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Outdoor Vacuum Sealing System

$10.00 Off All ZipVac Outdoor Vacuum Sealing Systems While Supplies Last! Regular Price $17.95, Now $7.95!

The ZipVac Outdoor Vacuum Sealing System includes a ZipVac manual air pump, two ZipVac quart bags, two ZipVac gallon bags and one ZipVac fillet bag. This system is designed for anglers, hunters, campers and boaters, allowing you to remove all air from meats, fish and other stored foods.

The vacuum zip-seal bags feature ZipVac twist-lock valve technology which ensures freshness. The patented three-layer barrier film which is proven to keep oxygen away from food better than any other food storage bag - eliminates freezer burn. These bags can also be used to keep dry goods from moisture and to protect valuables from the elements.

We also stock ">additional bags for the ZipVac system.

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easy and effective
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easy, bought me some time till I could vacuum seal and freeze my salmon
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