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Simms Gravel Guards
The Simms Gravel Guards protect against gravel and other debris from entering wading boots. The improved fit contours better to the shape of your boots. These gravel guards feature durable neoprene construction with rear velcro closures for a secure fit. An abrasion resistant textured nylon jersey material lines the underside for increased durability. The included lace hooks keep the gravel guards in place. The Gravel Guards are perfect for waders that do not have built-in gravel guards or for a...
Korkers BOA Replacement Lace Kit
The Korkers BOA Replacement Lace Kit is perfect to the angler who like to fish far from home. These kits come with everything you need to change out the laces of the BOA speed lacing system. Each kit comes with a spare knob, spare reel, spare tool, and a steel wire lace.
Pro Line Felt Sole Replacement Kit
The Pro Line Felt Sole Replacement Kit is an economical way to extend the life of your wading boots. The Pro Line Felt Sole Replacement Kit works with all felt soled wading boots. The Pro Line Felt Sole Replacement Kit includes one pair of felt soles, one tube of adhesive and easy to follow directions.
Simms Replacement Laces
Simms Replacement Laces feature high quality Cordura nylon construction for increased lifespan. These are the perfect replacement laces for wading boots and they feed easily through boot hooks and eyelet. Laces measure 70" in length.
Simms HardBite Studs
Simms HardBite Studs are designed to provide additional stability in difficult wading conditions. These studs allow you to easily convert standard sole boots to studded. Felt Studs are designed for use with and Simms felt sole wading boots. Vibram Studs -are designed for use with any Simms Vibram StreamTread sole wading boots.
Pro Line Wader/Boot Hanger
The Pro Line Wader/Boot Hanger is a great way to dry out damp boots and waders. The hanger mounts to any wall and allows for boots and waders to be hung upside down by the ankle area to promote the drying process. When dried in this manner, waders last much longer and odors are reduced. The Pro Line Wader/Boot Hanger is constructed of unbreakable, high impact plastic and is corrosion free. This hanger is Pro Line model WH88.
Chota QuickLace Replacement Kit
The Chota QuickLace Replacement Kit includes instructions and all of the parts needed to replace the QuickLace System on one pair of Chota wading boots.