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Baker Retractors
Baker Retractors are great accessories for keeping your light fishing tools close. These retractors feature a durable, coated wire cable designed to hold up to repeated use. Never lose your clippers, hemostats, or other tools again with these Baker Retractors. Each package contains one retractor.
$2.25 - $2.75
Troutbeads Bead Boxes
Troutbeads Bead Boxes are perfect for storing and organizing all your beads, hooks, split shot, and more. These storage boxes feature six compartments and pop-top lids for each compartment. Troutbeads Bead Boxes are small enough to fit into your vest or tackle box. Troutbeads Bead Boxes are made in the U.S.A.
$4.45 - $6.25
Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine
The Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine is made up of specially designed articulated shanks in four different sizes. The Articulated Fish-Spine shanks allow you to tie milti-segmented jointed "swimming" flies with ultra-real action. Flies of different lengths can be created by combining different hook sizes/lengths with different shank lengths. The Fish-Skull Articulated Fish Spine is made of stainless steel and can be used for fresh or saltwater fishing. Each package contains 24 shanks, enough fo...
Simms Gravel Guards
The Simms Gravel Guards protect against gravel and other debris from entering wading boots. The improved fit contours better to the shape of your boots. These gravel guards feature durable neoprene construction with rear velcro closures for a secure fit. An abrasion resistant textured nylon jersey material lines the underside for increased durability. The included lace hooks keep the gravel guards in place. The Gravel Guards are perfect for waders that do not have built-in gravel guards or for a...
Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit
The Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Kit offers all of the basics needed to get started in the world of fly tying. Quality tools, hooks and materials, it's all here, and all while keeping with the Wapsi tradition of quality. This kit also includes the Wapsi Fly Tying Starter Video Instructions DVD, full of great tips and techniques. This DVD gives step by step instructions for tying 10 of today's hottest flies with the included materials.
Simms Windstopper Neck Gaiter
The Simms Windstopper Neck Gaiter is constructed with 280 gram stretch fleece with Windstopper lining at the side panels for extra warmth and wind protection. The Neck Gaitor has laser cut breathing holes with TPU reinforcement for extra durability. The Simms Windstopper Neck Gaiter comes in the color black and is one size fits most.
UV LED Flashlight
The UV LED Flashlight is designed for curing UV resins and sealants, whether it be for tying flies or repairing waders. The nine LED's emit a light with a wavelength of 385 - 400 nm. The push button on the rear of the light makes for easy on/off operation. The UV LED Flashlight is powered by three AAA batteries (not included). The UV LED Flashlight is also great for charging glow lures and jigs.
Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant
Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant was created with a unique chemical formulation maintains its creamy consistency across temperature extremes. Fly Floatant is easy to apply - won't mat delicate flies. Scientific Anglers floatant flows easily in cold weather down to 30 degrees and will not liquefy in hot weather up to 120 degrees. Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant is available in an easy to handle 0.5 fl. oz. plastic bottle. Contains no solvents.
Terra Parachute Tool
The Terra Parachute Tool makes it much easier to tie parachute style flies. This tool slides onto the stem of most vises and securely stays put by tightening the thumb screw on the machined aluminum block. Simply clamp a pair of hackle pliers to the parachute post and slide them over the hook on the tool. The Terra Parachute Tool allows you to use both hands to tie the fly and wrap the hackle around the post. Fits 3/8" vise stems.
Terra Material Spring
The Terra Material Spring is a stainless steel coil spring designed to be wrapped around the barrel of the vise. Material can be pressed into the coil and it will stay in place while tying the fly. The Terra Material Spring works well for holding materials such as chenille.
Terra Material Clip
The Terra Material Clip can be used to hold materials such as chenille. The material can be sandwiched between the two clips to hold it in place. The large opening in the clip snaps onto the barrel of the vise. To use, simply position the clip so the narrow opening is in the up position.
Terra Bobbin Cradle
The Terra Bobbin Cradle is adjustable allowing you to place it anywhere on the vise stem. This handy little accessory holds the bobbin out of the way, which is a great help especially when using dubbing loop techniques. The Terra Bobbin Cradle features a removable insert allowing it to be used on 5/16" or 3/8" vise stems.
The HMH SX Vise is the newest vise from HMH. This vise is built on a fixed angle frame and features an ultra smooth teflon rotary action. The hardened tool steel Omni Jaw holds hooks sized from 2/0 to 20. The jaw is easily adjusted using the locking cam lever. The smooth disc drag rotary tension adjustment ensures the vise stays put at the position you want it. The double spring material clip holds thread or material out of the way when needed. The HMH SX Vise features a nickel plated chasis/sta...
HMH Spartan Vise
The HMH Spartan Vise has all of the performance features you will ever need in a vise. This vise features full rotary action and an adjustable head angle. The hardened tool steel Omni Jaw holds hooks sized from 2/0 to 20. The jaw is easily adjusted using the locking cam lever. The smooth disc drag rotary tension adjustment ensures the vise stays put at the position you want it. The double spring material clip holds thread or material out of the way when needed. The HMH Spartan Vise features a b...
Caribou Hair
Caribou hair is an extremely fine, hollow and lightweight hair that is slightly shorter than deer hair. This is an excellent choice for even the smallest hair bodied flies because it flares so easily. Caribou hair is the go to material when tying mouse patterns because it is so buoyant and lightweight. Each package contains approximately 3 - 4 square inches of material.
Badger Hair
Badger Hair features long, light colored hairs great for streamer wings and saltwater patterns. This hair has tan colored guard hairs marked with black and gray barring and cream tips. The cream underfur makes beautiful dubbed bodies. The very soft, but strong guard hairs offer great movement in the water. Badger hair is a key ingredient in several popular bonefish and redfish patterns. Each package contains approximately 2.25 square inches of material.
Nutria Fur
Nutria Fur is a very versatile fly tying material, great for a variety of different patterns. Nutria is very similar to muskrat, but is slightly darker and has considerably longer guard hairs. Nutria fur is useful when tying anything from tube flies to nymphs and dries. The underfur makes great dubbing for dries and nymphs. Each package contains approximately 3 square inches of material.
Regal Travel Vise
The Regal Travel Vise makes it easier than ever to take your vise along, where ever you go. The newly designed base has been reduced in length and weight but still offers a solid tying platform. The Regal Travel Vise weighs in at just 2 lbs. The reverse goose neck stem keeps the fulcrum of the vise centered over the base providing a true rotary motion. The Regal Travel Vise features the same traditional jaw found on all Regal vises. This jaw fits hook sizes 22 to 1/0, allowing for immediate chan...
The Garbag is ideal for collecting scraps and trimmings when tying flies, keeping your tying area clean and tidy. The Garbag fits most vises with a 3/8" stem and can be turned out of the way when not needed. The Garbag can be set to any height on the stem and stays securely in place when the thumb screw is tightened. Measuring 6" x 6" and 3 1/2" deep, there is plenty of room for scrap materials.
Griffin "Griffs" Hackle Pliers
The Griffin "Griffs" Hackle Pliers are an essential tool for tying dry flies, palmer bodies and wet fly collars. These hackle pliers are constructed of high quality spring steel and feature a non glare black finish. The rubber pad on the tip helps to firmly grip even the smallest, most delicate of hackle. These pliers are used by some of the FishUSA staff and come highly recommended. Measure 2 1/4" in length.
Simms ReviveX
Simms ReviveX spray-on water repellent from McNett revives the water repellency of waterproof outerwear such as waders, jackets, parkas, pants and bibs. This spray-on formula works on all types of fabrics including Gore-Tex, nylon and soft shell acrylics and polyester. Each 5 oz. container of ReviveX treats up to 2 garments. Heat-set instructions are included.
Simms Replacement Laces
Simms Replacement Laces feature high quality Cordura nylon construction for increased lifespan. These are the perfect replacement laces for wading boots and they feed easily through boot hooks and eyelet. Laces measure 70" in length.
Simms HardBite Studs
Simms HardBite Studs are designed to provide additional stability in difficult wading conditions. These studs allow you to easily convert standard sole boots to studded. Felt Studs are designed for use with and Simms felt sole wading boots. Vibram Studs -are designed for use with any Simms Vibram StreamTread sole wading boots.
Simms HardBite Star Cleats
Simms HardBite Star Cleats are specifically designed for use with any Simms wading boot that has the Vibram StreamTread wading boot sole. HardBite Star Cleats offer the best stud solution for added stability in difficult wading conditions. These cleats can be used in combination with the Simms HardBite Studs. Carbide chips are welded to each arm of the cleat for added traction and durability.
MaxxDry SD Boot/Shoe Dryer Accessories
The MaxxDry SD Boot/Shoe Dryer Accessories include the SD Glove Drying Accessories and the SD 8.5" Extensions. Add the SD Glove Drying Accessories to the basic MaxxDry SD Boot/Shoe Dryer to dry and warm gloves and mittens of all sizes. Add the SD 8.5" Extensions to the basic MaxxDry SD Boot/Shoe Dryer to dry taller boots (10 inches and taller), hip boots and even waders. All MaxxDry SD accessories carry a three year manufacturers warranty against defects.
Pro Line Wader/Boot Hanger
The Pro Line Wader/Boot Hanger is a great way to dry out damp boots and waders. The hanger mounts to any wall and allows for boots and waders to be hung upside down by the ankle area to promote the drying process. When dried in this manner, waders last much longer and odors are reduced. The Pro Line Wader/Boot Hanger is constructed of unbreakable, high impact plastic and is corrosion free. This hanger is Pro Line model WH88.
Chota QuickLace Replacement Kit
The Chota QuickLace Replacement Kit includes instructions and all of the parts needed to replace the QuickLace System on one pair of Chota wading boots.
Stream Thermometer
A Stream Thermometer is one of the most valuable items a trout angler can carry, as trout feed actively at water temperature from 50° to 65° degrees Fahrenheit. Bass, saltwater flats, and other anglers are learning the value of knowing water temperature, and how this affects the species they are pursuing. This thermometer reads from -30° to 50° degrees Celsius and -20° to 120° degrees Fahrenheit. The case is made from metal, includes a split-ring for attaching to a vest, and a pocket clip. The ...
Metz Best Vise I
The Metz Best Vise I is a "C" clamp fly tying vise with a none-glare black finish. The Best Vise I is a perfect entry-level vise. This vise features an economical price but is extremely well made and includes a manufacturers LIFETIME GUARANTEE. The Metz Best Vise I looks similar to a D.H. Thompson Pro Vise. This vise has been the standard among amateur and professional fly tiers for many years and is built to last.
Chota Replacement Cleats
The Chota Replacement Cleats are specially designed to fit Chota RockLoc, Chota STL Plus and Chota Rocky River wading shoes. Each package contains 28 cleats. These 1/2" cleats feature case-hardened steel construction and provide excellent "bite" for slippery wading conditions.
Mountain River Floatant Caddy
The Mountain River floatant caddy carriers your dry floatant upside down, and fastens to your vest or shirt with a snap hook. The caddy is made from neoprene and holds most standard floatant bottles.
Tiemco Hackle Pliers
Hackle pliers are an essential tool for tying flies, including dries, palmer bodies, and wet fly collars. The pliers we offer are the Tiemco tear drop shaped hackle pliers. These pliers are used by some of the FishUSA staff and come highly recommended. The pliers are made from spring steel, and have a small piece of rubber tubing on one side, to prevent small, delicate hackle from sliding out of the grasp of the pliers.
Bobbin Threader/Cleaner
A bobbin threader, and cleaner are standard tools on any tyers bench. The package we offer includes one threader, and two bobbin cleaners. The cleaners will clear wax and materials out of most bobbin tubes, with the larger cleaner great for large or magnum bobbins.
Loon Aquel Floatant
Every dry fly angler knows the importance of a good floatant and Loon Aquel Paste Floatant is as good as they get, as it is the official floatant of the World Fly Fishing Championship. This paste floatant is temperature stable from -20 to 120 degrees. It will not get thick in the cold or turn watery thin in intense heat like other popular products. It is similar in texture to very soft butter and squeezes out of the flip-top bottle easily. The FishUSA staff use this product for our dry fly fishi...
Griffin Superior 2A Vise
Griffin Superior 2A Vise will hold fly hooks as securely as vises costing three or four times as much. This is a C-clamp style vise. Offers a Manufacturer's lifetime warrant. The Griffin Superior 2A Vise is made in the U.S.A.