for the Jiffy Pro 4 and the Jiffy 4G ice augers.
$5.75 - $6.45
Jiffy 2 Cycle Engine Oil
The Jiffy 2 Cycle Engine Oil is a premium 40:1 smokeless synthetic blended engine oil with added fuel stabilizer to keep out moisture. This oil reduces emissions and can be used with all brands of 2-cycle ice drills.
Rapala Retractable Mega Scoop
The Rapala Retractable Mega Scoop was designed with a large scoop to remove a maximum amount of slush and extends from 15" to 34" to eliminate having to bend over while scooping.
Rapala Ice Safety Picks
Rapala Ice Safety Picks are for self rescue in the event of an ice break through. Spike tips feature hardened steel construction and contoured finger grip handles are molded from durable polymer.
StrikeMaster Electric Ice Drill Adapter
The StrikeMaster Electric Ice Drill Adapter connects any 4 in. - 8 in. Strikemaster Mora and Lazer hand augers with an electric hand drill. It is one solid piece and made out of stainless steel. The StrikeMaster Electric Ice Drill Adapter is only to be used with a 18 volt or higher power drill. Please note: The drill and the auger in the image are for demonstration purposes only and are not included.
Berkley Floating Dehooker
The Berkley Floating Dehooker allows you to safely remove stubborn hooks without the worries of loosing the Dehooker if it gets dropped in the water. It has a soft grip handle that is buoyant and a lanyard to keep it secure.
Rapala R-Type Centerpin Reel
The Rapala R-Type Centerpin Reel is a perfectly balanced and smooth running reel at an affordable price. These reels are constructed of fully CNC machined aluminum and equipped with ABEC-5 Japanese bearings. The R-Type Centerpin Reel is lightweight and very quiet. Plus, easily remove the spool for streamside cleaning - no tools necessary.
Rapala Shift Centerpin Reels
Rapala Shift Centerpin Reels are extremely well-balanced and smooth running thanks to the off-set reel foot design and ABEC-7 Japanese bearings. The larger reel spool diameter is excellent for reeling up the slack quickly and keeping the hook set. Shift Centerpin Reels are just as great for experienced anglers as they are for those just getting into float fishing.
Rapala Classic Drifter Centerpin Reel
The Rapala Classic Drifter Centerpin Reel is designed with a classic look and feel, yet comes with the performance of a modern reel. This reel is constructed of fully CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum for excellent strength and durability. The Classic Drifter is a lightweight, smooth reel that out-performs more expensive reels. For the price, this reel cannot be beat.
Simms Wading Staff
The Simms Wading Staff is a great piece of fishing safety gear. This handy staff will help prevent falls when wading slippery streams, fast river currents or hiking trails. This staff breaks down to fit in the convenient neoprene holster and easily attaches to any wading belt with a built-in quick release buckle strap and retractor. The Simms Wading Staff features anodized aluminum construction with an inner coated steel cable that secures the sections together. The top section features 7075 bar...
Water Wolf Underwater HD Camera
The WaterWolf Underwater HD Camera is waterproof to 300 feet in depth and will record high resolution (1280 x 720p) color video at 30 frames per second. This little camera will record up to 4 hours on a single charge and fill a 16 gb Micro SD card (not included). This unit will also accept a 2 - 32 gb Micro SD card. To use the WaterWolf Underwater HD Camera, tie it directly within the mainline or leader about 3 feet in front of the lure or bait. Then just turn it on and go fishing. This camera s...
Berkley Cross-Lok Snap Swivels
Berkley Cross-Lok Snap Swivels provide smooth rotating, precision swivels to keeps baits from twisting line. These snap swivels feature durable construction and a non-glare matte black finish. The Cross-Lok closure provides an easy to use, yet stable connection for baits, leaders and other terminal tackle. Each package contains 3 snap swivels.
Mustad Hage-Aurora Sabiki Rigs
Mustad Hage-Aurora Sabiki Rigs feature genuine Japanese Hage-Aurora fish skin to provide a natural, lifelike texture and action. These rigs are hand-tied on six ultra-sharp, ultra-strong, premium UltraPoint hooks. The visibility and attraction of these Hage-Aurora Sabiki Rigs are enhanced with glow painted hooks. Features of Mustad Hage-Aurora Sabiki Rigs include 13 lb. main line, 7 lb. branch line, and 6 premium UltraPoint hooks.
Bullet Weights Trolling Sinkers
Bullet Weights Trolling Sinkers will take bait rigs down deep into the feeding zone of big gamefish. These weights are made of lead and are cigar shaped. and are approved for saltwater use. The 1 oz. weights come 4 per pack, the 2 and 3 oz. weights come 3 per pack, the 4 oz. weights come 2 per pack, and the 5 oz. weights come 1 per pack.
Leland's Panfish Magnet Jig Heads
Leland's Panfish Magnet Jig Heads can be used as replacement jig heads for Panfish Magnet Lures or used with your favorite bait. These jig heads feature a longer hook than the Trout Magnet jig heads for easier hook removal. The slow, horizontal fall of the Panfish Magnet jig will entice panfish to bite. Panfish Magnet Jig Heads are black, size 8, 1/64 ounce. Each package contains five jig heads. Leland's Panfish Magnet Jig Heads are made in the U.S.A.