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Boat-D-Funk Boat Cleaning Spray
Boat-D-Funk Boat Cleaning Spray will help clean and deodorize all your boat surfaces, including plastic, vinyl, canvas, carpet, brass, fiberglass, rubber, chrome, other metal, and more. This cleaning spray is environmentally friendly, with no harsh chemicals, and safe for your bait and live well. Easily remove fish smells and stains, mold, mildew, rust stains, dirt, grease, and more. Keep your boat clean and smelling fresh with the versatile Boat-D-Funk cleaning formula. Boat-D-Funk Boat Cleanin...
Berkley Floating Dehooker
The Berkley Floating Dehooker allows you to safely remove stubborn hooks without the worries of loosing the Dehooker if it gets dropped in the water. It has a soft grip handle that is buoyant and a lanyard to keep it secure.
Simms Gravel Guards
The Simms Gravel Guards protect against gravel and other debris from entering wading boots. The improved fit contours better to the shape of your boots. These gravel guards feature durable neoprene construction with rear velcro closures for a secure fit. An abrasion resistant textured nylon jersey material lines the underside for increased durability. The included lace hooks keep the gravel guards in place. The Gravel Guards are perfect for waders that do not have built-in gravel guards or for a...
MonoMaster Waste Line Holder
The MonoMaster Waste Line Holder is a small and lightweight tool that collects all the wasted line that you generate when changing flies or rigs. This holder is small enough to be kept in your pocket, hung from your vest, or just kept in your tackle box. The MonoMaster Waste Line Holder can hold up to an entire season of used fishing line, is easy to clean and reuse, and is environmentally friendly. This holder breaks down into three pieces making it a snap to clean out and start filling up aga...
Simms Windstopper Neck Gaiter
The Simms Windstopper Neck Gaiter is constructed with 280 gram stretch fleece with Windstopper lining at the side panels for extra warmth and wind protection. The Neck Gaitor has laser cut breathing holes with TPU reinforcement for extra durability. The Simms Windstopper Neck Gaiter comes in the color black and is one size fits most.
P-Line Spooling Assistant
The P-Line Spooling Assistant is the perfect accessory to allow for easy spooling your reel anywhere. This device features a suction cup base that will adhere to any smooth surface, including tackle boxes, tables, truck, boat, or floor. The Spooling Assistant can be used with standards spools (1/8 and 1/4 spools) and even with some small bulk spools. The Spooling Assistant will ensure the line is loaded on your reel properly and eliminate line twists and tangles. Simply load a spool of line onto...
Blackbird Float Stops
Blackbird Float Stops are designed for use with all types of slip floats. These Blackbird bobber stops are made from high quality latex rubber for maximum grip, and they provide a quick and easy line threading system that allows for fast, strategic and secure float adjustments. Blackbird Float Stops are available in Small, Medium and Large. Each pack includes 15 stops.
Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Stretchy Thread
Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Stretchy Thread is an easy-handling thread makes for fast, secure and precise applications of bait to the lures. This Kwikfish stretchy thread holds sardine or herring fillets or other baits in place on the lure body. We carry the Luhr Jensen Kwikfish Stretchy Thread in a 30 yard spool.
The HMH SX Vise is the newest vise from HMH. This vise is built on a fixed angle frame and features an ultra smooth teflon rotary action. The hardened tool steel Omni Jaw holds hooks sized from 2/0 to 20. The jaw is easily adjusted using the locking cam lever. The smooth disc drag rotary tension adjustment ensures the vise stays put at the position you want it. The double spring material clip holds thread or material out of the way when needed. The HMH SX Vise features a nickel plated chasis/sta...
Church Tackle Super Clips
Church Tackle Super Clips are made of stainless steel, making them durable and corrosion resistant. These clips feature an easy to use, spring loaded line clamp design. The standard clip is non-adjustable and the weight attaches only to the rear of the clip. The adjustable clip will hold ultra thin braids, lead core, and monofilament lines. The adjustable clip can be easily adjusted to any diameter line. Each package contains two clips. Church Tackle Super Clips are made in the U.S.A.
$13.95 - $14.95
Storm Suspendot Systems
Storm SuspenDot Systems allow you to adjust the buoyancy of your lure to match your fishing conditions. The flexible and easy to cut, self-adhesive lead pieces will vary the action and weight to make any lure react just the way you want.
Church Tackle Lock-Jaw Clip
The Church Tackle Lock-Jaw Clip fits the TX-12, TX-22, TX-44 and the Walleye Board planer boards from Church Tackle. It is also designed to fit side planers made by other companies as well as drop-weights and many other applications. The replaceable pads hold great on all lines including mono, super braids, power pro, lead, wire, and copper lines while not damaging the line. The Church Tackle Lock-Jaw Clip is designed without a spring that could possibly weaken or lose tension. The clip clamps d...
The Garbag is ideal for collecting scraps and trimmings when tying flies, keeping your tying area clean and tidy. The Garbag fits most vises with a 3/8" stem and can be turned out of the way when not needed. The Garbag can be set to any height on the stem and stays securely in place when the thumb screw is tightened. Measuring 6" x 6" and 3 1/2" deep, there is plenty of room for scrap materials.
Simms ReviveX
Simms ReviveX spray-on water repellent from McNett revives the water repellency of waterproof outerwear such as waders, jackets, parkas, pants and bibs. This spray-on formula works on all types of fabrics including Gore-Tex, nylon and soft shell acrylics and polyester. Each 5 oz. container of ReviveX treats up to 2 garments. Heat-set instructions are included.
Simms Replacement Laces
Simms Replacement Laces feature high quality Cordura nylon construction for increased lifespan. These are the perfect replacement laces for wading boots and they feed easily through boot hooks and eyelet. Laces measure 70" in length.
Walker Downrigger Cable Terminator
The Walker Downrigger Cable Terminator or "clincher" features durable stainless steel and plastic construction. This terminator includes a clip for attaching downrigger weights and connects to the downrigger wire via a body and tongue design. Also comes with a rubber shock button. Walker part #CLINCHER.
Walker Downrigger Mounting Kit
The Walker Downrigger Mounting Kit includes 4 Screws, 4 Nuts and 4 Washers for mounting Walker Downrigger bases and pedestal mounts. All hardware features stainless steel construction for use in any marine environment.
Walker Electric Downrigger Cover
The Walker Electric Downrigger Cover is designed to protect the motor unit of any Walker Electric Downrigger. This cover is constructed of heavy marine-grade vinyl with reinforced stitching. This cover provides protection from the weather and will keep your downrigger looking new. Cover is black in color with a white Walker Downrigger logo.
Walker Downrigger Swivel Base
The Walker Downrigger Swivel Base fits all Walker Downriggers with a 4" x 6" base. This swivel base rotates 360ยบ and locks into position. This base features aluminum construction with a protective finish. Color is black.
Penn Precision Reel Grease
Penn Precision Reel Grease is the perfect lubrication for main gears, pinion gears, spool shafts, and drag systems. Each jar contains two ounces of high quality reel grease. The Penn Rod And Reel Cleaner is made in the U.S.A.
Penn Synthetic Reel Oil
Penn Synthetic Reel Oil is the perfect lubrication for handle knobs, ball bearings, worm gears, line rollers, and all other small moving parts for faster and quieter reel operation. The bottle features a flip-up dispenser tip for precise lubrication application to small parts. Each bottle contains two ounces of high quality synthetic oil.
Simms HardBite Studs
Simms HardBite Studs are designed to provide additional stability in difficult wading conditions. These studs allow you to easily convert standard sole boots to studded. Felt Studs are designed for use with and Simms felt sole wading boots. Vibram Studs -are designed for use with any Simms Vibram StreamTread sole wading boots.
Dreamweaver Rip Cord 12" Snubbers
Dreamweaver Rip Cord 12" Snubbers are great for use with diver discs such as Luhr Jensen Dipsy Divers and Walker Deeper Divers. When using wire or superbraid lines, it is important to have some sort of shock absorbing device on your line, because these lines don't have the give or stretch of monofilament line.
Rapala Electric Fillet Knife
The Rapala Electric Fillet Knife has all the features you need to take the chore out of cleaning fish. The Rapala Electric Fillet Knife's 7 1/2 inch Stainless Steel reciprocating blades will breeze through the toughest bone and skin. This electric fish fillet knife also features a quiet, long lasting motor with advanced airflow for years of service. The Rapala Electric Fillet Knife has a seven foot power cord which will plug into any 110v wall outlet. This knife also comes with a bonus fillet fo...
Raven Float Fishing Guide
The Raven Float Fishing Guide is a great introduction to center pin float fishing techniques and tackle, and is considered must reading for new float anglers. Although Raven products are featured, the information in the Raven Float Fishing Guide is applicable to most modern float tackle produced today.
Spawnee Bait Sac Tying Machine
Tie your own spawn sacs the clean, easy way with the Original Spawnee Bait Sac Tying Machine. It's handy, fast, and can be used at home or in the field. The Spawnee Original Spawn Sac Tying Machine allows you to tie any size sac! The Spawnee Bait Sac Tying Machine is constructed of stainless steel and aluminum for long life, and is easily cleaned up with hot soapy water. A clip on mounting bracket, mounting screws, and thread/spawn net "bobbin" are included, along with illustrated instructions.
Chota QuickLace Replacement Kit
The Chota QuickLace Replacement Kit includes instructions and all of the parts needed to replace the QuickLace System on one pair of Chota wading boots.
Cannon Downrigger Gimbal Mount
Cannon's downrigger gimbal mounts enable the angler to mount Cannon electric downriggers in boats rodholder. This method is preferred by some boat owners, both for security, as you can remove the riggers easily from the boat, and because it gives a mounting option that doesn't involve drilling holes in the transom of the boat.
$67.95 - $69.95
Scotty Downrigger Gimbal Mount
The Scotty Downrigger Gimbal Mount enables the angler to mount Scotty electric and manual downriggers in a boats rodholder. This method is preferred by some boat owners, both for security, as you can remove the riggers easily from the boat, and because it gives a mounting option that doesn't involve drilling holes in the transom of the boat. Scotty Downrigger Gimbal Mounts are manufactured from reinforced nylon and stainless steel, and are designed for use in heavy all metal rod holders.
$65.95 - $71.95
Chota Replacement Cleats
The Chota Replacement Cleats are specially designed to fit Chota RockLoc, Chota STL Plus and Chota Rocky River wading shoes. Each package contains 28 cleats. These 1/2" cleats feature case-hardened steel construction and provide excellent "bite" for slippery wading conditions.
Cannon Downrigger Cover
The Cannon Downrigger Cover gives added protection to your downrigger. The soft, non-abrasive interior lining will not scratch the finish and Velcro fasteners allow for secure, protective fit. Black in color. Cannon part number 1903030. Please note that this downrigger cover will only fit 2011 and newer Cannon large bodied downriggers.
Drennan Float Caps
The Drennan Float Caps are pieces of rubber tubing used to secure the float to the fishing line. By placing a piece of tubing on either side of the float, this allows the fisherman to quickly change floats without changing the entire setup.
Blackbird Float Accessories - Spare Tubing
You can make your own float caps or replace lost ones with Blackbirds's spare float tubing. Each package contains three 4" surgical grade latex tubing pieces. Each package contains one black, one yellow and one clear piece of latex tubing. You can cut the tubing to the length of your choice.