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VMC 7311 Fastgrip Wide Gap Worm Hooks


VMC 7311
Fastgrip Wide Gap Worm Hooks

VMC 7311 Fastgrip Wide Gap Worm Hooks are forged from extremely tough, lightweight Vanadium Steel, the same material used for hard wearing Formula-1 engine parts. It offers up to 25% increased strength over the material used in regular hooks. Perfect for rigging your favorite soft plastics, the hook's Fastgrip Point is also the first hook point of its kind - with three micro barbs that yield 15% better penetration power over ordinary hook points. The upper barb placed closest to the point guarantees a swift hook-set and the two lower micro barbs prevent the fish from slipping off - even when the line is slack.

The VMC 7311 Fastgrip Wide Gap Worm Hooks have the following features:
  • Fastgrip's Penetration Power is 15% Superior to that of an Ordinary Point
  • Z-lock
  • Forged
  • Vanadium Steel
  • Three Microbarb Point
Available sizes and quantity per pack per size are shown in the table below:

Black Nickel Specifications
per pack

Tin Red Specifications
per pack

We carry VMC Stand Up Shaky Head Jigs in the colors shown below:

Black NickelTin Red
Black NickelTin Red

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Sharp and won't let go!

New York, United States

About Me:
These hooks are amazing! They have similar quality as Gamakatsu hooks at a fraction of the price! These are great if you tend to hook on rocks because the loss isn't all that great!

Pros: Cheap, Sharp


Best Uses:

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