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Savage Gear 3D Craw Accessories
Savage Gear 3D Craw Accessories are perfect for rigging the Savage Gear 3D Craw in various methods. Stand Up Jig Head - Used to fish the 3D Craw in a defensive "claws up" posture. Weedless Hook with Corkscrew - Easily mount the 3D Craw or other soft lures. Perfectly balanced centered corkscrew and shank weight. Stealth Spike - Rig the 3D Craw for forward dragging for the most natural presentation of a crawdad. Insert into the bait just behind the legs, with the wire just sticking out of the mout...
$3.95 - $5.95
$3.55 - $5.35
Lindy Soft Stops
Lindy Soft Stops are designed to be used as weight stops as well as bobber stops. These can be easily repositioned to lengthen the lead between your slip weights and soft plastic rigs or live bait rigs. This works especially well for rigs such as Lindy rigs, Carolina rigs, and Texas rigs. The Lindy Soft Stops can also be used as bobber stops in place of the standard bead and knot set up. Lindy Soft Stops are made of soft plastic that will not damage your line. The bead features a shape that will...
Thill Premium Bobber Stops
The Thill Premium Bobber Stops are made of high-vis, fluorescent-colored, fine-diameter material. The premium quality thread easily grips monofilament line and resists fraying. The Thill Premium Bobber Stops are available in three colors. Each package contains 40 Thill Premium Bobber Stops.
Blackbird Float Stops
Blackbird Float Stops are designed for use with all types of slip floats. These Blackbird bobber stops are made from high quality latex rubber for maximum grip, and they provide a quick and easy line threading system that allows for fast, strategic and secure float adjustments. Blackbird Float Stops are available in Small, Medium and Large. Each pack includes 15 stops.
Eagle Claw String Bobber Stops
Eagle Claw String Bobber Stops are simple to use and won't damage your line. Includes bead. Available in 3 or 25 packs.
$0.75 - $3.05
Storm Suspendot Systems
Storm SuspenDot Systems allow you to adjust the buoyancy of your lure to match your fishing conditions. The flexible and easy to cut, self-adhesive lead pieces will vary the action and weight to make any lure react just the way you want.
Drennan Float Caps
The Drennan Float Caps are pieces of rubber tubing used to secure the float to the fishing line. By placing a piece of tubing on either side of the float, this allows the fisherman to quickly change floats without changing the entire setup.
Blackbird Float Accessories - Spare Tubing
You can make your own float caps or replace lost ones with Blackbirds's spare float tubing. Each package contains three 4" surgical grade latex tubing pieces. Each package contains one black, one yellow and one clear piece of latex tubing. You can cut the tubing to the length of your choice.