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SpiderWire Stealth Braid - Glow-Vis

$14.95 - $34.95
Sale $8.97 - $20.97
Offer Available.  $10.00 Rebate with any purchase of 2 spools of SpiderWire Stealth or Ultracast line. (Filler and Bulk spools only)  Rebate Form and Details

SpiderWire Stealth Braid - Glow-Vis offers the popular color of low-vis green with a unique UV reflective coating that appears to glow in the sunlight for better visibility and the ability to watch how your line moves. Since UV cannot penetrate water, the low-vis color will continue to be less visible to fish and disappear in low light conditions.

Features of SpiderWire Stealth Braid - Glow-Vis include:

  • Fluorescent brighteners illuminate line above water
  • Low-vis green disappears below water
  • Enhance ability to watch line and detect bites that may not be felt


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Nowhere near as visable as fluorescent mono.
Phoenix, AZ
About Me:
I was really hoping I would like this because braid is my favorite type of line (PowerPro to be specific) and I fish at night a lot. I bought the 15# and 30# and neither one is very visible at night compared to 10# or 12# fluorescent mono. I use a strong 3v UV light with a single bulb (not LED) and I can see mono 30 feet away. This line on the other hand is very difficult to see. Maybe I should've bought the 50# so I could see it better, but whats the point. If I want to watch my line for bites, I'm using a somewhat finesse tactic and watching my line on the fall (like a senko) and 50# is too heavy. I don't even know why SpiderWire bothered to make this because it doesn't work very well. I guess they figured they could make enough money off of all the people that just wanted to try it out once. Well, to be fair, seeing 5ft worth of line is better than not seeing anything at all.
Pros: Slick, decent strength, glow makes it easier to pick out backlashes at night or watch your line 5ft in front of you.
Cons: Does not shine as much as needed to watch your line at night.
Best Uses: none