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Fly Fishing Accessories
Scientific Anglers: Fly Fishing Accessories(3)
Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant
Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant was created with a unique chemical formulation maintains its creamy consistency across temperature extremes. Fly Floatant is easy to apply - won't mat delicate flies. Scientific Anglers floatant flows easily in cold weather down to 30 degrees and will not liquefy in hot weather up to 120 degrees. Scientific Anglers Fly Floatant is available in an easy to handle 0.5 fl. oz. plastic bottle. Contains no solvents.
Scientific Anglers Vest Pack Assortment
The Scientific Anglers Vest Pack Assortment includes a great group of useful items needed when fly fishing. These tools feature quality construction, designed to last through many fishing seasons. Each pack includes one Retractor, 1 Forceps, 1 Line Nipper and 1 Leader Straightener. Retractor features a pin-on back with 15" wire cord. Forceps feature stainless steel design with curved jaws. Line Nipper features hardened steel construction for cutting line. Leader Straightener straightens coiled leaders.
Scientific Anglers Waterproof Fly Boxes
Scientific Anglers Waterproof Fly Boxes are the result of years of research and development. These fly boxes feature a double-sided center insert, each side covered by a clear, see-through lid that makes fly selection easy. The waterproof tapered seal keeps precious flies dry and as a result help the boxes float. SA's Waterproof Fly Boxes are some of the most durable boxes available, built to last years of heavy duty use. Available in Standard, Nymph and Streamer/Saltwater models.
$21.95 - $25.95