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G. Loomis NRX Scandi Two Handed Spey Rods
G. Loomis NRX Scandi Two-Handed Spey Rods are power-house, Scandi-casters dream sticks. Though shorter in stature, these rods pack a punch to handle big lines and big flies. NRX Scandi rods are still amazingly light feeling with far less swing-weight than most 13 or 14-foot, light-action spey rods. NRX Scandi Two-Handed Spey Rods feature a unique resin system that incorporates nano-sized silica particles to increase the bonding surface within the matrix of the graphite fibers, providing incredib...
G. Loomis Stinger GLX Two-Handed (Spey) Rods
The G. Loomis Stinger GLX Two-Handed (Spey) Rods series was originally designed as 3-piece rods, but has been redesigned in 4-piece for improved transportability. G. Loomis also renamed the Stinger GLX. The rod actions remain fast and powerful to help casters create narrow, aerodynamic loops using the underhand dominated casting stroke. Their fast tapers allow you to make overhead casts as long as there is sufficient room for a back cast like on a gravel bar, generating incredible line speeds.
$870.00 - $995.00
G. Loomis RoaringRiver Dredger GLX Series Two-Handed (Spey) Rods
The G. Loomis RoaringRiver Dredger GLX Series features Loomis's proprietary GLX graphite along with the finest rod components available today. With nickel titanium recoil guides by REC these cast as slick as they look. Exquisitely crafted Portuguese cork handles with a special composite cork end-cap and fore-grip are fitted to our exclusive offset-oval sculptured barrel real seat, each with an ivory style insert engraved with a fly graphic.
$835.00 - $935.00
G. Loomis RoaringRiver Greased Line Two-Handed Rods
The RoaringRiver Greased Line GLX Series of two-hand rods offer the ultimate combination of power and grace in a rod and provide you perfect swing speed and fly control. For spey casts from 50 to 150' the RoaringRiver Greased Line GLX two-hand rod series will truly allow you to fish the water "Fine and Far off."
$885.00 - $1,020.00