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Fly & Spey Rods
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Sage Fly Rod Specials
These Sage Fly Rod Specials are dealer and showroom samples, and we are offering them at deep discounts. These rods have never been fished, only handled. Some may have slight cosmetic blemishes. All rods carry the original manufacturer's warranty.
Sage Bass II Fly Rods
Sage Bass II Fly Rods are versatile rods designed for tossing big flies to many different fish species in all kinds of conditions. From explosive smallmouth to voracious snook and tarpon to the heavyweight pike, musky, and peacock bass, there is a Bass II Fly Rod option. Built with Graphite IIIe technology, these rods generate faster line speed to carry big, bulk flies right to their target. Greater accuracy, easier line pink up, and a smooth, but aggressive, feel means Sage Bass II rods are mea...
Sage Pike & Musky Fly Rods
Sage Pike & Musky Fly Rods are serious fly rods built specifically for targeting large pike & musky. Constructed using the strength of Generation 5 technology, these rods are designed to cast heavier intermediate and sink-tip lines and large, wind-resistant flies. A powerful taper allows for quick loading and smooth, accurate casts. Features of Sage Pike & Musky Fly Rods include Tree Frog Green blank color, Rust primary thread wraps with Gold and Black trim wraps, and a Red anodized aluminum up-...
Sage ESN Fly Rods
Sage ESN Fly Rods are designed with the European style direct line nymphing technique in mind. These rods are built using the revolutionary Konnetic Technology making them extremely light. ESN Fly Rods are ideal for reaching those tricky, technical spots with repetitive casts and responsive enough to give you ultimate control. Wherever the fish are, be there. Features of Sage ESN Fly Rods include Forest Green blank color, Dark Green thread wraps with Gold trim wraps, and a Super Plus custom tape...
Sage Circa Fly Rods
Sage Circa Fly Rods feature narrow blanks built with the Konnetic Technology for crisp, responsive casts and superior accuracy. The technologically advanced slow action is a game-changer in fishing providing precise loading and unloading of each cast. Smooth, slow tempo casting, unmatched accuracy, and delicate presentations are why Circa freshwater fly rods are the perfect addition to any rod collection. Features of Sage Circa Fly Rods include Green Tea blank color, Olive thread wraps with Slat...
Sage Motive Fly Rods
Sage Motive Fly Rods are constructed of Graphite IIIe technology making them lighter weight, tough saltwater rods. Get a more connected feel throughout the casting stroke and longer, more accurate casts. A unique taper offers a powerful, moderate-fast action that loads quickly. With strength, durability, and smoothness, Motive Fly Rods provide anglers with performance and value. Features of Sage Motive Fly Rods include Bluefin Blue blank color, Blue thread wraps with Royal Blue and Black trim wr...
Sage SALT Fly Rods
Sage SALT Fly Rods is specially designed to handle the incredibly diverse range of demands placed on saltwater rods. With Konnetic Technology, these rods are built with the accuracy, strength, and precision needed to handle it all. SALT rods are medium-fast action (or salt-action) rods that load extremely fast at all distances, while a powerful taper throughout allows for lightning fast casts. Tip-to-hand sensitivity provides instant feedback for precision casts. Deliver your fly precisely where...
Sage ACCEL Two-Handed Spey and Switch Rods
Sage ACCEL Two-Handed Spey and Switch Rods are finely crafted, medium-fast action rods designed with power, efficiency, and elegance in mind. These rods are constructed with the responsive Generation 5 technology combined with a carbon fiber alignment and resin application to improve loading and recovery. Bright, beautiful emerald blanks and a newly-designed reel seat offer anglers a winning combination of performance, value, and style. Features of Sage ACCEL Two-Handed Spey and Switch Rods incl...
$695.00 - $750.00
Sage ONE Two-Handed Spey and Switch Rods
Sage ONE Two-Handed Spey and Switch Rods are built with Konnetic Technology to make them the lightest, most responsive two-handed rods. The lighter weight and the noticeably thinner profile help to reduce casting fatigue and minimize wind resistance for a comfortable, tireless, long day of fishing. Decreased lateral movements, enhanced torsional stability and vibration-free tracking ensures the rod recovers quickly, while staying smooth and accurate, through the cast. Features of Sage ONE Two-Ha...
$950.00 - $1,275.00
Sage Method Two-Handed Spey and Switch Rods
Sage Method Two-Handed Spey and Switch Rods are constructed with Konnetic Technology to make them superbly light, yet full of strength. These rods offer a super-smooth, ultra-fast action perfect for effortless two-handed casting. Method rods utilize an aggressive butt to tip taper and vibration-free tracking to ensure loading energy transfers flawlessly and accurately into the cast. Elegant Magma red blanks, beautiful wraps, and premium components make Sage Method rods at the top in quality, sty...
$950.00 - $1,050.00
Sage Method Fly Rods
Sage Method Fly Rods offer seriously smooth, ultra-fast action performance. These rods are built with Konnetic Technology to provide superior strength, yet remain lightweight. The vibration-free tracking allows you to cast great distances with accuracy. Method Fly Rods utilize an aggressive tapering from butt to tip to flawlessly transmit casting energy. Go beyond just average casts, and reach places you never though you could before. Features of Sage Method Fly Rods include Magma Red blank colo...
Sage ONE Fly Rods
Sage ONE Fly Rods are all-around rods providing precision casting accuracy over a wide range of conditions. These Sage ONE fly rods are hand crafted from Sage's Konnetic technology three long years in the making. ONE Fly Rods are fast action rods equipped with hard chrome snake guides and Fuji ceramic stripping guides. Sage ONE rods include a Black powder coated aluminum rod tube.
$850.00 - $860.00
Sage Approach Fly Rods
Sage Approach Series Fly Rods have a medium-fast action that provides excellent line feel and control. Sage Approach rods utilize a higher modulus graphite than any of the previous Sage entry-level rods. Approach Series Fly Rods are equipped with an all aluminum reel seat, hard chrome snake guides, ceramic stripper guide, and premium cork handles. Sage Approach Series Fly rods are Made in the USA.