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St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods

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Built with the die-hard bass fishermen in mind, the St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod Series offers technique specific rods to cover the full spectrum of bass fishing applications at a great price. From Topwater and Plastics to Spinnerbaits and Swim Baits, there is a Mojo Bass rod thats right for you.

Built from St. Croix's premium SCII graphite, the Mojo Bass is designed to offer great sensitivity and durability in one package. These rods also feature Batson Forecast guides, Fuji ECS exposed-blank reel seats and Premium-grade cork split grip handles.

The St. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rods have the following additional features:
  • Technique-specific bass rod designs
  • Premium SCII graphite blank construction
  • Batson Forecast aluminum-oxide guides with black chrome frames
  • Fuji ECS reel seat/gloss black hoods
  • Premium-grade split grip cork handles
  • Black Cherry Metallic finish
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
Mojo Bass Casting Rod Specifications
ModelLengthPowerActionPiecesLine WeightLure Weight
Rod Weight
MBC66MF6' 6"Med.Fast110-171/4-5/83.7A
MBC66MHF6' 6"Med. HeavyFast112-203/8-14.1A
MBC68MXF6' 8"Med.X-Fast18-141/4-5/83.9A
6' 10"Med.Mod.18-141/4-3/44.4C
MBC70MF7' 0"Med.Fast110-171/4-5/84.2A
MBC70MHF7' 0"Med. HeavyFast112-203/8-14.6B
MBC70MHM7' 0"Med. HeavyModerate110-203/8-14.0A
MBC70HF7' 0"HeavyFast114-253/8-1 1/25.3B
7' 4"MediumModerate18-141/4-3/44.9C
MBC76MHMF7' 6"Med. HeavyMod. Fast112-253/8-1 1/45.4C
7' 8"Med. HeavyModerate110-203/8-16.3C
MBC79HF7' 9"HeavyFast114-301-46.4D
MBC711HMF7' 11"HeavyMod. Fast114-301/2-25.3C


Handle Styles
ASt. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod Handle 2
BSt. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod Handle 3
CSt. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod Handle 4
DSt. Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod Handle 5



Specific Rod Details

MBC66MF - Jerkbait/Topwater: Ideal for working jerkbaits and topwater lures as well as tubes, grubs, small worms and light jigs.

MBC66MHF - Jig-N-Worm: Number one choice for jigs and worms, abundant power to move fish from heavy cover.

MBC68MXF - Topwater: This is an ideal rod for poppers and walk-the-dog style baits. Also a fine choice for tubes, grubs and unweighted soft plastics.

MBGC610MM - Target Cranker: The crankbait rod ideally suited for making shorter, precise casts.

MBC70MF - Plastics: A great rod for fishing soft plastics including Senko styled baits, ideal for tubes, grubs small worms, light jigs, small spinnerbaits and buzzbaits.

MBC70MHF - Spinnerbait: Perfect rod for searching open water with big spinnerbaits for active fish, also ideal for jigs, worms and working heavy cover.

MBC70MHM - Crankbait: This rod is perfect for fishing a wide variety of medium to large crankbaits at various depths.

MBC70HF - Slop-N-Frog: This frog rod is great for fishing lily pads with frogs and rats, pulls fish from heavy cover with ease.

MBGC74MM Glass - Crankster: This high quality glass rod is designed to handle small to medium sized crankbaits with exceptional efficiency.

MBC76MHMF - Pitchn': This rod was designed for pitching jigs into heavy cover and for light to medium flipping.

MBGC78MHM Glass - Big Crankster: The extra length and power on this premium glass rod is ideal for use with larger, deep running crankbaits. It also works great with big, lipless cranks.

MBC79HF - Swim Bait: This is the big stick in the Mojo Bass Series, perfect for handling swim baits with ease and efficiency.

MBC711HMF - Flippin': This rod will handle any and all flipping applications.

Review Summary
( 4 Reviews )
of customers would recommend this product.100%
Reviewer Profile:   Avid Fisher (3)
Accurate Casting (4)
Good Tip Action (4)
Durable (3)
Sensitive (2)
Best Uses
Large Fish (3)

About Me:
Avid Fisher
Pros: Durable, Accurate Casting, Good Tip Action
Best Uses: ROD HAS BACKBONE, Large Fish
Townsend, WI
About Me:
Avid Fisher
I have been bass fishing for years. I fish lots of weed edges and lily-pads, and I have to say this rod just does it all. This pole has the sensitivity to feel the fish and the strength to pull it out of any spot.
Pros: Accurate Casting, Durable, Good Tip Action, Sensitive
Cons: none
Best Uses: none
Aurora, Illinois
About Me:
I have 3 Mojo's and i cant say anything bad about em'the topwater/jerkbait was the first one i got in early spring of 09' bass would grab my jerk bait, after letting it Deadstick for 20+ seconds when the water temp was below 50, you could even feel the gills, and crappie tapping the back treble hook feathers on my lucky craft pointer 100 jerk bait. When the bass would hit however the tip of this rod would Load up, when i would go to pull it another 3 ft, and dead stick it again for 20 or so seconds. You want this with a jerk bait rod, Other wise you will rip the hooks right out of the bass's mouth, same for top water, as i love using Spooks quite often, and Spitn' Images it's a great rod for getting the "walk-the-dog" action. 5 stars all across the board.The 2nd rod i got was the Jig rod (Pitch'N series) Nice heavy action, Sensitive tip to feel those light tap-tap hits bass sometimes do, and it has great hook setting Power, cant go wrong with this when im using both small and larger jigs, I never leave home without it.The 3rd rod i got i Just Purchased.... was the Spinner bait, which i didn't plan on buying until i broke my all-star rod in Kentucky lake, ceiling fans are the Devil (lol)when i first used it while fishing a bass tournament, i must say it would of replaced my All-star. Not saying all star is bad, but, the mojo just had a better feel to it. Very important to note that this rods tip is strong, But on the same token has a good amount of Give, so that when the bass takes your Bait, And you sweep hook set em, it doesn't Rip out of his mouth, Sort of like crank bait rods, don't get me wrong, the tip is hard enough to make long, accurate cast with, another thing i really liked about this rod is when your reeling in Double Colorado spinner baits, you can feel those Blades thumping as the bait moves threw the water really well, Bot just a little, It also lets me know if when, i'm making contact with wood, or any other kind of structure in the bass's environment.**If your wondering what reels im using on my rods, They are ALL baitcaster Pflueger® Patriarch™ reels. The jerkbait rod has a 6:4:1 regular spool size, and the spinner bait rod has the same reel, just with the -wide spool size-The Jig rod has again the same reel but it's a 7:1:1 wide spool Pflueger® Patriarch™.[...]Great reels, no paint (chrome finished), solid one piece construction, 6 pin centrifugal breaking system w/ magnetic control. [$] each for both rod/reel
Pros: Sensitive, Accurate Casting, Easy To Transport, Good Tip Action, Flexible
Cons: none
Best Uses: Large Fish, Small Fish
Great Casting Rod
Erie, PA
About Me:
Avid Fisher
This rod has a great backbone to pull those tough bass out of their cover. Awesome new color and split handle. Can't beat it for the price! I had the opportunity to use it for those late summer/early fall bass. Can't wait to attack those spring small mouth with it too!
Pros: Fast Action, Accurate Casting, Good Tip Action, Durable
Cons: none
Best Uses: Large Fish