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G. Loomis Cross Current Beach Fly Rods
At 11' 3", the Cross Current Beach Fly Rods are very light in hand, have the guts to punch a cast into the wind and spray, and put a hurt on some serious fish. To cast a fly far, it takes a combination of high line speed and a heavy weight line. Not so easy hour after hour with a single hand rod. Enter the short two hand fly rod. Combining the leverage and power of two hands casting makes overhead casting heavy lines easier and less tiring.
$575.00 - $580.00
G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods
The G. Loomis Cross Current Fly Rods are outstanding fly fishing tools. You might call them "power tools" for the flats. G. Loomis uses "fiber blend technology" to combine the benefits of strength and stiffness of different materials to build a powerful rod for anglers at any level. These sticks are every bit as smooth, powerful and efficient as any fly rod on the market. Blending different materials allows G. Loomis to take advantage of the unique properties of each without overbuilding the bla...
$490.00 - $690.00
G. Loomis Cross Current PRO-1 Fly Rods
If you fish the flats, you're going to want at least one of the Cross Current PRO-1 Fly Rods. For someone who never needs, or for that matter wants, to take the rods apart, these will be a revelation. As you would expect, these rods have an extremely smooth and powerful casting stroke. They also feature the, superlight, nickle-titanium RECOIL stripper and snake guide system. These guides are extremely tough and resilient, providing a noticeable reduction in weight.
$450.00 - $505.00
G. Loomis Cross Current GLX Fly Rods
The Cross Current GLX Fly Rod series is the best series of saltwater fly rods on the market. These rods feature an elegantly designed reel seat that is as distinctive and unique as the fishery and anglers themselves. They also feature the nickle-titanium RECOIL stripper and snake guide system. These guides provide a noticeable reduction in weight. With the ergonomic grip and the exclusive offset-oval sculptured barrel reel seat, these rods are extremely tough but a delight to the eyes as well.
$670.00 - $780.00