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Salmon & Steelhead: Books & Videos6 RESULTS
Steelheader's Journal, by John Nagy
The Steelheader's Journal is designed to help steelheaders efficiently record information related to his or her tributary steelhead fly fishing trips. The Steelheader's Journal contains a total of 171 journal/log entry forms. Each form consists of two pages allowing steelheaders to enter detailed information in 27 categories for each tributary fished. Some of the categories include: weather, water temperature, flow, catches, technique, tackle, flies, rigging and access points.
Great Lakes Steelhead, Salmon and Trout by Ka...
2 Reviews
Great Lakes Steelhead, Salmon and Trout by Karl Weixlmann, provides a thorough collection of information, tips and techniques for any angler chasing the elusive salmonoid species of the Great Lakes. Karl's vast knowledge of steelhead, salmon and trout is based on over 20 years of fly fishing the Great Lakes tributaries along with over 10 years of guiding experience. features a softbound cover and is 192 pages long. The book includes 220 beautiful color photos and 20 b&w illustrations.
Raven Float Fishing Guide
7 Reviews
The Raven Float Fishing Guide is a great introduction to center pin float fishing techniques and tackle, and is considered must reading for new float anglers. Although Raven products are featured, the information in the Raven Float Fishing Guide is applicable to most modern float tackle produced today.
Pro-Troll Downrigger Fishing Techniques
1 Review
Pro-Troll Downrigger Fishing Techniques reveals the latest secrets and techniques in downrigger fishing. It tells you what's important in a downrigger and how downriggers can catch more fish. It is filled with a wealth of knowledge and secrets from one of the foremost world experts.
Steelhead Dreams By Matt Supinski
Steelhead Dreams opens up a new level of fly fishing that will turn you into an addict of the "big grab" as you pursue the steelhead from one beautiful river to another, season to season.Steelhead Dreams provides you with everything you need to hook more fish. This is a soft-cover book filled with full-cover photographs and diagrams, and includes 13 full-color plates of fly patterns with tying recipes.
$29.95 - $42.95
Steelhead Guide, 4th Edition, by John Nagy
9 Reviews
This guidebook is written by Lake Erie steelhead guide John Nagy. Steelhead Guide, Fly Fishing Techniques and Strategies for Lake Erie Steelhead is a helpful guidebook for both the novice and seasoned steelheader. It covers in detail the techniques, equipment, flies, steelhead behavior, stream conditions and weather that can all combine to produce a successful Lake Erie steelhead trip.