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Shimano Calcutta TE Digital Control Baitcasting Reels are the first self-energizing digital braking baitcasting reel, featuring eight levels of pre-programmed braking modes based on lure and casting type. During initial casting, the energy generated by the rotation of the spool is stored and used to power the digital braking system for subsequent casts.

Reels which employ conventional (Centrifugal or Magnetic type) braking systems to prevent backlash operate efficiently around 20,000 rpm. With the digital braking technology employed by Calcutta TE DC, it is possible to allow spool rotation to exceed 30,000 rpm and still maintain excellent line control for longer, more accurate casts.

The Shimano Calcutta TE DC reels have the following features:

  • Digital circuit is sealed to prevent moisture intrusion and corrosion
  • Braking frequency: updates every 1/1000 of a second
  • Precision machine cut aluminum frame
  • Rigid aluminum sideplates keep gears in precise alignment
  • High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
  • Smooth and high power Dartanium Drag Performance
  • Super Free Pinion Gear System (SF) eliminates friction between the pinion gear and the spool shaft for increased freespool
  • Lightweight Aluminum Drilled Spool System to further enhance freespool
  • Large diameter Super Duralumin main gear for increased durability
  • Super stopper anti-reverse
  • 10BB + 1RB A-RB Anti-Rust Bearing
  • 0.35mm micro pitch Cast Control Knob with a high precision click sound
  • Cold Forged Handle
  • Recessed reel foot for excellent palmability and comfort

All the Shimano Calcutta TE DC reels have 10 ball bearings with one roller bearing.

Additional specifications for these reels are provided in the table below.

Max DragGear RatioWeight
CTE100DC (Right)8/115
8.55.8:18.6 oz.
CTE200DC (Right)10/135
9.95.0:19.9 oz.
CTE201DC (Left)10/135
11.45.0:19.9 oz.
CTE250DC (Right)10/165
10.15.0:110.2 oz.


Love the technology, but not the price
About Me:
Have had this for 5+ years since it 1st came out. Love it, but am surprised price has not dropped as we see with all technology products. The mini computer that controls backlash is very effective, not perfect, but very effective. If you make a good cast and aren't fighting wind, you can not even thumb the spool and get zero backlash. I would buy another, but pricing is not there -- 5 years later
Pros: Little backlash
Cons: expensive
Best Uses: accurate casts