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Clam Fish-Well Floating Livewells
Clam Fish-Well Floating Livewells will keep your fish from getting frozen or slimy while waiting for you on the ice. Simply lower Clam Fish-Well Floating Livewells into a pre-drilled hole in the ice, and then you can place your fish inside. Closed-cell foam helps to keep the bag afloat without taking up any extra space. Instead of relying on a bulky bucket, turn to Clam Fish-Well Floating Livewells. You'll be glad you did!
Rapala Floating Fish Grippers
Rapala Floating Fish Grippers allow anglers to land and release fish without harm. These grippers feature a wrist lanyard to keep them handy, plus they float, so even if you drop them, they wont sink to the bottom. Rapala Fish Grippers make it easy to securely hold a fish with just one hand. Each package contains one gripper.
$9.95 - $12.95
Berkley Floating Dehooker
The Berkley Floating Dehooker allows you to safely remove stubborn hooks without the worries of loosing the Dehooker if it gets dropped in the water. It has a soft grip handle that is buoyant and a lanyard to keep it secure.
Marine Metal Floating Airhead Aerator
The Marine Metal Floating Airhead Aerator is a high performance system mixing air and water to produce a large gentle current of micro bubbles. This gentle current keeps your fish lively, yet does not injure fragile bait. The Marine Metal Floating Airhead produces 99.5% saturation of dissolved oxygen. This aerator system is very quiet, and will naturally adjust to any live-well depth. The Marine Metal Floating Airhead Aerator is perfect for catch and release tournaments and crowded live-wells. I...
Meiho Deluxe Folding Boxes
1 Review
Meiho Deluxe Folding Boxes are made from thick and opaque polypropylene that gives these boxes a strong, sturdy feel. Each box has a flip latch to secure them shut so you don't have to worry about them popping open. Meiho Deluxe Folding Boxes contain compartments on the inside that have individual snap tight lids to keep all your items secure and organized. Meiho Deluxe Folding Boxes will be the last "tackle" box you will have to buy. The quality and durability of these boxes will speak for them...
$8.95 - $14.95
HT Enterprises Floating Jumbo Minnow Net
The HT Enterprises Floating Jumbo Minnow Net is a great economical net for scooping larger minnows. This minnow net features a heavy wire frame with a black foam, floating handle and a fine white mesh net. The net opening is approximately five inches by six inches.
Clam Floating Ice Picks
1 Review
Clam Floating Ice Picks pack small, but can have a big impact. It can be easily carried in any accessible pocket and also fits inside upper chest pocket of Clam Life Vests. Compact and lightweight, five inch picks feature sturdy handle for optimum grip, and 30 inch nylon cord connects picks.
Rapala 60" Magnum Folding Ruler
1 Review
The Rapala 60 inch Magnum Folding Ruler features large, easy-to-read numbers molded into high impact plastic, large enough to show up in photos. This ruler includes both inch and centimeter measurement increments. A fold up end wall to bump fish against provides for extreme accuracy. Mounting holes are also included for permanent installation, or fold the ruler for compact storage.
Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant
Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant was created with a unique chemical formulation maintains its creamy consistency across temperature extremes. Fly Floatant is easy to apply - won't mat delicate flies. Scientific Anglers floatant flows easily in cold weather down to 30 degrees and will not liquefy in hot weather up to 120 degrees. Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant is available in an easy to handle 0.5 fl. oz. plastic bottle. Contains no solvents.
Eagle Claw Metal Folding Rod Holder
1 Review
The Eagle Claw Metal Folding Bucket Rod Holder features a corrosion resistant vinyl covering on the rod rests. This Folding Rod Holder holds any ice combo and opens to fit in any bucket or storage container. The Eagle Claw Metal Folding Rod Holder also conveniently folds for storage and transport. This is Eagle Claw model ICFRHGD.
Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Baskets
1 Review
Eagle Claw Floating Wire Fish Baskets are a great way to keep your catch fresh and alive for a whole day of fishing. These baskets feature tough styrene floating trap doors to keep them above water, wire mesh construction, spring-loaded doors on the top and bottom, and are fully collapsible for easy storage. Eagle Claw Floating Fish Baskets are available in medium 13 x 18 inch and large 14 x 25 inch sizes.
$8.95 - $10.95
HT Enterprises Icemaster Folding Rod Holder
6 Reviews
The HT Enterprises Icemaster Folding Rod Holder conveniently folds up to stow away in a pail. The Folding Rod Holder holds any ice rod/reel combo sturdily in place. The open top design makes setting the hook a breeze when a fish strikes. The HT Enterprises Icemaster Folding Rod Holder is a great way to securely hold that second rod while jigging with your other rod.
Frabill Kwik-Stow Folding Nets
7 Reviews
Frabill Kwik-Stow Folding Nets feature a folding design for compact storage and an extendable handle for added reach. Kwik-Stow Folding Nets are constructed of heavy duty plastic and aluminum and are perfectly suited for use in a kayak, canoe, pram or boat. The netting is constructed from fish friendly tangle free micro mesh. Model 3607 is great for trout, panfish, and small bass when fishing from a canoe, kayak, or small boat. Model 3608 is great for large trout, bass, and walleye when fishing...
$21.95 - $27.95
HT Enterprises Floating Minnow Net
2 Reviews
The HT Enterprises Floating Minnow Net is a great economical net for scooping minnows. This Floating Minnow Net features a heavy wire frame with a fluorescent red/white foam floating handle and a fine white mesh net. HT Enterprises Floating Minnow Net opening is 4 3/4 x 3 inches, and is 11 1/4 inches long.
Mountain River Floatant Caddy
2 Reviews
The Mountain River floatant caddy carriers your dry floatant upside down, and fastens to your vest or shirt with a snap hook. The caddy is made from neoprene and holds most standard floatant bottles.
Loon Top Ride Powder Floatant
3 Reviews
Loon Top Ride floatant is the leading dry fly floatant. Loon Top Ride is an excellent fly floatant for CDC emergers and dries (don't use paste floatant on CDC), along with all other topwater and emerger flies and is the choice of the FishUSA staff. Anglers have come to know the importance of a powdered dry fly floatant and dessicant to keep their dry flies floating high all day. Used in addition to a paste floatant, it helps remove water and fish slime from flies, ensuring they continue to float...
Loon Aquel Floatant
3 Reviews
Every dry fly angler knows the importance of a good floatant and Loon Aquel Paste Floatant is as good as they get, as it is the official floatant of the World Fly Fishing Championship. This paste floatant is temperature stable from -20 to 120 degrees. It will not get thick in the cold or turn watery thin in intense heat like other popular products. It is similar in texture to very soft butter and squeezes out of the flip-top bottle easily. The FishUSA staff use this product for our dry fly fishi...
HT Enterprises Heavy Duty Floating Minnow Net
2 Reviews
The HT Enterprises Heavy Duty Minnow Net works great for both warm water fishing and ice fishing. It features a deep net and a foam rubber handle that floats so the net does not sink to the bottom of the minnow bucket.