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Water Shed
Permanent Waterproofing Liquid

Water Shed Permanent Waterproofing Liquid is a multi-purpose waterproofing liquid for your fly tackle. Water Shed is a pre-fishing treatment that must be applied at least 24 hours prior to fishing. After the 24 hour drying period it is odorless, colorless and will not leave oil rings on the waters surface. Water Shed will not affect the color or integrity of your flies or materials. This waterproofing liquid should not be applied over wet materials because it will not cure and waterproof properly. Water Shed Permanent Waterproofing Liquid can be used on flies, materials, dubbing, yarns, nylon leaders, braided loops, leaders and fly lines.

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Semi-permanent floatant
About Me:
Not Specified
I treat all dry flies with this after tying them and then leave to dry for 24hours. I also treat my home made yarn indicators with Water Shed and they will float all day.
Pros: Works well
Cons: Slow drying
Best Uses: Dry flies and yarn indicators
waterproof liquid
About Me:
Not Specified
So far work well. Flies float forever.
Pros: floats flies well
Cons: none
Best Uses: any dry fly