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G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Float Spinning Rods
The G. Loomis Steelhead Float Spinning Rods are designed for those anglers who prefer to float fish with spinning reels over casting reels. These rods have the length to get your lure/bait where it
$375.00 - $395.00
G. Loomis IMX Hot Shot Spinning Rods
The G. Loomis IMX Hot Shot Spinning Rods are a great choice when fishing for steelhead, silvers, or smaller salmon. These rods have a light tip that gives you a
$295.00 - $325.00
G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Side Drift Spinning Rods
The G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Side Drift Spinning Rods are lightweight, sensitive and powerful. The G. Loomis IMX Steelhead Side Drift Spinning Rods are designed for side drift boat fishing.
$360.00 - $390.00
G. Loomis Greenwater Series Saltwater Spinning Rods
G. Loomis Greenwater Series Saltwater Spinning Rods are not your normal shallow-water rods, these rods are high performance casting rods designed to fish in the
$225.00 - $435.00
G. Loomis Escape Series Travel Spinning Rods
G. Loomis has redesigned and improved the popular Escape Series Travel Spinning Rods. These rods have similar actions as before though they'll be a little smoother through the ferrule and stronger throughout. The Escape Series feature the same stunning black cherry finish as before in a three-piece, compact travel size making them great companions whether you're going to Alaska for salmon and trout or to an unnamed island for bonefish and tarpon.
$330.00 - $665.00
G. Loomis Trout Series Spinning Rods
The G. Loomis Trout Series Spinning Rods are a specialized series of spinning rods designed specifically for trout fishing. Effective for lake or stream fishing, these rods are made with one objective in mind... to help serious trout anglers become more successful and enjoy their time on the water with the lightest, most sensitive rods available. The entire series features fast tips for the ultimate in control, whether your pitching a spinner, a marabou jig or drifting single eggs.
$225.00 - $465.00
G. Loomis Hot Shot Spinning Rods
G. Loomis designed these rods to pull salmon and steelhead plugs like the infamous Hot Shot (hence the name), and that's still their #1 use. But you'll see anglers casting them for silvers, trolling them for big Kings or drifting bait with them for steelhead. The rods have light to medium tips and magnum-power butt sections, which make them excellent casting tools and even better fish-fighting tools.
G. Loomis Salmon Rods
The G. Loomis Salmon Series Rods are powerful, light, sensitive, and best of all, each one has an action specifically tailored for a technique that puts the chromers in the boat. Trolling, backbouncing, spinners, plugging, hovering, or bank fishing - whatever your favorite technique, Loomis has a Salmon rod for you. Gone are the days of lugging around one big rod and making it work for all your salmon fishing needs. You can measure the difference in pleasure on the water and number of fish in the net.
$280.00 - $415.00
G. Loomis RoaringRiver Dredger GLX Series Two-Handed (Spey) Rods
The G. Loomis RoaringRiver Dredger GLX Series features Loomis's proprietary GLX graphite along with the finest rod components available today. With nickel titanium recoil guides by REC these cast as slick as they look. Exquisitely crafted Portuguese cork handles with a special composite cork end-cap and fore-grip are fitted to our exclusive offset-oval sculptured barrel real seat, each with an ivory style insert engraved with a fly graphic.
$835.00 - $935.00
G. Loomis Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rods
G. Loomis offers some of the finest salmon spinning rods available today. Available in the GL2, GL3, IMX and GLX series, these are rods you can fish the rest of
$240.00 - $455.00