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Reaction Innovations Flirt Worms
Reaction Innovations Flirt Worms are known for catching fish and winning tournaments. As these finesse baits move through the water, the forward-facing ridges along the body create ripples, while the tail waves in a deadly, fish-attracting motion. The thick, durable body and head keep these baits on your hooks without tearing. Flirt Worms are incredibly effective when used for drop shot fishing or with a variety of finesse techniques. These baits are just under five inches in length. Each packag...
FishUSA Die Cut Decals
Show your FishUSA pride with one of our black or white Die Cut Boat Decals. These Decals will look great on the side of your boat or vehicle and are made for all weather. The side of the boat is the first thing the fish see when they are leaving the water, so make a good first impression.
$1.50 - $5.00
Church Tackle Stacker Line Release
The Church Tackle Stacker Line Release features durable stainless steel cables and special plastic clips. The clips are made of glass filled super tough nylon and coated with a special plastic. Unlike metal clips that will bend if dropped or stepped on, the flexible clip will revert back to the original shape. This line release features an easy to use, adjustable spring loaded line clamp design. The tension can be adjusted to accommodate different diameter lines. The Church Tackle Stacker Line ...
Griffin Hair Stacker
1 Review
The Griffin Hair Stacker is a must have tool for tying wings on streamers, wet flies and dry fly patterns that call for hair fibers to be aligned. The hair stacker is a tool used to level the tips of hair. Simply place a small bundle of hair into the Griffin Hair Stacker and tap it on a table a few times, this will allow the tips to fall in line. Then pull the tube out and remove the now perfectly aligned hair fibers. The Griffin Hair Stacker is made from blue anodized, machined aluminum with a ...
Walker Downrigger LR 400 Stacker Line Release
2 Reviews
The Walker Downrigger LR 400 Stacker Line Release features durable stainless steel and plastic construction. This line release features an easy to use, spring loaded design with pads for line placement. The stacker release design features 2 releases in one for running multiple rods off one downrigger release connection.
Chamberlain Stacker Downrigger Release
20 Reviews
The Chamberlain Stacker Downrigger Release from Northern Strike features easy to use vertical and horizontal adjustments for precision settings no matter what species your fishing for. Tension is adjustable from 0 to 4.5 lbs. and the use of magnetics on the horizontal adjustment assures a fluid and accurate release. The precision design minimizes false releases and is small fish friendly. The stacker feature allows placement at any point on the downrigger cable.
Cannon Universal Stacker Release
1 Review
Two ajustable points allow tention settings from 2 to 22 pounds with an added stacker clip. Perfect for slow trolling with live baits or going after light-hitting walleyes. Tough enough to handle heavy saltwater plugs.
Gaines Weedless Willard Popper
The Gaines Weedless Willard Popper features a large cupped face, designed to create the surface disturbance needed to drive bass crazy. The heavy monofilament weed guard is great for casting into cover. They also have rubber legs that add to their attraction.
Off Shore Tackle Stacker Downrigger Releases ...
5 Reviews
Using stackers allows you to run two lines off of the same downrigger. After the first single line has been attached off the to the cannon ball using a standard single release, lower the cannon ball a distance then attach the snap (to protect from loss of the stacker) and the release which is on the short leader to the downrigger cable to hold the stacker in position. Then set the second fishing line in the release on the long leader.