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Sage 2200 Series Fly Reels
Sage 2200 Series Fly Reels are constructed with a whisper-smooth carbon drag and a concave spool surface for greater strength and capacity. These large arbor reels feature a tough, durable machined die-cast frame and a fully machined drag knob handle. 2200 Series Fly Reels offer performance at a value price. Features of Sage 2200 Series Fly Reels include SCS drag design, Ergonomic handle, and include a Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case.
$129.00 - $159.00
Hawken Fishing Nipper Series Aero Jigs
1 Review
Hawken Fishing Nipper Series Aero Jigs are premium handcrafted jigs that come in a variety of colors and sizes. They have a powder coated head for durability and hand painted eyes. Hawken Fishing chooses only the finest quality feathers and dyes them with vibrant UV colors and then hand ties them to the jigs. Hawken Fishing Nipper Series Aero Jigs are made with Gamakatsu hooks and are built to withstand the brutality they go through fishing for steelhead, crappie, panfish, and bass. Hawken Fishi...
Terminator T-1 Series Buzzbaits
5 Reviews
Terminator T-1 Series Buzzbaits feature titanium frames. Titanium lures last longer, never need to be re-tuned, and always snap back to original shape. The premium T-1 Series Buzzbaits from Terminator feature this tough titanium construction, in addition to quality hooks and hardware, and durable silicon skirts and paint. Each of these buzzbaits have wide weights which look like wounded minnow laying on it's side. The turned up nose helps get this lure to the surface and safely walks it over log...