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Blackbird Float Stops
Blackbird Float Stops are designed for use with all types of slip floats. These Blackbird bobber stops are made from high quality latex rubber for maximum grip, and they provide a quick and easy line threading system that allows for fast, strategic and secure float adjustments. Blackbird Float Stops are available in Small, Medium and Large. Each pack includes 15 stops.
Blackbird Steelhead Slider Floats by Redwing ...
1 Review
Blackbird Steelhead Slider Floats feature a one-piece clear plastic construction with hi-vis orange tops. These floats are designed to be nearly invisible in the water and very durable. Steelhead Slider Floats have silicon tubing through the middle of the float to hold the line in place. These Blackbird floats come in a single package and include Blackbird bobber stops to secure your bobber at the desired spot on the line.
$5.45 - $5.95
Blackbird Float Accessories - Spare Tubing
5 Reviews
You can make your own float caps or replace lost ones with Blackbirds's spare float tubing. Each package contains three 4" surgical grade latex tubing pieces. Each package contains one black, one yellow and one clear piece of latex tubing. You can cut the tubing to the length of your choice.
Blackbird Phantom Floats by Redwing Tackle
35 Reviews
The Blackbird Phantom Floats feature clear plastic construction with hi-vis orange or chartreuse tops. The clear plastic makes them nearly invisible in the water and very durable. Blackbird "Phantom" floats made in Canada by Redwing Tackle and are very popular for trout, steelhead and salmon fishing. These floats come two to a package. These floats have a slit in the bottom section to put the line through, and come with silicon tubing to hold the line in place on the top and bottom of the float.