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Troutbeads Peggz
Troutbeads Peggz are rubber pegs used to hold your bead in place. Peggz are tapered on both ends and made of non-abrasive material so they will not scratch your leader and line like a toothpick can. Each peg can be used two times. Peggz work with all sizes of Troutbeads (sold separately). Each package contains 50 pegs. Troutbeads Peggz are made in the U.S.A.
Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine
The Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine is made up of specially designed articulated shanks in four different sizes. The Articulated Fish-Spine shanks allow you to tie milti-segmented jointed "swimming" flies with ultra-real action. Flies of different lengths can be created by combining different hook sizes/lengths with different shank lengths. The Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine is made of stainless steel and can be used for fresh or saltwater fishing. Each package contains 24 shanks, enough fo...
Wapsi Hook And Bead Dish
The Wapsi Hook And Bead Dish works perfect for keeping track of your hooks and beads while you are tying. The curved bottom and a contoured lip allow you to easily remove a single hook or bead with one hand. The Wapsi Hook and Bead Dish is made from solid oak and measures 6 x 3 x 3/4 inches. Each dish is approximately 2 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch deep. The Wapsi Hook And Bead Dish is made in the U.S.A.
Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit
The Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit offers all of the basics needed to get started in the world of fly tying. Quality tools, hooks and materials, it's all here, and all while keeping with the Wapsi tradition of quality. This kit also includes the Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Video Instructions DVD, full of great tips and techniques. This DVD gives step by step instructions for tying 10 of today's hottest flies with the included materials.
HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool
The HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool comes with everything you need to get started tying tube flies. This tube fly tool converts any fly vise into a tube fly vise. The HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool makes tying tube flies easy at an economical price. The HMH Starter Tube Fly Tool is made in the U.S.A.
UV LED Flashlight
The UV LED Flashlight is designed for curing UV resins and sealants, whether it be for tying flies or repairing waders. The nine LED's emit a light with a wavelength of 385 - 400 nm. The push button on the rear of the light makes for easy on/off operation. The UV LED Flashlight is powered by three AAA batteries (not included). The UV LED Flashlight is also great for charging glow lures and jigs.
Griffin Spinning Loop Tool
The Griffin Spinning Loop Tool opens up a vast array of spinning options for fly tyers. This handy little tool can be used for spinning hackle, dubbing, herl, and fur strips. The unique spring action allows the tool to be reopened to add additional material when necessary. The Griffin Spinning Loop Tool allows for complete tension control and rapid spinning. The Griffin Spinning Loop Tool is made from machined aluminum.
Terra Deluxe Deer Hair Comb
The Terra Deluxe Deer Hair Comb is designed for removing the fine underfur. This is excellent for use prior to spinning deer hair. The Terra Deluxe Deer Hair Comb features two sides, one with finer bristles and one with larger bristles. The fine bristles work better on finer hair and the larger bristles work better on more coarse hair. When using the Terra Deluxe Deer Hair Comb, combing with the grain of the hair helps to prevent unnecessary hair loss. Made of black plastic.
Terra Deluxe Dubbing Spinner Set
The Terra Deluxe Dubbing Spinner Set has three interchangeable heads for creating dubbing loops of various sizes. The free rotating head makes loop dubbing fast and easy. The knurled handle features a built in hair packer that is great for densely packing deer or elk hair.
Softex Fly Coating
Softex Fly Coating is a body forming adhesive formulated specifically for fly tying. This Softex coating allows you to tie flies that are more accurate, easy to repair, and have a more real feeling. Seal thread heads and eyes on all your flies, or put a durable clear coat finish on all your poppers. Softex Fly Coating dries fast, provides outstanding penetration and adhesion, and is lightweight, waterproof, and non-yellowing.
Fish-Skull Articulated Fly Shanks
Fish-Skull Articulated Shanks for Flies are designed to simplify the tying of articulated flies. Fish Skull Articulated shanks can be used as a simple component in different styles of articulated flies such as single-hook and two-hook articulated streamers, poppers and sliders. Fish-Skull Articulated Shanks are also used for streamers that use a free-swinging stinger hook such as Intruder-style salmon and steelhead flies.
Terra Bodkin/Half Hitch Tool
The Terra Bodkin/Half Hitch Tool is a handy little dual purpose fly tying tool. The bodkin end is great for applying head cement or glue. The half hitch end works excellent when tying the basic and often used half hitch knot.
Terra Dubbing Tools
Terra Dubbing Tools make tying flies using dubbing much easier. The Dubbing Hook and Dubbing Whirl tools are great when making dubbing loops. The Dubbing Hook requires you to spin the loop completely by hand while the Dubbing Whirl can be spun and will continue to spin on its own. The Dubbing Rake can be used to pick dubbing once on the fly giving it a more "buggy" appearance or to comb dubbing from patches of fur for use.
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Natural Fur Dispenser (DDLNB1)
The Natural Fur Dispenser is a collection of 12 of the hard to find natural fur dubbings. This dispenser contains a fantastic range of 100% natural dubbings. The Mink, Beaver and Muskrat work great for dry flies while the others make excellent "buggy" looking nymphs. The snap close lid is labeled as to which dubbing is in each compartment. The Natural Fur Dispenser contains the following colors: Coyote Mask, Camel, Australian Opossum, Fox Squirrel, Gray Squirrel, Pine Squirrel, Mink, Beaver, Mu...
Terra Parachute Tool
The Terra Parachute Tool makes it much easier to tie parachute style flies. This tool slides onto the stem of most vises and securely stays put by tightening the thumb screw on the machined aluminum block. Simply clamp a pair of hackle pliers to the parachute post and slide them over the hook on the tool. The Terra Parachute Tool allows you to use both hands to tie the fly and wrap the hackle around the post. Fits 3/8" vise stems.
Terra Material Spring
The Terra Material Spring is a stainless steel coil spring designed to be wrapped around the barrel of the vise. Material can be pressed into the coil and it will stay in place while tying the fly. The Terra Material Spring works well for holding materials such as chenille.
Terra Material Clip
The Terra Material Clip can be used to hold materials such as chenille. The material can be sandwiched between the two clips to hold it in place. The large opening in the clip snaps onto the barrel of the vise. To use, simply position the clip so the narrow opening is in the up position.
Terra Bobbin Cradle
The Terra Bobbin Cradle is adjustable allowing you to place it anywhere on the vise stem. This handy little accessory holds the bobbin out of the way, which is a great help especially when using dubbing loop techniques. The Terra Bobbin Cradle features a removable insert allowing it to be used on 5/16" or 3/8" vise stems.
Terra Tube Fly Tool Kit
The Terra Tube Fly Tool Kit contains everything you need to get started tying tube flies. This tool kit will work in any fly tying vise, converting it into tube fly vise. The Terra Tube Fly Tool Kit makes tying tube flies easy.
The HMH SX Vise is the newest vise from HMH. This vise is built on a fixed angle frame and features an ultra smooth teflon rotary action. The hardened tool steel Omni Jaw holds hooks sized from 2/0 to 20. The jaw is easily adjusted using the locking cam lever. The smooth disc drag rotary tension adjustment ensures the vise stays put at the position you want it. The double spring material clip holds thread or material out of the way when needed. The HMH SX Vise features a nickel plated chasis/sta...
HMH Spartan Vise
The HMH Spartan Vise has all of the performance features you will ever need in a vise. This vise features full rotary action and an adjustable head angle. The hardened tool steel Omni Jaw holds hooks sized from 2/0 to 20. The jaw is easily adjusted using the locking cam lever. The smooth disc drag rotary tension adjustment ensures the vise stays put at the position you want it. The double spring material clip holds thread or material out of the way when needed. The HMH Spartan Vise features a b...
Fly Spinner Blades
The Fly Spinner Blades add flash and vibration to your flies. These small Colorado blades are paired with the appropriate sized swivels and split rings. These Fly Spinner Blades are ideal for a variety fresh and saltwater flies. They can be tied in at the bend of the hook or at the eye as popularized by Cowen's Coyote. The 00 size Colorado blade measures 7/16" in length and the 0 size Colorado blade measures 9/16" in length. Each package contains 10 Colorado blades, 10 swivels and 10 split rings...
Round Lead Wire Assortment
The Round Lead Wire Assortment contains six different sizes of lead wire used by fly tier's to weight nymphs and streamers, producing a quicker sink rate. The wire is wrapped around the shank, either by hand or on a bobbin, then covered with thread. These are standard thread sized-spools of soft lead, which will fit in a thread bobbin. The Round Lead Wire Assortment comes in a handy six compartment plastic snap close box.
UTC French Tinsel - Wire
UTC French Tinsel Wire is a top quality, varnished metallic tinsel. This tinsel is imported from France and spooled in the U.S. French Tinsel Wire is popular for a variety of fly patterns, it used for ribbing on numerous nymph patterns including the Pheasant Tail Nymph. It is also used for ribbing on many classic full dress salmon flies, steelhead flies and wet flies. This tinsel will not varnish. The UTC French Tinsel Wire is definitely a "must have" at any fly tiers work station.
Terra Mini Travel Tool Set
The Terra Mini Travel Tool Set contains the five most essential fly tying tools. This tool set is great for the traveling angler as the tools come nested in a thin snap-close plastic box that conveniently keeps the tools organized. The Terra Mini Travel Tool Set is also great for the beginning fly tier as it contains all of the necessary tools to get started.
Moose Body Hair
Moose Body Hair is one of the best dry fly and nymph tailing materials available. It is a stiff, straight, primarily dark colored hair, glossy in appearance and a medium texture. The hair is primarily black to dark brown in color with some tan and white hairs thrown into the mix. The moose body hair, measuring approximately 2 1/2" long, is shorter than the mane but still makes very nice wings on medium to small dry flies. Moose body hair stacks quickly and easily making it perfect for humpies, w...
Antelope Hair
Antelope hair is the most buoyant hair on the market. Antelope works very well for spinning due to its hollow nature and can be substituted on any spun flies. Antelope hair is a great choice for flies that will be fished in fast turbulent waters or for the angler that doesn't like to keep applying floatant. The only draw back to antelope is that the tips are often brittle due to the rough terrain that they inhabit, so we do not recommend that this hair be used for tying collars or stacking. Ante...
Caribou Hair
Caribou hair is an extremely fine, hollow and lightweight hair that is slightly shorter than deer hair. This is an excellent choice for even the smallest hair bodied flies because it flares so easily. Caribou hair is the go to material when tying mouse patterns because it is so buoyant and lightweight. Each package contains approximately 3 - 4 square inches of material.
Badger Hair
Badger Hair features long, light colored hairs great for streamer wings and saltwater patterns. This hair has tan colored guard hairs marked with black and gray barring and cream tips. The cream underfur makes beautiful dubbed bodies. The very soft, but strong guard hairs offer great movement in the water. Badger hair is a key ingredient in several popular bonefish and redfish patterns. Each package contains approximately 2.25 square inches of material.
Beaver Fur
Beaver Fur is a versatile material suitable for various applications when tying flies. The soft medium length guard hairs work well for tails on nymphs and dry flies, and can also be spun creating "buggy" nymph bodies. Beaver fur is also popular for making collars on wet flies. The warm gray underfur makes great dubbing for small dry flies. The natural oils make this fur water resistant and fast drying. Each package contains approximately 4 square inches of material.
Nutria Fur
Nutria Fur is a very versatile fly tying material, great for a variety of different patterns. Nutria is very similar to muskrat, but is slightly darker and has considerably longer guard hairs. Nutria fur is useful when tying anything from tube flies to nymphs and dries. The underfur makes great dubbing for dries and nymphs. Each package contains approximately 3 square inches of material.
Australian Opossum Fur
Australian Opossum Fur is one of the "buggiest" natural furs available. This fur is very soft and easy to spin. The color shades change gradually and blend nicely. Australian Opossum Fur is a favorite for tying hex nymphs. Each package contains approximately 3 1/2 - 4 square inches of material.
Woodchuck Hair
Woodchuck Hair works great for streamer wings as well as different caddis patterns. The Woodchuck Hair is a rich brown color with black barring and cream colored tips. Woodchucks are a naturally fatty animal so the hair is slightly oily making it float quite well. The underfur is a rich brown and tan color, making for great dubbed nymph bodies. Contains approximately 3 square inches of material per package.
Coyote Hair
Coyote Hair features interesting variegated coloration markings. The black, brown, cream and gray colored guard hairs work great for hair wings. The long guard hairs work nicely for dressing treble hooks. The tan and gray underfur makes excellent dubbing for nymphs. Contains approximately 6 square inches of material.
Muskrat Fur
The Muskrat Fur is available from two different areas of the body. The Muskrat Belly Fur has considerably fewer guard hairs, and is lighter than the fur found on the back of the muskrat. The Muskrat Belly Hair is a rich blue dun color. The Muskrat Back Fur is considerably darker, with more guard hairs. The back fur is the original adams gray color. Both the back and the belly fur has useful underfur great for dubbing. Each package contains approximately 4-5 square inches of material.
Regal Travel Vise
The Regal Travel Vise makes it easier than ever to take your vise along, where ever you go. The newly designed base has been reduced in length and weight but still offers a solid tying platform. The Regal Travel Vise weighs in at just 2 lbs. The reverse goose neck stem keeps the fulcrum of the vise centered over the base providing a true rotary motion. The Regal Travel Vise features the same traditional jaw found on all Regal vises. This jaw fits hook sizes 22 to 1/0, allowing for immediate chan...
Regal INEX Fly Tying Vise (FHC-0)
The Regal INEX Fly Tying Vise is an excellent basic, moderately priced vise. Moderatlely priced does not mean compromised qualty either. The Regal INEX Vise features the traditional Regal head and jaws fitted to a non-rotating stem with a basic C-clamp. This vise will hold hooks sized from 22 to 1/0 equally well with no adjustments required. The Regal INEX Fly Tying Vise offers a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty. The Regal INEX Fly Tying Vise is made in the U.S.A.
Wapsi 30 Compartment Dubbing Dispenser (DDL300)
The Wapsi 30 Compartment Dubbing Dispenser is perfect for travel when filled with your favorite dubbings. With compartments for 30 different dubbings you can match the hatch anywhere. Each compartment measures 1" x 1/2" x 3/8" making them large enough to hold enough dubbing to tie multiple flies in each color. The Wapsi 30 Compartment Dubbing Dispenser is double sided with snap close lids and measures 2 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 1 3/4".
The Garbag is ideal for collecting scraps and trimmings when tying flies, keeping your tying area clean and tidy. The Garbag fits most vises with a 3/8" stem and can be turned out of the way when not needed. The Garbag can be set to any height on the stem and stays securely in place when the thumb screw is tightened. Measuring 6" x 6" and 3 1/2" deep, there is plenty of room for scrap materials.
Terra Rotating Spring Action Vise
The Terra Rotating Spring Action Vise is a "C" clamp fly tying vise with a brass and non-glare black finish. The Rotating Spring Action Vise is perfect for the entry-level tyer just starting out and wanting a basic vise. This vise features an economical price but is extremely well made and is built to last. The Terra Rotating Spring Action Vise is easy to use, just squeeze and release. The spring action jaws securely hold the hook in place.