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Rapala Metal Stringer
The Rapala Metal Stringer is constructed of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a vinyl-coating. This stringer features solid brass sliding sleeves and swivels with nine sliding clasps and two end clasps. The Rapala Metal Stringer is a great way to keep your catch in the water while you continue fishing. This stringer is five and one-half feet in length. Each package contains one stringer.
Rapala Floating Fish Grippers
Rapala Floating Fish Grippers allow anglers to land and release fish without harm. These grippers feature a wrist lanyard to keep them handy, plus they float, so even if you drop them, they wont sink to the bottom. Rapala Fish Grippers make it easy to securely hold a fish with just one hand. Each package contains one gripper.
$9.95 - $12.95
Rapala Mechanical Fish Gripper
The Rapala Mechanical Fish Gripper allows you to quickly and easily lift and weigh your catch with one hand. The pull open jaws slip over the toothiest of fish, lift and accurately weigh on the easy-to-read spring loaded scale. The quick release mechanism allows anglers to send the catch back to fight another day. The Rapala Mechanical Fish Gripper features a soft grip handle to provide the ultimate in slip resistant grip and comfort, while the wrist lanyard ensures only the fish goes back in th...
P-Line Adaro Pliers
P-Line Adaro Pliers feature tungsten carbide line cutters that are built specifically for braided line. These pliers are constructed with machine cut aluminum handles to reduce weight, and coated stainless steel jaws for strength and durability. Adaro Pliers include a cordura pouch and a heavy duty lanyard. These pliers are the ultimate value for the serious saltwater angler.
Eagle Claw 9 Snap Chain Stringer
The Eagle Claw 9 Snap Chain Stringer features nine snap closure holders, including a snap closure on each end for an easy connection to a boat or dock. The Eagle Claw 9 Snap Chain Stringer measures 46 inches.
Berkley Fish Hook Disgorger/Remover
The Berkley Fish Hook Disgorger/Remover makes hook removal quick and easy. The simple ergonomic design is compact in size making it perfect for any tackle box or vest pocket. The long slender shape easily frees those deep hooks while protecting your fingers from sharp teeth. With two different sized ends, the Berkley Fish Hook Disgorger/Remover accommodates many different sized fish. Berkley Fish Hook Disgorger/Removers are 6 3/4 inches long.
Waterworks Lamson Ketchum Release Tool
The Waterworks Lamson Ketchum Release Tool was designed to help anglers reduce fish mortality. This tool will easily back out hooks and flies without the need to over handle or net the fish. To use, simply hold the line taut with the rod and run the Ketchum Release Tool down the leader and over the fly. Push the fly or hook out and your done. The Ketchum Release Tool is made from a durable, carbon fiber, thermo composite. This tool should last a lifetime of use, but Waterworks Lamson will replac...
Berkley Canvas Creel
The Berkley Canvas Creel is a great was to take your catch with you. The Berkley Canvas Creel is stylish and affordable.
Berkley Stainless Steel Fish Hook Extractor
The Berkley Stainless Steel Fish Hook Extractor is great for removing hooks from toothy game fish species. The sure-grip jaw securely grabs embedded hooks for removal. This hook extractor is easy to use, reduces the risk of having to cut the line and is a quick alternative to removing hooks by hand with less harm to fish. This is a great tool for catch and release anglers. The Berkley Stainless Steel Fish Hook Extractor features a long neck design that keeps hands and fingers away from sharp tee...
Berkley Fish Stringers
Berkley Fish Stringers feature durable braided polyethylene line construction with tapered needles and sturdy rings. These stringers are great for keeping your catch and easily store in any tackle box. Model BAPES6 is yellow for high visibility and is great for small panfish and trout. Model BAPPS15 is white in color and features a softer finish which keeps fish in better condition for longer periods of time. Model BAHDBS is yellow for high visibility and is great for large fish such as catfish,...
$0.95 - $2.65
Frabill Hiber-Nets
The Frabill Hiber-Net features a revolutionary patented design that makes net storage fast and easy. A simple push of the grip opens the net to land fish. With a pull of the grip, the net collapses inside the handle, making it ideal for storage. Frabill Hiber-Nets are constructed of heavy duty, extruded aluminum and are perfectly suited for use in any boat, including bass boats and center consoles. The netting features knotless construction for less tangles and easier use. Model 3601 is great f...
$65.95 - $68.95
Frabill Kwik-Stow Folding Nets
Frabill Kwik-Stow Folding Nets feature a folding design for compact storage and an extendable handle for added reach. Kwik-Stow Folding Nets are constructed of heavy duty plastic and aluminum and are perfectly suited for use in a kayak, canoe, pram or boat. The netting is constructed from fish friendly tangle free micro mesh. Model 3607 is great for trout, panfish, and small bass when fishing from a canoe, kayak, or small boat. Model 3608 is great for large trout, bass, and walleye when fishing...
$21.95 - $27.95
Berkley Big Fish Lip Grip
Berkley Big Fish Lip Grips have one mission, to help anglers land big fish, especially the toothy kind that require a bit of distance between fingers and teeth. The downward force by the fish actually squeezes the oversized jaws together, keeping you in control. Berkley Big Fish Lip Grip reduces handling of fish, making it great for catch and release of any species. Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel and tough ABS plastic, the water resistant 11 1/2 inch Big Fish Lip Grip is a must fo...
Eagle Claw Polar/Kool Creel
The Eagle Claw Polar/Kool Creel features a thick canvas outer layer and an insulated, plastic lined interior which keeps your catch in great shape during long days on the water. Eagle Claw Polar/Kool Creel is 9 1/2 x 14 inches. Color is tan/brown.
Eagle Claw Canvas Creel
The Eagle Claw Canvas Creel is a great way to take your catch with you at an economical price. Eagle Claw Canvas Creel measures 9 x 14 inches. Color is olive green.
Frabill Trout Landing Net
Frabill Trout Landing Net is a traditional landing net for trout fishing, and it is both functional and economical. It is constructed of durable and lightweight anodized aluminum, with a fine nylon mesh catch and release net. Frabill Trout Landing Net also features a 15 inch elastic lanyard. Frabill Trout Landing Net opening is 11 x 15 inches, and the bag is 12 inches deep.
Frabill Wood Landing Net
Many anglers prefer to use a landing net for trout fishing, and Frabill Wood Landing Net we offer is both functional and economical. This is a standard size trout net and is made from three ply laminated wood, with a nylon catch and release fine mesh bag. It also features a 19 inch elastic lanyard, with a metal snap that attaches to a ring on the net. Frabill Wood Landing Net opening is 15 x 11 inches, and the bag is 10 inches deep.
HT Enterprises Heavy Duty Floating Minnow Net
The HT Enterprises Heavy Duty Minnow Net works great for both warm water fishing and ice fishing. It features a deep net and a foam rubber handle that floats so the net does not sink to the bottom of the minnow bucket.